Corrections Policy

We want to hear from our consumers!

While Yellowhammer endeavors toward perfection, no one is perfect. Therefore, we constantly monitor our content should the need arise for updates and corrections and make appropriate notations of such when necessary. Yellowhammer as an organization encourages the consumers of our content to inform us if and when they see content in need of corrections or updates. Our editors may be reached at [email protected]. For typos, numerical, grammar, and minor factual corrections, the post will be updated with no noted change.

For corrections to or the addition of substantive facts that meaningfully change the story, a correction notice should be placed at the end of the article after the story has been updated. These will be listed as ‘EDITOR’S NOTE’ or as ‘UPDATE’ depending on the nature of the change.  The addition of an ‘EDITOR’s NOTE’ will always indicate the specific new information added to the post as well as the reason the change occurred.