Tim Howe | Editor and Owner

Tim Howe has nearly two decades experience in public relations, governmental affairs and campaign consulting in Alabama. His background has placed him in a unique position to guide Yellowhammer Multimedia’s coverage of the things about which people care in our state. An avid college football fan and buddy to rescue dogs, he is a graduate of Clemson University and Cumberland School of Law. Tim and his wife, Shelby, reside in Pike Road, Alabama. He is a member and Deacon at Trinity Presbyterian Church.

Walker Miller | Art Director

Walker is in charge of graphic design needs for Yellowhammer Multimedia including images for the site, media proposals, ad creation, and logo design. Originally from Montgomery, Walker now lives in Birmingham.



Trent Baker | Managing Editor, Social Media Manager, Wire Curator

Trent Baker began working with social media while attending Birmingham-Southern College as an intern for a Birmingham marketing firm. Since 2015, Baker has been reporting sports and politics for Breitbart, in addition to managing the Twitter account for the site’s video vertical. He and his wife Elizabeth live in Birmingham with their two cats.



Andrea Tice | News Director, Yellowhammer News Network

Andrea Tice oversees the Yellowhammer News Network which provides news updates on the top and bottom of the hour to over 35 radio affiliates across the state. She brings a career of news and broadcast experience to the Yellowhammer team and is responsible for the curation, production and broadcast of state and national newscasts that reaches millions of Alabamians each week. Andrea graduated from Westminster College in western Pennsylvania with a degree in Broadcast Communications.



Dale Jackson | Contributing Writer

Dale Jackson is a 14 year veteran of talk radio, beginning his career in Gainesville at the University of Florida. He is currently an award-winning, top rated radio host of the “The Dale Jackson Show” on WVNN in Huntsville, AL, where he also hosts a weekly television program on WAAY31, “Guerilla Politics”, which debuted in February 2016. Dale remains a controversial, yet straight forward source of news and information for the Tennessee Valley, and has been featured in national articles and television programs, such as Breitbart, the Washington Post, MSNBC, HLN, CNN, and The Seth Meyers Show.



Erin Brown Hollis | Contributing Writer and Podcast Host

Erin is the host of the Yellowhammer News Podcast Network’s Cheers to That! weekly podcast. She is also the bestselling author of two books: Cheers to the Diaper Years and The Remarkable Housewives of the Bible series. When she isn’t attending toddler tea parties or wiping up spaghetti stains, you can find Erin writing, speaking and encouraging women to celebrate all the good in life, love and motherhood. She lives in Hoover with her husband Marshall and their two daughters: Bellalise (6) – a sweet, gentle-natured soul, and Annalise (5, going on 35) – the life of every party. You can connect with her on any social media platform at @erinbrownhollis.


Scott Chambers | News Anchor, Yellowhammer News Network and Gulf State News Network

Born in Colorado, raised in Alabama, Scott is rooted in the deep south. He is an anchor on the Yellowhammer News Network as well as the founding anchor for Yellowhammer’s new division, the Gulf State News Network, broadcasting to the Gulf Coast of Florida. Scott brings years of broadcast and voice acting to millions each day. “I’m truly blessed by the opportunities I’ve been given in life,” says Scott. “I’m a full time voice actor and currently serve as the commercial and promo voice for several national brands. From wireless providers to soft drinks, I’ve voiced it. I’m one of the guys that you hear, but never see on TV.”


Kyle Morris | Contributing Writer, Email Newsletter Editor

Kyle Morris was raised in Heflin, Alabama, a small city near the Georgia state line. After graduating from Cleburne County High School, he immediately began his college career. He is now a senior at the University of Alabama where he is majoring in telecommunication and film and minoring in political science. Kyle co-hosts a Saturday radio show titled “The Weekend Briefing” that is sponsored by Yellowhammer News. After graduating from college, Kyle has plans to work for a major news network in America. Kyle has also been a contributor for The Daily Caller since 2017.


J. Holland | News Anchor, Yellowhammer News Network

Veteran newsman J. Holland began his radio career in 1973 in Dalton, Georgia at WTTI-AM and came to Alabama in 1974. He was part of the pioneering WQEN-FM (Q-104) in Gadsden in 1976. He learned the news business under the guidance of the late Dave Fitz, the legendary WAAX-AM newsman who also wrote for many state newspapers. A veteran talk show host in Alabama for over 20 years, J. has an extensive political background and often host political events and broadcast programs. His newscast can be heard daily on radio stations across the state.


Jeff Poor | Contributing Writer

Jeff Poor is an editor for Breitbart News. He began his journalism career in 2005 writing a weekly column for Lagniappe in Mobile, which he continues to write today. Before starting at Breitbart in 2013, Poor was the media reporter for the Daily Caller in Washington, D.C. for three years and a business media analyst for the Media Research Center in Alexandria, Va. for three years prior to that. Poor holds a bachelor’s degree in Building Science from Auburn University and bachelor’s degree in communications from the University of South Alabama.


Sean Ross | Staff Writer

Sean Ross was raised in Mandeville, Louisiana, a suburb of New Orleans. After graduating from Saint Paul’s School, he chose the Yellowhammer State as his new home. At the University of Alabama, Sean majored in political science and minored in public policy studies. He also got his start in the political world in Tuscaloosa, cutting his teeth as an omnipresent figure in the Student Government Association during his tenure at the Capstone before working on local races. Sean packed up and moved to Montgomery in 2017, transitioning quickly from college to the fast-paced world of campaigns. His political experience includes serving as the campaign manager for eighteen months on a major statewide race, grassroots coordination on statewide, local, and municipal races, and communications consulting. As Yellowhammer’s “Man in Montgomery,” Sean is your inside source of news for Alabama politics. You can reach him at Sean@Yellowhammernews.com.


Allison Ross | Publisher and Owner

Allison Ross became the Publisher & Owner of Yellowhammer Multimedia in 2017 and works with both the editorial and business development sides of the business. She has led several organizations over a variety of industry sectors including real estate, tax credit consulting, and over 11 years in economic development services. Allison graduated from the University of Alabama with a focus in broadcast news. She and her husband John have two children and currently reside in Memphis, TN.