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  • Rep. Byrne Calls for Rural Hospital Relief

    Excerpt from a Congressman Byrne news release:

    Congressman Bradley Byrne (R-AL) recently partnered with a bipartisan group of Members of Congress in urging Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar to fix the Medicare Area Wage Index, which severely hurts Alabama’s hospitals.

    Alabama has the lowest Medicare reimbursement rate in the country. Based in large part on the Wage Index, seventy-five percent of Alabama’s hospitals are operating at a loss with an average median operating margin of negative 6.5 percent. The problem is worse in rural Alabama, where hospitals have a median operating margin of negative 12.2 percent. Unless changes are made to the Wage Index formula, the problem will continue to get worse and additional Alabama hospital closure is likely.

    Congressman Byrne said: “We are facing a medical crisis in rural America. For too long, the Medicare Area Wage Index has been gamed by hospitals in very affluent parts of the country at the expense of rural America. Congress granted CMS wide authority to administer the Wage Index, and it is time the system be reformed in order to ensure continued access to hospital care for those in rural Alabama and rural areas throughout the United States.”

  • Zeigler moving auditors out of Statehouse Monday

    Excerpt from a Jim Zeigler news release:

    State Auditor Jim Zeigler will move his auditors from the Alabama State House to the Ethics Commission offices today.

    Zeigler received notice in April that the auditor’s longtime lease in the statehouse would not be renewed. The Legislative Council, which oversees the building, said Zeigler’s space was needed “for legislative purposes.”

    After three months of seeking nearby space that his budget could afford, Zeigler reached an agreement to sublease vacant space from the Alabama Ethics Commission. The contract was approved by Ethics Commission Director Tom Albritton and RSA head David Bronner.

    Unable to afford professional movers, Zeigler himself and his staff will dolley furniture and files out the front door of the statehouse and down Union Street to the RSA Union Building at 2 p.m. Monday. Computers will be moved by the Office of Information Technology.

  • AG Steve Marshall Announces Conviction for Capital Murder in Bibb County

    Excerpt from an Alabama Attorney General Steve Marshall news release:

    Attorney General Steve Marshall announced the capital murder conviction of John Barry Hubbard for killing a woman whose sister had sought a protective order against him because of his persistent threatening behavior. Hubbard, 63, of Eoline, pleaded guilty today in Bibb County Circuit Court and was sentenced to life imprisonment without parole.

    Prosecutors in Attorney General Marshall’s Criminal Trials Division were prepared to present evidence of the following events regarding Hubbard’s murder of Kandi Murphy during his abduction of her sister, Tammy Carpenter. Hubbard had been in a relationship with Carpenter, the murder victim’s sister. Carpenter had sought a protective order because she feared that he would carry out his threats of violence.
    On the afternoon of July 21, 2015, Hubbard was seen by Murphy’s children as he walked out of the woods carrying two guns and came in the back door of Carpenter’s home in Brent. Hubbard shot Murphy multiple times in the presence of her toddler daughter, and struck Carpenter with a firearm in the head to subdue and abduct her. Murphy called 911 and stated, “John Barry Hubbard shot me” and that she was dying. When officers arrived, Murphy told them that Hubbard had shot her. She was taken to a hospital where she was pronounced dead.

    Evidence showed that Hubbard took Carpenter from Bibb County into the Ocmulgee National Forest in Hale County, where he held her against her will and raped and sodomized her. The next morning, his cousin, Gary Wade Rowland, allegedly came and transported them from the forest to a motel in Greene County in a room that was registered in Rowland’s name. Rowland, the cousin, also is accused of taking and hiding the long gun on family property in Bibb County. Hubbard continued to hold Carpenter against her will, raping and sodomizing her again. She was able to get a message to staff at a nearby restaurant. An Alabama Law Enforcement Agency tactical team rescued Carpenter and took Hubbard into custody on the evening of July 22.

    The Attorney General’s Criminal Trials Division presented evidence to a Bibb County grand jury in December of 2016, resulting in indictments against Hubbard and Rowland. Charges are pending against Rowland* for hindering prosecution in the first degree, a class C felony, and kidnapping in the first degree, a class A felony. Rowland, 48, is of Centreville.

    Attorney General Marshall said, “This case is a heartbreaking example of the terror and devastation suffered by domestic abuse victims. Tammy Carpenter tried to escape from her tormentor but he still brutalized her and coldly murdered her sister Kandi Murphy. We achieve a measure of justice by keeping John Hubbard in prison for the rest of his life where he can no longer harm innocent people, but are reminded of how important it is to provide support and services to victims of domestic abuse.”

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Illegal alien beheads 13-year-old Huntsville girl

(Madison County Sheriff)

Law enforcement officials in Alabama say an illegal alien and an immigrant in America on a green card are responsible for murdering a 13-year-old girl with special needs and her grandmother, who had connections to Mexican drug cartels, says a report by

The brutal beheading of 13-year-old Mariah Lopez took place after she witnessed her grandmother, Oralia Mendoza, get attacked with a knife in a cemetery, according to court testimony.

Mendoza, the 49-year-old grandmother, was alleged to have had connections with the Sinaloa Mexican drug cartel, a popular and deadly drug-trafficking organization.

Mendoza, along with Israel Palomino and Yoni Aguilar, had traveled to Georgia on June 2 to pick up methamphetamine, according to Investigator Stacy Rutherford. During the trip, one of the men became suspicious that Mendoza’s involvement was a setup.

Authorities say that Mendoza and Aguilar lived together and had dated one another in the past.

Palomino and Aguilar reportedly woke up Mendoza one night and told her that they were taking her and her granddaughter somewhere safe.

On June 4, Mendoza and Lopez were reportedly driven to Moon Cemetery located on Cave Springs Road. According to Aguilar, Mendoza and Palomino got out of the car and argued about the entire situation.

According to Aguilar, that is when the situation escalated and Palomino stabbed Mendoza. Due to Mendoza’s granddaughter being at the scene during the crime, Aguilar and Palomino took the 13-year-old girl to a separate location nearby and beheaded her.

Aguilar revealed to investigators that he was holding a knife when Palomino walked up to him and moved his arm back and forth in a sawing motion. Lopez was later beheaded.

Days later, both Aguilar and Palomino were placed in custody.

Two knives were recovered and cell phone signals from both of the men’s cellphones were pinged at the locations of each occurrence.

Palomino, 34, and Aguilar, 26, are both charged with two counts each of capital murder in the slayings of Mariah Lopez and her grandmother, Oralia Mendoza.

@RealKyleMorris is a Yellowhammer News contributor and also contributes weekly to The Daily Caller

5 days ago

A millennial’s plea: Get educated — socialism is a devastating sham


Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a 28-year-old New York Democrat, seems to have taken the reigns of the Democrat party. This could get pretty ugly unless we do something about it now.

For those of you who do not already know, Ocasio-Cortez unseated Democratic Caucus Chair Joseph Crowley in the Democratic primary for New York’s 14th congressional district.

