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7 Things: Europe and Canada blink on trade, Alabama TV station spreading fake news is confirmed, AG Jeff Sessions is safe and more …

7. Sorry, Alabama’s federal employees, but no pay raise

— President Donald Trump is wanting to kill an across the board 2.1 percent pay raise for federal employees, saying, “We must maintain efforts to put our Nation on a fiscally sustainable course, and Federal agency budgets cannot sustain such increases”.

— Alabama has 53,000+ federal government employees. They also didn’t receive a pay raise in 2011, 2012 and 2013.

6. California’s Democratic Party Chairman is targeting a fast food chain for boycotts over daring to support Republicans

— In-N-Out Burger is a famous regional fast food chain that made the mistake of giving money to California Republicans and now they must be punished. California Democratic Chairman Eric Bauman said, “[L]et Trump and his cronies support these creeps”.

— They also gave $30,000 and $50,000 to a Californians for Jobs and a Strong Economy PAC, which supports pro-business Democrats, but that doesn’t matter because Democrats want to hurt a local business.

5. While Birmingham refuses to allow its police officers to work with Immigration and Customs Enforcement, ICE is out arresting criminal illegal immigrants

— Huntsville’s WZDX is reporting that Brian Cox, Southern Region Communications Director for ICE said, “ICE has arrested a total of approximately 30 persons in violation of federal immigration law across Northern Alabama this week in accordance with its ongoing daily enforcement activity.”

— Alabama Coalition for Immigrant Justice is reporting the arrests took place in Huntsville. They “warn” that the Trump administration is more aggressive than the previous administration, and is advocating that people take pictures of ICE officers.

4. President Donald Trump says Attorney General Jeff Sessions is safe until November

— A day after Politico referenced “unnamed sources” to report that Trump was ready to fire Sessions, and that he “has come to resent” Sessions, but Trump told Bloomberg news that the AG’s “job is safe at least until the midterm elections in November.”

— Trump continued to call on Sessions to investigate former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and adding, “I just would love to have him do a great job.”

3. President Donald Trump held a rally and the pearl clutchers in the press whined it was wrong as they ripped him on multiple other issues

— Trump’s rally hit the usual notes against fake news, Democrat Rep. Joe Donnelly’s support for Nancy Pelosi and illegal immigrants.

— Talk of “optics” and “appropriateness” of a Trump campaign rally on the same day as Sen. John McCain memorial events was called into question by people who continue to use McCain’s death to pound Trump.

2. Fake news media in Alabama caught manipulating the news to embarrass Governor Kay Ivey — They don’t care

— Audio recording shows NBC 15 in Mobile chose the video that they thought portrayed Governor Ivey in the worst light.

— Reporter James Gordon asked the governor two similar questions about a potential debate and utilized a video clip that both omitted the answer and made it appear the governor was unable to answer the question.

1. Trump’s tariffs seem to be bearing fruit all over the globe — Mexico, Canada and Europe all seem to be making steps towards the U.S.

— Europe’s offer to end tariffs on automobiles has been rejected by Trump, who says it’s not good enough, even though they were “willing to bring down even our car tariffs to zero, all tariffs to zero, if the U.S. does the same.”

— Alabama farmers, hurting from these tariffs, are fine with free money from the government as long as it goes to them.

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