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Alabama’s most influential commerce group celebrates three decades of pro-business victories

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BIRMINGHAM, Ala. — Alabama has garnered significant attention in recent years for its burgeoning business and manufacturing sectors. While many factors deserve credit for this growth and success, one group in particular has spent the last 30 years advocating for Alabama’s producers.

The Business Council of Alabama observed its 30th birthday this month, and since its founding in 1985, it has worked hard to improve Alabama’s business climate for current and future generations of Alabama’s business leaders, employees, and their families.

Since its founding Nov. 1, 1985, with the consolidation of the Alabama Chamber of Commerce and Associated Industries of Alabama, the BCA has grown into an organization led by volunteers at the grassroots level who determine pro-business agendas in the state and national capitals that address the concerns of business.

“As we enter our 31st year in existence, we remain mindful and dedicated to the original commitment of our founders to our members,” BCA President and CEO William J. Canary told Yellowhammer. “Our role is meeting the challenge of keeping Alabama’s business climate on a level and equitable playing field and improving upon it for the next generation.”

Marty Abroms, president and managing shareholder of Abroms & Associates, P.C., in Florence, is the BCA’s chairman for 2015.

“The BCA as it enters its fourth decade is in a position to continue its influence in the state of Alabama as it has done so in the past through its membership structure and the dedication of valuable members,” Abroms said. “The BCA pledges to continue to lead this state in a direction that creates a positive outcome for businesses that power the state’s economic engine.”

Robert “Bubba” Lee, who is also chairman of Vulcan Inc. in Foley, was the BCA’s chairman 10 years after its creation.

“The business community as I understand it wanted to be more effective in Montgomery and in the lobbying scene so the two groups decided to join forces,” Lee explained.“Today the BCA’s role as a defender and promoter of business concerns remains as strong as ever.”

The BCA is Alabama’s largest and most established business trade association working on behalf of nearly 750,000 Alabamians who work for its member companies and local chambers of commerce.

Partnerships with local chambers of commerce

In 2003 the BCA and the Chamber of Commerce Association of Alabama created The Partnership, which unites Alabama’s business community and more than 100 chambers of commerce. The unique partnership is the first of its kind in the United States and it represents the interests and concerns of more than 1 million working Alabamians.

Jeremy Arthur, president and CEO, Chamber of Commerce Association of Alabama says that, fundamentally, the local chambers are advocating for their specific locales or regions.  “Collectively,” he continued, “through the CCAA and The Partnership, local chambers can now band together to form one voice for business and expand that voice beyond their local community to affect an even greater good.”

Educational Initiatives

In 2013 the BCA created the Business Education Alliance of Alabama to advocate for the best education opportunities and skills training available for Alabama’s public school students.

The BEA is headed by former state Superintendent of Education Joe Morton, Ph.D., who is chairman and CEO, and Finance Chairman Jay Love, a former House member.

“The BEA partnership is one of the most exciting developments in my 40-plus years in education in Alabama,” Morton said. “The BEA was created by the business and education communities to ensure that our children will be prepared to fill the long lasting, well-paying 21st century jobs that Alabama pursues on a daily basis.”

“As a small business owner and former legislator, I know how important the roles of the Legislature and business are to bring our business and education groups together,” Love said.
The BCA as sole representative in Alabama of the National Association of Manufacturers and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce expands its reach into the corridors of Washington D.C., legislative circles.

Political action

In 2007 with then-BCA Chairman Carol Gordy at the helm, the BCA embarked on a mission to fully fund its political arm, ProgressPAC, in order to promote a pro-growth business environment in Alabama by supporting pro-business legislative candidates.
The effort met success in 2010 with the election of candidates supported by the BCA in the House and Senate and the election of greater numbers of such candidates in the 2014 election cycle.

Pro-business victories in recent legislative sessions and elections have demonstrated the power of the united business community, backed up by a large group of dedicated members.