Why is this a big deal? Because Ocasio-Cortez believes in the failing practice of socialism and is receiving great praise for doing so. Don’t panic! Once you can cut through her many unsubstantiated promises, her stupidity can be somewhat combatted.


Ocasio-Cortez’s platform has sent shockwaves through America and is a fantasy that millions on the left long for.

Ocasio-Cortez aims to abolish ICE, provide tuition-free college education, and ensure that all Americans have healthcare. What she has failed to understand and present to the American people is who will be footing the bill for her foolishness. I’ll tell you who it is. It’s the American people. Yes, the taxpayers. Those that work day in and day out to ensure that they have the resources they need will be paying the way for the millions that do not want to work or are abusing government welfare programs. There will be the exceptions of course, but my argument stands. For too long, there has been no vetting process for governmental assistance, leading to corrupt beings in the world.

Socialism is a practice that does not work. This is not rocket science. Ocasio-Cortez’s ideas are nothing less than those of a socialist state. Should she advance and move forward with continued support, more and more Democrats will adopt her ideas.

What Republicans must do is educate their fellow Americans about the dangers (and historical outcomes) of Ocasio-Cortez’s nonsensical ideology.

Work to ensure that EVERYONE knows the true dangers of socialism. You would be surprised how many people in America do not know the truth regarding socialism. Tell them to take a look at Venezuela. It is the greatest example of a failed socialist state.

In this report from CEPR (Center for Economic and Policy Research), many reports are compiled to reveal the horrid and tragic truths about socialist Venezuela. In 2016, the average Venezuelan lost around 19 pounds. In 2017, the average Venezuelan lost 30 pounds.

Venezuelans are suffering. Why is it that so many Americans are struggling to understand that?

I get it, we have A LOT of uneducated and unintelligent people living in America, but that does not mean we cannot work to ensure that they know exactly what they’re voting for.

The entire reason I am writing this piece is because millennials, in particular, need to be more aware of the dangers of socialism. Millennials, I urge you to get educated and educate your peers. Sadly, a great deal of our generation favors socialism.

In a 2016 YouGov survey, 39 percent of respondents in the 18–29 age group viewed socialism in a positive light.

That number is overwhelmingly high for a system designed to fail.

@RealKyleMorris is a Yellowhammer News contributor and also contributes weekly to The Daily Caller

7 days ago

A millennial’s view of negative political advertising


Negative advertising. You know it, you hate it, but it works.

For many years in this country, negative advertisements have been splashed across the pages of newspapers, the screens of televisions and radio airwaves. These types of advertisements have become indispensable in the political realm and often lead a candidate to success.

As a millennial, I see many of my peers that are uninformed voters. Half of them are not even taking part in elections anymore because politics has become such a confusing game. Too many millennials that I know go strictly off of what they hear as being popular opinion. That’s dangerous. Negative ads play into that and are almost always able to grasp the attention of many that are not even aware of what they are listening to.


Negative advertising works, in my opinion, because it loops in uninformed voters. Millions want to discuss politics, yet they have no clue what to discuss, so they talk about what they hear. More people are likely to remember negativity than they are positivity and I believe that is why these types of advertisements are long-lasting and effective.

No matter what side of the aisle you position yourself on, I think we all can agree that negative political advertising is dangerous and annoying, but that doesn’t mean they will go away.

Many political campaigns have become reliant on the effect that negative political advertising provides. While there were many positive advertisements, the last presidential election in America in 2016 was riddled with negative advertising. There were millions that opposed Donald Trump and millions that opposed Hillary Clinton.

Many of the negative advertisements targeted at Trump consisted largely of the Access Hollywood tape that was released where Trump bragged about grabbing women, his plans to build a wall, and his language in public. Here’s an example:

Negative advertisements geared towards defeating Hillary Clinton were compiled of compelling stories of the corrupt roots of the Clinton Foundation. One of which even went after Clinton’s ailing health. Here’s an example:

While both videos contain different content, they are very much the same. They share one goal: the destruction of their opponent when Americans visit the ballot box. Each candidate wants you, the viewer, to take their side and they will do everything possible to ensure that happens.

Negative advertising not only impacts voters on a national level, it also trickles down to state elections where it can sometimes get even uglier.

Last December, Alabama voters had a very difficult decision to make. Four weeks before the election last year, allegations of sexual assault towards then-Senate candidate Roy Moore surfaced and made major headlines. As one would naturally do, Doug Jones took the opportunity and ran with it to “finish” his political opponent.

In a Doug Jones campaign approved and funded video, quotes denouncing the alleged behavior of Moore from Ivanka Trump, Richard Shelby, and Jeff Sessions were gathered in an attempt to lure in conservative voters. Many conservatives voted for Doug Jones due to the allegations Roy Moore faced. Did it work? I believe so. Take a look:

In many of Roy Moore’s negative advertisements, Moore targeted Washington elites. In one of them, however, he stated that the allegations were false, calling the entire situation a “scheme by liberal elites” and the “Republican establishment.” Did it work? Nope. Take a look:

The examples provided only scratch the surface of the problems I have with negative advertising. Instead of digging up dirt on one another, let’s get to work and show others what we can currently do. It’s a sad truth, but negative advertising is very popular. Several people thrive off of the negativity produced. It creates a stir, which often leads to more corruption being exposed.

What do you think? Are negative advertisements good or bad for our society?

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2 weeks ago

Alabama takes first place with most fast food restaurants per capita


If there are three things that Alabamians take pride in most, it is their faith, their family, and their food. Not all food, however, is prepared at home.

In a shocking study from DataFiniti, it was revealed that Alabama is the state with the most fast food restaurants per capita.

Alabama came in first place with 6.3 restaurants per 10,000 residents while Nebraska took second place with 5.4 restaurants per 10,000 residents. The only non-Southern states in the top ten are Nebraska, Indiana, and Missouri — although Missouri may be have been adopted into the South when the University of Missouri joined NCAA Football’s Southeastern Conference in 2012.


Also detailed in the research were states with the least amount of fast food restaurants per capita. Vermont took first place in that category with only 1.9 restaurants per 10,000 residents. Surprisingly, Mississippi followed closely in fourth place with only 2.1 restaurants per 10,000 residents.

With Alabama leading in the number of fast food restaurants per capita, I am curious if there is any correlation with obesity rankings. Face it, fast food is not the healthiest choice and if it becomes an addiction or habit, it can be dangerous to your personal health.

In this finding, Alabama ranked number 3 out of 51 states in 2016 for having the highest adult obesity rate in the nation. In 2016, the obesity ranking sat at 35.7 percent. That is more than a five percent jump from 10 years prior in 2006 when the adult obesity percentage was positioned at 29.4.

Adults ages 45-64 lead the obesity rankings at 42.1 percent of total adult Alabamians.

Alabama rankings for obesity-related health issues and other obesity percentages for different age groups, including children, can be found here.

It is an interesting find, to say the least. It also leads into question the correlation between obesity and the number of fast food restaurants in Alabama.

