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Nancy Worley: ‘Tiny bit of racism’ may have motivated group seeking her ouster as AL Dem chair

In an interview with Alabama Public Television’s Don Dailey that aired Friday on APTV’s “Capitol Journal,” recently reelected Alabama Democratic Party chairwoman Nancy Worley suggested that the group seeking to oust her as chairwoman may have been influenced by a “tiny bit of racism.”

Worley was backed by the Alabama Democratic Caucus (ADC), the state party’s black caucus led by long-time party boss Joe Reed, and re-elected in a vote held earlier this month to determine who would the party.

Worley touted the ADC for their involvement in county parties and for seeking out those willing to help Democrats get elected.

“The ADC, the Alabama Democratic Caucus is the official Democratic Party Caucus, and they are a remarkable group – very well organized in all of our counties throughout the state,” she said. “Of course, there was another caucus that met on Saturday morning at the same time that the minority caucus met. And that other caucus had its slate. So, they did exactly what the minority caucus did, and that was to create a slate of candidates, which they were pushing for greatly.”

“I think you have to give great tribute to Dr. Reed and do the ADC minority caucus for working hard, you know, getting individuals that are involved in their county parties and getting individuals involved who are helping to elect Democrats,” she continued. “And you know, I think virtually everybody is envious of the structure they have in place. And so that’s the reason we have a lot of naysayers.”

However, she also cited racism and jealousy as factors from those opposing the efforts of that group within her party.

“You know, there could be a tiny bit of racism there – but, I think the most important thing is a lot of folks are just jealous of how successful they’ve been,” she added.

@Jeff_Poor is a graduate of Auburn University and is the editor of Breitbart TV.

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