“We believe that support and involvement by business and industry leaders through the BCA can help protect our hard-won victories and solidify the future for Alabama business,” Canary concluded.

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Alabama softball preseason No. 1 in USA Softball Top 25, ranked No. 2 on NFCA and Softball America lists; Auburn rated No. 23 by NFCA, Softball America

As the 2020 season approaches, Alabama softball was highlighted in three separate preseason ranking polls as either number one or number two on the lists, while Auburn also made its way in the top 25 on two of the lists.

Alabama softball is the preseason No. 1 in USA Softball’s rankings and No. 2 in the NFCA and Softball America top 25 lists.

A press release from the Alabama Athletics Communications noted:


The Crimson Tide earned 12 first-place votes in the USA Softball poll and 11 in the NFCA poll, the most of any team. The preseason rankings are Alabama’s highest in those two polls since the 2013 season. The Tide finished last year ranked No. 4 in all three rankings. Last week, the Tide claimed the top spot in D1Softball’s preseason poll, the inaugural set of rankings for the site.

Defending SEC champion Alabama will receive a total of 13 players from last year’s team that won 60 games, claimed the program’s fifth SEC regular-season title and advanced to the final day of bracket play at the 2019 Women’s College World Series.

The Crimson Tide softball team will open its 2020 season, head coach Patrick Murphy’s 22nd season at the school, at the Joanne Graf Classic in Tallahassee, Florida, on February 7 and 8. They are slated to play two games each against North Carolina and host Florida State.

Auburn’s softball team was rated No. 23 by both NFCA and Softball America, but was left out of USA Softball’s top 25 list.

The Tigers open the season with Baylor in Clearwater, Florida, in the NFCA Leadoff Classic on February 7.

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‘Scary’: Jeff Sessions fears Trump in danger of physical harm from Deep State

In a radio interview on Tuesday, former U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions expressed his worry for President Donald J. Trump’s physical safety.

Featuring on “Alabama’s Morning News with JT” on 105.5 WERC, Sessions with just over two minutes left in the interview was prompted to talk about the subject after the host said he hoped that members of Trump’s Secret Service detail were not a part of the “Deep State” and “The Swamp.”

“[I]f he wins this election again, there’s no telling what people will do to get him out of that office. And I’m talking about physical harm,” Birmingham radio host JT Nysewander said to Sessions. “Do you fear that?”

“Absolutely, it’s a scary thing,” Sessions responded. “There’s so much hostility out there. It is scary, number one.”


He then referred to his ongoing Republican bid to return to the U.S. Senate in 2020.

“And number two, this is what I believe right now, one reason I feel like that I can contribute in this race if I’m elected to the Senate,” Sessions continued. “They fear Donald Trump. The Republicans, not just what he says and does in the short run, but he has brought together a coalition of over 50% of the American population that if he can solidify that — and the Republicans will get on board, which they haven’t sufficiently, in my opinion, enthusiastically understood the historic importance of the Trump coalition  — that should be the ‘Republican Workers Party.’ People who go to work every day. They need to be brought into this party. … and move this country against the ‘Socialist Left’ that’s radical, that’s for open borders, for [more] government, taxes, regulations of all kinds and try to run the whole world with military power and trade that doesn’t protect our interests. So those things, I think, the American people are behind [Trump]. The president historically is leading it. And I want to push the Republicans to get on board more enthusiastically with it.”

“I was there first, and I’m still there,” Sessions concluded.

Sessions’ campaign on Monday released internal polling showing him with a sizable lead in Alabama’s March 3 GOP Senate primary. The ultimate Republican nominee will face Senator Doug Jones (D-AL) in November.

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Poll: Doug Jones reelection chances take hit if he votes to remove Trump

According to polling data provided to Yellowhammer News, Sen. Doug Jones (D-Mountain Brook) could be in a weaker position for reelection should he vote to convict and remove President Donald Trump in the U.S. Senate’s impeachment trial currently underway.