What do you think?

Do you know of an interesting or newsworthy story that you think should be told? Let’s talk.

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2 weeks ago

Clay County ranked ‘nicest’ county in Alabama

(City of Ashland/Facebook)

With a population totaling a little more than 13,000, Clay County has been ranked the “nicest” place in Alabama, according to a recent finding from Reader’s Digest.

Unlike the usual cliché lists you see about the best food in America or best places to live in America, this one is going off of the complete generosity and niceness of those residing in the county.

Here is the description provided by Reader’s Digest that details why Clay County was awarded the honor:


With a population of less than 6,000, it’s home to more National Guard volunteers than anyplace else in Alabama and was dubbed the “Volunteer County” during the Gulf War. Each month, the county seat (Ashland) holds a “Fun Day.” When local 21-month-old resident Eli Sims was diagnosed with liver cancer, the community rallied around the little boy and his family, hosting fundraisers, prayer meetings, and generally making them feel loved and cared for at a time when they truly needed it. Find out how these children help the sick kids in their hometown.

While Reader’s Digest finds Clay County has a population of less than 6,000, other records show a number of more than 13,000 as recently as 2017.

As someone who has several family members and friends from Clay County, I can attest to this recent finding.

Each time I visit Clay County, I am filled with a type of unique warmth that I do not usually experience when traveling to other areas of the state.

In passing, people throw their hands up as if they know exactly who you are, even if they have never seen you before. Whether it be Ashland, the county seat, or Lineville, which is the city with the largest population in the county, people welcome you with little to no judgment.

“I always feel like I’m surrounded by family here,” Amy Hill, an eighth-grade teacher at Clay Central Junior High School, told Yellowhammer News.

The feeling of being surrounded by those willing to help you as much as your own family is one that many Americans often do not get to experience in large cities.

Hill, who also serves in a leadership position at the Clay County school, said, “The people here are always ready to lend a hand and check on their neighbors.”

As technology advances, more and more people forget what it is like to physically talk and assist their neighbors as those in Clay County do.

Lineville, with a population of 2,306 according to the 2016 census, features some of the county’s most prominent and well-known establishments. Young’s Drug Store, which has been in business for more than five decades, has generously served generations of locals that live in and around Lineville, Alabama.

Wellborn Cabinet Inc., which is located in Ashland, Alabama, and employs many residents in Clay County, has been family owned and operated since 1961. With over 55 years of experience, the people of Wellborn Cabinet Inc. work extremely hard to provide quality cabinets that are distributed across the country.

As times change, many towns and counties can no longer afford to offer quality for those that reside in the area. That obstacle has been challenged by the people of Clay County. While several small-town hospitals are disappearing across the nation, Clay County Hospital, located in Ashland, is still in business and graciously serving the people of Clay County with care.

Other destinations that contribute to Clay County’s hospitality are Barfield, Delta, Millerville, Cragford, and several others.

If you’re aiming to experience the small town southern charm of Alabama history, visiting Clay County is sure to impress. The people are welcoming, the food is great, and the atmosphere is remarkably quaint.

@RealKyleMorris is a Yellowhammer News contributor and also contributes weekly to The Daily Caller

3 weeks ago

Opioid epidemic: Great to see Alabama politicians working together to end it


In a bipartisan effort, the U.S. House of Representatives passed a legislative package on Friday aimed at combatting the ongoing and deadly opioid crisis with a 396 to 14 vote.

Four of the main issues the latest legislation will focus on are treatment and recovery, prevention, protecting communities, and fighting fentanyl.

The bill also includes several Medicaid, Medicare, and public health reforms. It also looks into ways of limiting the trafficking of Chinese fentanyl into the United States.

Republican or Democrat, this is something we all should be praising.

In 2016 alone, nearly 65,000 Americans died from drug overdoses. That number is overwhelmingly alarming, yet many have neglected or refused to tackle the issue properly.

Three hundred and forty-three opioid-related overdose deaths occurred in Alabama in 2016, according to The website states that that is a rate of 7.5 deaths per 100,000 persons.


Alabama’s rate is half of that of the national rate of 13.3 deaths per 100,000 persons. For a while, Alabama has been struggling with the opioid epidemic. also states that Alabama providers wrote 141.1 opioid prescriptions for every 100 persons in 2013. That’s one of the highest prescribing rates in the country.

In 2013, there were a little more than 150 opioid-related overdoses in Alabama. That number spiked in 2014 when there were more than 250 opioid-related overdoses.

Hundreds of thousands of individuals do not understand the negative impact that opioids are having on our great state and country. They have, for too long, taken the lives of thousands of Americans.

In a piece from Alabama Political Reporter, statements on the legislation from U.S. Rep. Bradley Byrne (R-Fairhope) and Rep. Terri Sewell (D-Birmingham) were detailed.

“The opioid crisis has infiltrated communities all across our country and torn families apart. No community is immune from the opioid crisis. Here in the People’s House, we are committed to tackling this issue head on and providing support to patients and communities,” said Rep. Byrne.

Byrne said that more than 750 Alabamians die each year from opioid-related overdoses, but it’s unclear where that statistic comes from.

Regarding the comprehensive package, Byrne said, “I am confident this exhaustive package of bills will ensure quality care for those seeking help and provide our communities the resources to prevent the spread of this epidemic. It’s time we end the cycle.”

Rep. Sewell made it clear that anyone can become addicted and die from opioids, saying, “The opioid epidemic doesn’t discriminate by age, income, or gender – we have to give all Americans a path out of addiction.”

As someone who has seen the impact opioids can take on someone, I am 100 percent supportive of this measure. We all should be. We are losing nearly 65,000 of our American brothers and sisters each year due to opioid-related overdoses.

When it feels like all is lost in American politics sometimes, I am pleased to see Alabama’s representatives and others around the country cross party lines and work together. It doesn’t matter where you align politically, opioids could easily affect your life.

Eric Bolling, the previous co-host of Fox News’s The Five, lost his son recently to opioids and he has dedicated his life to fighting against safe practices to end the destruction. He is one of many parents in America who have been left heartbroken because of opioids. That’s when I really started focusing on this issue.

The opioid epidemic is one that doesn’t receive the attention it deserves. We would rather argue about why we believe Donald Trump is right or wrong while thousands are dying before us. I will say one thing, Donald Trump has made it a goal of his to focus on this epidemic and I applaud him for that.

I hope, for the sake of Alabama and this country, that we can end the madness. Prescriptions should be limited. It seems as though many medical officials will write a prescription for anything. With bipartisan support, a positive solution can be reached.

Far too many Americans are losing their lives each day due to opioids. It’s time to stand up and fight back.

@RealKyleMorris is a Yellowhammer News contributor

4 weeks ago

Why the red carpet for illegal immigrants?

(VOA News/YouTube)

Since October 2017, more than 450 unaccompanied alien children have been released to sponsors in Alabama, according to DHS.

