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Audio shows Mobile’s NBC 15 misled public about Kay Ivey — Alabama’s scumbag political class tried to weaponize it

The media is biased towards Democrats and biased against Republicans. This isn’t conjecture. It is fact.

The coverage of Governor Kay Ivey’s response to a gaggle of reporters has been “misreported” and weaponized by unscrupulous members of the media and political operatives, but I repeat myself.

The attempt here is to prove that the governor is unfit for office, but the tweet and the television station it came from did not report that event honestly.

Yellowhammer News has obtained the entire audio of that interaction the governor had with the press; it paints a very different picture than the media reported.

Audio from the report as follows:

The governor is asked about a debate with Walt Maddox twice and she gave the same answer each time.

The first time, NBC 15’s James Gordon asked, “What about debating the Democratic candidate? Have you given that any consideration? I know he has asked, others have asked. What are your thoughts today?”

Ivey instantly responded, “The only folks that ever bring that up is my opponents and y’all. I’m busy about focusing on education and putting people back to work and its working and that’s the winning strategy. And I am going to stay focused on my efforts.”

That answer did not make it to a newscast.

But they decided to use Gordon’s second crack at the same question, interrupted by another station’s reporter asking the same question and included the governor’s clearly annoyed response in their newscast and tweet.

But, as I pointed out before, even in that instance, they left out the actual answer to the question.

In their defense, they did include this in their online version:

NBC 15 News asked: “Do you owe the people of Alabama a debate?” The governor, after a moment of silence, said, “People don’t ask me for that, it’s y’all.”

So, why did the guy reporting the story leave his 1st question and Gov. Ivey’s 1st answer on the cutting room floor? Why use an answer and framing that embarrasses the governor?

There is only one reason that makes any sense: The media is biased towards Democrats and biased against Republicans. This isn’t conjecture. It is fact.

@TheDaleJackson is a contributing writer to Yellowhammer News and hosts a conservative talk show  from 7-11 am weekdays on WVNN

EDIT: A previous version reported that James Gordon only asked the debate question once, he actually asked the same question twice. This report attributed that question to another reporter, who merely interjected her own question to the Governor. –Dale Jackson

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