The survey, conducted by WPA Intelligence on behalf of Club for Growth PAC of 500 likely voters, found that nearly two-in-five Alabama voters say they would be less likely to reelect Doug Jones if he votes to remove President Trump.

That is compared to just 14% who say they would be more likely to reelect Jones if he votes to remove.


(WPAi/Club for Growth PAC)

Overall, the survey showed a lack of support for impeachment among Alabama voters. One-third of Alabama voters support the Senate removing President Trump from office compared to an overwhelming two-thirds who say they oppose his removal.

(WPAi/Club for Growth PAC)

The poll also found an overwhelming number of Alabama voters approve of the job Trump is doing as president, by a margin of 61% to 37%, approve versus disapprove.

(WPAi/Club for Growth PAC)

As one might expect, in hypothetical general election match-ups against two of the Democratic presidential front-runners, former Vice President Joe Biden and Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), Trump dominates by a 20-point-plus margin.

(WPAi/Club for Growth PAC)

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Alexander Shunnarah wins national Golden Gavel Award

Birmingham-based Alexander Shunnarah Personal Injury Attorneys, P.C. in recent days won a coveted Golden Gavel Award at the 2020 National Trial Lawyers Summit.

The summit was held last week in Miami, FL.

Alexander Shunnarah was the only law firm from Alabama selected in any of the Golden Gavel Awards categories and represented the state at the prestigious national ceremony. The awards celebrate the top legal advertisements of the year and Alexander Shunnarah, arguably the most recognized personal injury law firm in the state, competed in categories covering both traditional and digital media.


The firm came away as the winner of the best public relations campaign Golden Gavel Award. Alexander Shunnarah was also a finalist in five of the other 11 award categories.

In a recent statement celebrating being named a finalist in the six total categories, Shunnarah himself said, “I am extremely proud to be recognized as a finalist in half of the categories for the National Trial Lawyers’ Golden Gavel awards.”

“This honor is a testament to our diverse and creative portfolio of marketing, advertising and public relations efforts. We work diligently every day on our brand and this national recognition further solidifies our place as a legal marketing force,” he concluded.

The National Trial Lawyers is headquartered in Dothan.

Sean Ross is the editor of Yellowhammer News. You can follow him on Twitter @sean_yhn

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Doug Jones: Abuse of power ‘should be’ impeachable

In his latest thoughts about President Donald Trump’s Senate impeachment trial, Senator Doug Jones (D-AL) spoke about arguments made by Trump legal team members.

Appearing in a video released Tuesday afternoon that lasted just over six minutes, Jones spoke about some of the core points made by Alan Dershowitz and Pam Bondi Monday afternoon and evening.

One of the most striking remarks in the video came towards the end, when Jones declared, “I am not persuaded at all that the abuse of power is an unimpeachable offense. I think it can be, I think it should be [impeachable].”

Trump is charged by the U.S. House of Representatives with abuse of power on the first impeachment article against him, as well as a second charge of obstruction of justice.


Jones started off the latest video by criticizing Ken Starr, who is best known as the independent counsel that investigated then-President Bill Clinton. Starr spoke out in the Senate against impeaching Trump on Monday.

Alabama’s junior senator subsequently chastised Trump’s legal team for accusing House impeachment managers of utilizing “distractions.”

“[Trump’s legal team] continue to push distractions,” Jones asserted.

“[T]hey talk about, of course, Hunter Biden — the biggest distraction of all,” he added.

The senator, who has endorsed former Vice President Joe Biden’s 2020 presidential campaign, lamented that Republicans did not start scrutinizing Hunter Biden’s foreign business dealings until his father’s current campaign kicked off.

“We spent most of yesterday talking about distractions,” Jones further said.

He also reiterated that he has “some concerns” about the obstruction of justice impeachment charge against the president.

“I do think that there were serious issues raised yesterday that we’re trying to work through,” Jones advised. “I’m anxious to hear how House managers are going to respond to some of the issues that were raised by the president’s lawyers when it comes to article two, obstruction of justice.”


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