Alabama ranks 10th on the list of states that received the most unaccompanied alien children since last fall. California tops the list, followed by Florida and then Texas.

Two county sponsors in Alabama, Jackson and Marshall, have received nearly a quarter of the total 453 alien children placed in the state since last October.


A total of 2,729 alien children have arrived in Alabama since 2014. That’s a staggering number considering that it only represents children.

Let’s not beat around the bush here. Provided with the information above, it is evident that illegal immigration is greatly affecting the state of Alabama.

Are children being split up at the border when they arrive with their parents? Yes.

Would I make changes if I were in charge? Yes, but very minimal ones.

What happens when families are united and fights between families break out? What happens when one of the women that came here illegally gets raped by a man, also here illegally? Who will be to blame? Democrats will wrongfully hold the Trump administration accountable and we all know it.

It’s been said a thousand times; however, it is quite ironic how the party that champions abortion is just now deciding to wake from its coma to combat an issue that was largely ignored under Obama’s leadership.

‪Where was this outrage three or four years ago?

In a press conference Monday evening, DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen said 10,000 of the 12,000 children currently being cared for by HHS entered into America unaccompanied.

To act like this is a problem due to the Trump Administration is nonsensical.

Illegal aliens were treated very poorly under Obama’s presidency, yet no one called out the administration for their negligence to investigate what was occurring.

I am still trying to understand what makes an illegal alien criminal more deserving of being kept with their families than an American criminal.

When American citizens who have broken American laws are detained, their children do not go to prison with them. There is no such luxury for the parents or the children. America must not roll out the red carpet for illegal aliens. All it does is provide an incentive for others seeking to commit the same crime.

The Trump administration inherited a mess and they are attempting to deal with it as safely as possible. Perhaps the children could visit their parent(s) at particular times, almost like visitation for American parents and their children.

Opinions? Email me:

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4 weeks ago

Great News: Alabama black and white voters have far more in common than not


According to a report issued last week by the Public Affairs Research Council of Alabama, blacks and whites agree on most Alabama priorities with public education being most notable.

“Alabama Priorities,” as it is named by PARCA, stated that most of the people in Alabama had similar concerns in previous surveys.

The report also revealed that Alabamians were not selecting their priorities based on political alliances, ideology, or racial differences.


While there were many shocking finds within the new report, one thing that perhaps stood out the most was that nine of the top ten priorities for African-American voters were the same as that of white voters.

While there were many agreements on what Alabama deserves most, there were also differences. Higher education, which was the fifth highest priority for black voters, didn’t rank in the top ten for white voters.

While white voters ranked improving the state’s image as their tenth priority, it was not included on the list from black voters.

Included among the top ten priorities were healthcare, poverty and homelessness, crime and public safety, and tax reform.

The PARCA report was compiled of two different surveys. PARCA and Samford University partnered to conduct surveys that received 150 responses. The second survey was conducted through a partnership of PARCA and the University of South Alabama where surveyors took part in 468 interviews.

Alabama must capitalize on this opportunity. This is the perfect time for Alabama to come together as one and serve all communities by focusing on the issues that mean most to almost all of the people in Alabama.

For too long, our country has been divided because of political and personal differences. Race relations in the south have not always been the best, but now the opportunity to unite as one lies in the near future.

Alabama’s elected officials must focus on what means most to the people in this state. These are issues that we ALL can agree on. Alabama ranks 47th in education among other states. That’s terrible. It is time to focus on educating the children of Alabama and ensure that they lead this country to success.

Health and substance abuse also ranked among the top 10 priorities for Alabama voters and I can understand why. Substance abuse is very common in Alabama and that’s something we need to work on correcting. Too many families are being torn about due to the lack of awareness and understanding of what certain substances can do to an individual’s life.

For once, I can say that I am happy to see that Alabama voters, whether white or black, or Republican or Democrat, share similar ideology when it comes to deciding what issues need the most attention in our state.

With the right leadership, changes can occur. Let’s get this fixed so that next year we can produce an extremely different set of top ten priorities.

@RealKyleMorris is a Yellowhammer News contributor

1 month ago

Yes Alabama loves Trump, but Roby’s concerns were valid — are we really going to hold them against her?

Rep. Martha Roby has found herself in muddy water as she seeks to serve the people of Alabama through another term in Congress.

Last week, Rep. Roby was forced into a runoff after failing to garner more than 50 percent of the votes from her district. She now faces Bobby Bright, a former Democrat, in a July 17 runoff election.

After the revelation of the “Access Hollywood” tape where Trump boasted about sexual assault against females, Rep. Roby withdrew her support for him as he vied to become America’s new commander in chief.


Trump loyalty is a big deal for hardcore southern conservative voters. If you are not in line with President Trump and all that he envisions, many voters will quickly toss you to the side. That’s what we are witnessing in Roby’s case.

Just as there are “never-Trumpers,” the ones that never have anything positive to say about President Trump, there are “always-Trumpers.” The “always-Trumpers” never have anything negative to say about President Trump, which is as equally frightening, in my opinion, than a never-Trumper.

Americans must remember that the president is not to be worshipped. Is he to be appreciated? If he is doing good for the American people, most definitely. However, we cannot sit around and praise President Trump in the same way that we cannot sit around and condemn every single thing that he does. He is a human like you and me. While he may have much more money and influence, he is a human nonetheless. He is going to make mistakes. If you have your blinders on every single time he makes a mistake and strays from conservative values, you should consider yourself part of the problem.

A good voter knows when to call someone on their bull. If you consistently allow the wool to cast a shadow over your eyes, you become a worshipper. A worshipper that sees no wrongdoing and worships a tangible god.

I am in no way saying that President Trump is a bad president who is leading the American people blindly, I am only stating that the American people should never worship a president’s views and practices as if the president is the almighty powerful.

While Rep. Roby strayed from President Trump after the release of the “Access Hollywood” tape, I cannot say that I disagree with her. But are voters still holding this over her head? I am a Trump supporter just as much as the next one, but I can tell you that I did not appreciate his language in that clip.

Alabama voters must understand how Trump’s comments about grabbing women must have impacted Roby’s voting decision. Martha Roby is a woman who understands the real world issues women in America face. His comments, made prior to running for office, impacted the decisions of millions of voters in this country. Roby was not alone.

I understand that he seems to have changed now and I believe Rep. Roby understands that as well. She wants what is best for the American people and she knows that Trump is providing new and prosperous opportunities. Ninety-seven percent of the time, Roby sides with the Trump administration in voting.

Roby is pro-gun and anti-abortion and supported the tax cut bill last year while voting in every effort to repeal Obamacare.

Are Alabama voters going to keep that one issue hanging over her head? When do they swallow their pride and understand that Rep. Roby is following Trump’s plans and foresees the same future for America that President Trump does?

@RealKyleMorris is a Yellowhammer News contributor.

1 month ago

Alabama Lt. Governor run-off will likely be close


After Tuesday night’s election, it is still unclear who will represent the Republican party for lieutenant governor in November’s general election. Candidates Twinkle Cavanaugh and Will Ainsworth received the highest percentage of votes, yet both failed to garner more than 50-percent leading Republicans to the polls again on July 17 to pick the party nominee.

Cavanaugh, president of the Public Service Commission, heads into the runoff with a slight lead over Rep. Ainsworth, R-Guntersville.

Of the 541,226 votes for lieutenant governor on Tuesday, Cavanaugh received 234,530, while Ainsworth received 200,368.


Ainsworth told’s Lily Jackson:  “Now that we are in a runoff, I think it is going to give the voters of Alabama the opportunity to really compare and contrast Twinkle and I. When you look at her being in government for over 30 years and the fact that I am from the private sector, built three businesses and created jobs, and she has not; when people look at that, that’s an advantage for us.”

Cavanaugh touted her previous success in Alabama telling “The reality is, I have a proven record. I don’t just talk about being a Conservative, I am a Conservative. I don’t just talk about my Christian values, I walk the Christian walk every day.”

“I was honored to earn the majority of the votes tonight, but obviously it wasn’t enough to avoid a runoff, I plan to go back out tomorrow and campaign all across our state in all 67 counties,” Cavanaugh said.

It is clear that Alabama remains mostly undecided on who to choose for this race.

Now that Rusty Glover, who also ran as a Republican, is out of the race, his votes will go to the other candidates. Glover is also a distant cousin to Will Ainsworth, so it will be interesting to see if the majority of those votes are transferred to Ainsworth, even though Glover told he won’t endorse in the primary.

For years, money has been allocated to certain offices that were not using funds properly and contributing to wasteful spending, something that Cavanaugh aims to address. In discussing this with her on my radio program, Cavanaugh talked about her initiative to “right-size” government in order to save the state a great deal of money.

In this Alabama Today questionnaire, Cavanaugh lays out her three main focuses if she is elected lieutenant governor of Alabama. She talks about education preparedness, Alabama’s infrastructure, and regulatory reform for the state. All of which would benefit the state and its people.

Rep. Ainsworth proposed a bill in February that would allow teachers to arm themselves in schools. The bill would pay the training cost for teachers, but teachers would be left to purchase a gun themselves.

While there are many in favor of Ainsworth’s plan to arm teachers, there are others who remain hesitant.

Ainsworth’s responses to this Alabama Policy Institute/Yellowhammer News questionnaire will give you a little more insight to what exactly he plans to tackle if he is chosen as the Republican nominee and lieutenant governor of Alabama.

In this study, Alabama was ranked 46th in education after reviewing educational attainment, school quality, and achievement gaps between genders and races. Ainsworth, like Cavanaugh, both have the drive to assist with education in the state of Alabama and improve safety in our schools.

It will be an interesting runoff between Cavanaugh and Ainsworth and we can look for things to heat up come July.

Whoever is chosen in July will face Democrat Will Boyd, who was unopposed in Tuesday’s election.

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2 months ago

School Safety: Not rocket science



I have had it with politicians pussyfooting around the fact that schools need greater safety measures.

This isn’t rocket science. Believe me, it isn’t.

While I vehemently oppose gun control or legislation that limits a citizen to exercise their second amendment right, I am certainly in favor of increasing safety measures in American schools.


On Wednesday, Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey launched the Alabama Sentry Program, which will “permit administrators in schools, without an SRO, to maintain a firearm on campus in a secured safe in order to be prepared to respond to an active shooter situation.”

While I believe Gov. Ivey has made the right step in making Alabama schools safer, she, along with other politicians in Alabama, have a long way to go. I am definitely in favor of having armed resource officers on every school campus.

It’s time to institute common-sense safety measures in American schools.

I am in favor of having a one way in and one way out approach at each school. That’s something that could be accomplished at each school in Alabama in a week’s time. I am also in favor of having metal detectors at that one entrance.

Students could arrive to school in ten-minute intervals in the morning hours to limit overcrowding. If it means hiring a few people to assist in that measure each morning, so be it. If it prevents a mass school shooting, it will be worth it.

The only way to combat evil is by meeting it head-on. It is a sad reality, but a reality nonetheless.

Those that seek to cause mass chaos and terror will always find a way to do so, that is why we must make sure that our schools are secure and follow appropriate measure to prevent tragedy from occurring again.

With a society full of guns, people are bound to get shot. That’s something that everyone should easily understand.

If you are depending on the government to enact legislation focusing heavily on gun control, I feel sorry for you. Look at London, China, and Chicago. All of those are areas with extreme amounts of gun control, yet people are shot and killed there each day.

Wake up to reality and dig into your file named “common sense.” Once you get ahold of that, it is time for you to start pressing your state governments and insist that they do something to fix this horrific problem.

Standard walk through metal detectors cost around $2,500 each. When considering some of Alabama’s country schools, two, or maybe even one, walk through metal detector(s) would suffice.

Andrew Pollack, who lost his daughter, Meadow Pollack, in the Parkland, Florida shooting, has launched a campaign called #FixIt. The campaign focuses on enacting common sense safety measures in schools.

“If our leaders had fixed it, my daughter would still be alive,” said Pollack in a video promoting the newly popular campaign.

While what Gov. Ivey has done is a step in the right direction, there is still so much to do. I urge you to press your elected representatives and senators. We must end this once and for all.

America’s school children deserve to go to school unafraid and ready to learn. Let’s work to make their lives safer. It isn’t hard … I promise.

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2 months ago

Behar mocks Christianity, it’s fine — Barr mocks Obama aide, show is cancelled

So let me break this down before I get started.

On Tuesday, ABC cancelled the hit sitcom “Roseanne” after the show’s star and co-creator, Roseanne Barr, posted a racist tweet about one of President Obama’s top aides.

The tweet referencing Valerie Jarrett , which has now been deleted, read: “Muslim brotherhood & planet of the apes had a baby=vj.”


After the tweet was issued and deleted, Barr sent out an apology saying, “I apologize to Valerie Jarrett and to all Americans. I am truly sorry for making a bad joke about her politics and her looks. I should have known better. Forgive me-my joke was in bad taste.”

Sara Gilbert, who plays Barr’s daughter on the sitcom tweeted that Barr’s comments were “abhorrent and do not reflect the beliefs of our cast and crew or anyone associated with our show.”

Wanda Sykes, who was one of the show’s consulting producers tweeted: “I will not be returning to @RoseanneOnABC,”

Now that you know a little of the history of the incident, I want to discuss it further.

I understand why ABC went so far as to cancel the show. I understand that Barr’s comments were seemingly insensitive and racist. While she may not have meant for the tweet criticizing Jarrett to sound racist, it sure came off that way.

Roseanne Barr knew better. I honestly do not know what was going through her head when she posted that.

What I do know, however, is that ABC has a huge inconsistency when it comes to their employees criticizing others.

Joy Behar, a prominent figure on ABC’s The View, made anti-Christian remarks earlier this year and her career remained intact.

Behar said, “It’s one thing to talk to Jesus. It’s another thing when Jesus talks to you.”

Behar then added that hearing voices is a “mental illness.”

As a Christian, I took great offense to that. Her comments tried to make Christians look foolish and insane.

According to a Pew Research study, there are 173 million Christians living in America. That number is overwhelmingly massive. My question is why did ABC not find Behar’s comments offensive enough to fire her?

Twenty years ago, Behar would have been kicked off the air immediately. But not in today’s culture. Oh no. It seems as though if your politics align with leftist ideology, you are seemingly fit for television. There is a double standard here and many Americans realize that.

Both Behar and Barr are largely in the wrong, so why did only one of them get terminated from the network? Had Behar made jokes about any other religion, she would have been gone. I just know it. Industries and media giants in America are so afraid of commenting on any other religion, except Christianity. It’s a target they can take aim at with no ramifications.

The problem I have with all of those that enjoy mocking Christianity and thoughts and prayers is that they can do so with no repercussions. They can mock whoever they wish as long as the one getting mocked is a Christian.

It seems as though mainstream media outlets have become obsessed with making a mockery out of people like me. People who wish to make America a place of opportunity and success and eventually limit the welfare state are being silenced.

When will America wake up and become the once almighty powerful nation that it once was and is meant to be? It is time that we, as Christians, defend our beliefs and principles.

I have no problem with freedom of religion in this country, but I do have a problem when this country’s most popular religion is targeted unfairly.

ABC should have done the right thing by terminating Behar’s contract, but since she spews the leftist narrative and anti-Christian rhetoric, she will have a permanent seat on the panel until the show dies off.

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2 months ago

Alabama taxpayers should not pay for child-rapists to live

(St. Clair County Sheriff)

Often times we forget how scary the world we live in really is. We often do not think about those that walk the streets and shop alongside us at supermarkets. We forget that there are actually people who live amongst us that cause harm day in and day out to one of America’s most precious gifts: children.

On Wednesday, Robert Earl Armbrust of Odenville was sentenced to life behind bars without the possibility of parole. Why? Because of the rape of a 3-year-old girl. Again, that’s a 3-YEAR-OLD GIRL for those in the back that feel compelled to defend him and argue his sentence.


Earlier this month, Armbrust pleaded guilty to first-degree rape and two counts of sodomy.

According to reports, the crimes occurred several times between June and September 2016. Armbrust and his 39-year-old girlfriend were taking care of the 3-year-old girl who belonged to a friend who was ill. Chief Assistant District Attorney Lyle Harmon says Armbrust raped, sodomized, and sexually abused the little girl. Even worse, he reportedly photographed and took video while the horrific sex crimes were taking place.

Court records revealed that Armbrust had spent prior time in prison for methamphetamine convictions.

America, it’s time to get serious.

It’s time to get serious about who you leave your children with.

It’s time to get serious about how we handle such convictions.

It’s time to get serious about making examples out of monsters like Robert Earl Armbrust.

Armbrust is a wart on the face of humanity, one of which several would like to see removed.

The prosecutors in Armbrust’s case should be thanked for seeing to it that justice was served. That 3-year-old little girl will carry a life that is permanently shaken. I am thankful to hear that Armbrust will serve the rest of his natural life in prison; however, I am not so pleased that it will be at the Alabama taxpayers’ expense.

America should bring back the kind of executions that will have a lasting impact on those that are potentially thinking of carrying out evil. The children in America are worth more than what this 3-year-old little girl had to endure, and to think — the harrowing, torturous event was captured on photos and video, presumably for further sick purposes.

From the raping of minors to school shootings across our country, America’s children are the prey of sick and deranged individuals that we would sometimes never notice in our society if it weren’t for media coverage.

Children in America live in fear now. They wonder “Am I next?”

This is happening in Alabama, y’all. This isn’t Chicago or New York. This is Alabama! If you see something, say something. While I know that isn’t saying much, you never know when you could be the difference.

Enjoy Hell, Mr. Armbrust. You have a front row seat on the journey there.

The next perpetrator is out there and so is the next victim. It’s time for a change.

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2 months ago

Dr. Sebastian Gorka joins “The Weekend Briefing with Kyle Morris”

(Fox News/YouTube)

Dr. Sebastian Gorka is a Fox News national security strategist, a former deputy assistant to President Trump, and a New York Times best selling author.

Last Saturday, Dr. Gorka joined “The Weekend Briefing with Kyle Morris” to discuss the horrific school shooting in Santa Fe, Texas, the upcoming North Korea Summit between President Trump and Kim Jong Un, his book Defeating Jihad: The Winnable War and his latest book, Why We Fight: Recovering America’s Will to Win, which is now available for pre-order.

You can purchase Defeating Jihad: The Winnable War here.
Pre-order Why We Fight: Recovering America’s Will to Win here.

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2 months ago

Dawson: Statements about Gov Ivey ‘dangerous move’ that could ‘tank the election’


Scott Dawson, a Republican candidate for the governor of Alabama, criticized Gov. Kay Ivey and a state agency last week, for funding that went to an Alabama based LGBTQ non-profit organization. Since then, it seems as if the gubernatorial race in Alabama has been turned upside down.

In his statement Tuesday, Dawson said, “Let me be clear. The Ivey administration has betrayed Alabama values by giving nearly one million dollars of taxpayer dollars to Free2Be, an activist organization which promotes transgenderism and alternate lifestyles to Alabama’s children.”

ADECA, which administers the state’s Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) program with funding provided by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, was responsible for the allocation of funds to Free2Be.


According to ADECA, Free2Be has received nearly $1.7 million in grants from ADECA since September 2014.

Ivey responded to Dawson’s statements while at a luncheon in Tuscaloosa saying, “That’s nonsense.”

“I certainly don’t agree with the agenda or the values of that organization. The funding is federal funding. It’s been going on since 2014. There are no Alabama tax dollars involved,” Ivey told reporters.

When a reporter questioned Ivey on whether or not she was upset, Ivey responded, “Do I look upset?”

“Lookie here, he’s all over the board,” Ivey said. “He’s not getting any traction. He’s low in the polls. He’s three weeks away from the election. He’s getting desperate.”

Ivey is correct. When personal attacks are being hurled toward a rival, it signals desperation. And desperation this is. I was honestly shocked that Dawson would come forward with such bold accusations towards Ivey.

When a candidate is this close to the election, statements like these, that aren’t backed with sufficient and thorough investigation, should not be made.

During an appearance on Yellowhammer Radio’s “The Wake Up Call with Baylor and Hannah”, Dawson was questioned on his statements regarding the funding that is awarded to Free2Be.

“When we found it, we were like this just doesn’t look right, doesn’t look like it needs to be there,” Dawson said. “That’s when we started investigating the organization.”

Dawson reminded the audience that his intent in bringing up the funds was to warrant transparency for the state of Alabama.

He said, “This is just a statement about transparency. We need to make sure we know where our money is going, that we know why we are taking money, and how in the world these folks get $800,000 from ADECA.”

While I echo the statements Dawson makes here about transparency and ensuring that Alabamians know where their tax dollars are being spent, I must say that only a miniscule amount of research would have shown that ADECA grants are federally funded and in no way utilize tax payer dollars.

In closing the interview, Dawson said, “Quite honestly, you know, it was a dangerous move because it could just tank the election. I am just being forthright with you, but Alabama needs to know what’s going on in Alabama government.”

I think his comments did cost him the election. While I have great respect for Scott Dawson, I believe his coming forward with these statements was foolish. A lack of knowledge and research can really hurt you on the campaign trail and we are witnessing this right now.

It’s difficult for a GOP gubernatorial candidate to unseat a GOP incumbent who has, for the most part, had a good track record.

I understand the motive behind Dawson’s statements. That organization does not represent what most Alabamians see fit for a way of life. I just wish Dawson had gone about things differently and spent more time looking into the matter.

Dawson, along with everyone else running for office in America, should learn that research and getting the facts straight goes a long way. While it may be too late for Dawson, others should learn of the danger of proposing baseless investigations.

Ivey, who has received endorsement from the NRA, has shied from the public eye over the past few months. When you have a good track record as the head of Alabama, you can do these types of things. Since taking office, Gov. Ivey has not had a largely negative conflict.

Ivey’s objective in this election is to ride out her past successes in hopes of another four years as Alabama’s CEO and it might just work, so long as the unsubstantiated claims continue to be tossed her way.

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2 months ago

Sarah Sanders says leakers ‘should be fired’

Sarah Sanders during an appearance on Fox and Friends, May 16, 2018 (screenshot)

During an interview on Wednesday, White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said leakers “should be fired.” Sanders’ comments come amid the ongoing controversy of an aide’s joke that was made within the White House about Sen. John McCain’s (R-Ariz.) ailing health.


“I can’t answer why people do it because I don’t engage in [leaking],” Sanders said on Wednesday. “I find it to be some of the most disgusting behavior that you could ever participate in, and one of the most disloyal things that you could do as an entrusted member of the president’s team.”

“It’s an honor and a privilege to work for the president and to be part of his administration. And anybody who betrays that I think is a total and complete coward and they should be fired. We’ve fired people over leaking before,” Sanders said during the interview with Fox News Channel.

“Some of these leaks are made up and reporters search for validation for them,” said Sanders. “But look, there’s definitely something that has to be addressed. We’re focused intensely on addressing it. And we take it extremely seriously.”

After Kelly Sadler’s comment – “It doesn’t matter, he’s dying anyway” –  was leaked, Americans, both left-wing and right-wing took to social media and airwaves to show their frustration.

After being asked why Sadler has not publicly apologized for making the remarks. Sanders said, “she’s personally apologized.” She also added “I’m not going to get into the back and forth on this.”

According to Meghan McCain, the daughter of Sen. John McCain, Sadler called her to personally apologize and promised to apologize publicly. Despite her promise, Sadler, nor the White House, have issued a public apology, despite heavy pressure from millions of Americans and congressional Republicans.

Sanders also commented on North Korea saying, “As the president has said time and time again, we are ready to meet and if it happens that’s great. If it doesn’t we will see what happens.” Sanders continued saying, “We have been prepared that these could be tough negotiations. The president is ready if the meeting takes place and if it doesn’t we will continue the maximum pressure campaign that’s been ongoing.”

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2 months ago

Where we’re at in America: Politics separating family members


It’s the day after Mother’s Day and so many of you hard-working and career driven mothers have returned to work.

To say that we appreciate you is an understatement. At times, you may feel as though we take things for granted, but I can assure you that is not the case.

Whether it be cooking us a meal when we stop by your house, making sure that we have everything before going on a trip, or just a phone call during the evening, I want to say thank you. Thank you on behalf of the millions of men who sometimes cannot put into words how much their mothers mean to them.

Still, I am concerned about something I saw that really got me thinking. It made me wonder what is happening to family relationships in America. It made me question whether there are limits to a mother’s unconditional love.


Before you continue reading, please watch this 1-minute video, put out by Nextgen America:

Clearly, the video you just watched was left-leaning, but that is not the point. The point here is that the video reveals a mother who seemingly cannot deal with her son having a separate set of ideals. The tone of this video mocks the thousands of mothers who have had children that have become addicted to drugs or, even worse, committed suicide. We see this type of video after a mother has lost a child due to something horrific, not because her son is a Republican or Democrat.

This is where we are at in America. Many have come to a state of mind where they can no longer tolerate their own family members because of their politics. How disheartening. How incredibly sad that we would go to the trouble to mock the tones of truly heartfelt messages in political aim.

Not only did this video take an extreme amount of time to produce, but it did a fantastic job at skating around the true meaning of Mother’s Day.

At the end of the clip, the woman in the video says, “This Mother’s Day, talk to your child about the GOP.”

Whether she had replaced “GOP” with “Democrats,” it would not have mattered.

I hear too often that personal politics get in the way of a lot of family relationships. That’s why most choose not to discuss them at the dinner table and at family gatherings. I know families that have an extreme amount of disagreements when it comes to their political ideology; however, I did not think that their disagreements had the potential to break a family bond.

When I say family member, I am speaking about a 20-year-old who saw the world differently than her parents. I received a message from this young lady, who I will refer to as Amanda, last summer expressing concern over what to do. She informed me that she was kicked out of her house and forced to live with a friend until she could afford a place to live. Amanda told me that her mother and father, who shared a political mindset, found out that she had voted for someone else in the 2016 presidential election. Amanda had informed me of how they had practically abandoned her after understanding her politics. When I asked Amanda about other family members, she told me that her grandmother had died three years prior to all of this occurring. I was shocked. I was only 20-years old myself. What kind of advice was I supposed to give to Amanda? I had seen her tweet a few times, but I was not aware of who she really was.

As I have a mother with enduring love, I had no clue what it must feel like to be Amanda. I prayed for her, which is something I do not often find myself doing, and I hoped that she would find a solution because no one deserved to be in her shoes at that time. A few people within the Twittersphere created her a gofundme account explaining what had happened and it was widely successful. So successful in fact, that a well-known woman from her hometown saw the account and asked Amanda to move in with her. The woman, whose children are already grown, told Amanda that she could stay with her rent-free until she decided to go to college. What a blessing. It’s people like that mother that truly help in times of sadness or struggle. I talk with Amanda still and she is doing well. Last fall Amanda started college at the University of Kentucky, where she is currently enjoying life. Free from the chains of family indoctrination, Amanda can be herself. That’s the way it should be.

The point of all of this is to tell you that Mother’s Day should be a time when you celebrate your mother. Not for her politics or career, but for her love for you. Mother’s Day is not a set holiday to bash a certain political party or decide whether or not which groups deserve praise for being great mothers. Do not EVER allow politics to impact the love you have for your children. Politics are not meant to be taken that seriously, I can promise you that.

If your mother raised, or is currently raising, you to become a successful adult, thank her. Show her how much you appreciate her kindness and compassion, not just yesterday, but every day. Some people do not get the luxury of seeing their mothers whenever they would like to. Some, like Amanda, no longer keep in touch with their biological mothers, and that’s okay. She has a mother in the woman who took her under her wing when she needed it most. As time continues to progress, people will lose their mothers. Don’t be the person that looks back and says you wish you could have done things differently with your child or mother. Time gets away from all of us, you know.

While they may seem annoying sometimes, you only get one mother in life. Remember that.

Love you, Mom!

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2 months ago

Rutgers wants students and faculty to empathize with illegal immigrants

(Rutgers University/Facebook)

Rutgers University has welcomed a new program to teach the students and staff at the university about illegal immigrants in America and one of the administrators at Rutgers wants to make the program mandatory.

The workshop, titled the “DREAM Zone” program, is a three-hour class that originated at New York University and became known to Rutgers in April, according to The Daily Targum.


The program aims to instruct students on the difficulties that many illegal immigrants face in America. Throughout the program, students and faculty were shown the history of illegal immigrants as they traveled to America and legislation that has an effect on the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) students.

The senior program coordinator of undocumented student services at Rutgers, Yuriana Garcia Tellez, played a film detailing the struggle for illegal immigrant NYU students to pay for college. Garcia Tellez tells The Daily Targum that the main goal is to help humanize illegal immigrants so that program participants can better empathize with them.

Garcia Tellez, who personally believes that the program will have such a positive impact on the attendees, says she wishes to make the program mandatory for students attending Rutgers University.

In elaborating on why she believes it should be mandatory, Garcia Tellez said, “I think trainings like these are important to start conversations about how to begin supporting undocumented students in institutions, especially for people who are going into higher education.”

During the event, an attendee reports that participants were told to line up in rows and start a dialogue with what the American dream means to them. The goal of this was to start a larger discussion between American exceptionalism and “Americanism.”

Another session at the event discussed how people discuss illegal immigrants on social media.

Andrea Vacciano, a Rutgers University junior, spoke with Campus Reform and said that she opposes the program, particularly the social media portion.

“Checking how people talk about immigration sounds like an awful tactic to police speech,” Vacciano said. “I believe in treating undocumented students like people, but I think Rutgers should instead be encouraging them to get their papers.”

Rutgers University is no stranger to controversy. In 2016, Aviv Khavich, a junior at the institution and an Israeli immigrant, was fired from the school newspaper for using the term “illegal alien.”

In speaking with Campus Reform, Khavich said, “Rutgers should not be incentivizing breaking the law. Being an immigrant myself, having spent 13 years to acquire citizenship in the country, it’s incredibly demeaning for Rutgers to privilege these students over those who have obeyed the law their entire lives.”

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2 months ago

As her approval rating increases, First Lady Melania Trump reveals her new platform

(White House/Flickr)

At a special event held at the Rose Garden on Monday, First Lady Melania Trump revealed her new platform: Be Best. The program is set to focus on three main ideas — well-being, combating the growing opioid epidemic, and social media positivity.

“As a mother and as first lady, it concerns me that in today’s fast-paced and ever-connected world, children can be less prepared to express or manage their emotions and oftentimes turn to forms of destructive or addictive behavior such as bullying, drug addiction or even suicide,” Trump said during the event.


“I feel strongly that as adults we can and should be best at educating our children about the importance of a healthy and balanced life,” she continued.

Critics have railed against the First Lady after hearing that one of her initiatives would be to tackle the negativity on social media, seeing as how President Trump uses his Twitter account, almost daily, to go after those that sometimes do not agree with him.

Delivering the ten-minute speech to her husband and America, Trump said, “As we all know, social media can both positively and negatively affect our children. But too often, it is used in negative ways. When children learn positive online behaviors early on, social media can be used in productive ways and can affect positive change.”

Among the audience were tech leaders from around the country. Executives from Google, Facebook, Twitter, Amazon and Microsoft were all in attendance.

Continuing with her speech, Trump said, “It is our responsibility as adults to educate and remind [children] that when they are using their voices — whether verbally or online — they must choose their words wisely and speak with respect and compassion.”

Trump honored Kalani Goldberg, who posted a video on one of her social media accounts expressing her experiences with bullies.

In her video, Goldberg said, “Every day, you are hurting me. Every day, you are hurting each other. So please stop. Stop hurting me.”

Trump thanked the 8th grade Arizonian for her bravery and said, “I am happy to report that since posting her video, many have watched it and most importantly, people have reached out to offer support and kindness.”

In an effort to shine light on her commitment to help children develop emotionally as they build relationship skills, Trump mentioned Christian Bucks, a second grade Pennsylvanian, who conceptualized the idea of the “Buddy Bench.” By sitting on the bench, students are signaling to their peers that they wish to have someone ask them to play with them.

Since taking on the role as First Lady of the United States of America, Trump has faced an extreme amount of criticism and social media backlash for being the wife of Donald Trump.

In the midst of all of this, a new poll from CNN has Melania Trump at a 57 percent approval rating, up ten points since January.

The poll also revealed that the First Lady is up 15 points in favorable feelings from Democrats since January while still remaining unfavorable overall with 40 percent. Trump is also up six points from Republicans since January.

Among women, Trump has risen 13 percentage points. Fifty-four percent of women now favor the First Lady, while only 30 percent view her unfavorably. Among men, Trump has risen 7 percentage points.

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2 months ago

Conservatives are right and wrong about Kanye

(TMZ, FoxNews/YouTube)

It has been 13 days since Kanye West praised Candace Owens for her ability to think for herself and her will to stand up to Democrats who wish to see her fail after she shut down a Black Lives Matter protest during an event at UCLA.

Kanye’s seven-word tweet that read ‘I Love the Way Candace Owens Thinks’ created a political firestorm and now has conservatives disagreeing with one another on certain issues. It seems strange, yet it’s very true.

Some conservatives say, “Kanye is a celebrity, we shouldn’t worship him as a political thinker or a conservative leader.”

Other conservatives are saying, “Kanye speaking out in favor of President Trump is much-needed. He is the future for conservatives.”


While both sides in the conservative group are correct on some things, they are wrong in other areas.

Should celebrities be worshipped for their political ideology? I don’t think so. However, that does not mean that we should shut celebrities out of the political realm. Their opinions are sometimes important and can further a movement.

Earlier this week, Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Calif.) spoke with Politico and weighed in on current comments Kanye made about President Trump. Waters said, “Kanye West is a very creative young man who has presented some of the most revolutionary material in the African-American community, but we also think that sometimes Kanye West talks out of turn and perhaps sometimes he needs some assistance in helping him to formulate some of his thoughts.”

“We don’t think that he actually means to do harm, but we’re not sure he really understands the impact of what he’s saying, at the time that he’s saying it and how that weighs on, particularly the African-American community – and for young people in general,” she added. “And I think maybe he should think twice about politics, and maybe not have so much to say.”

Waters’ comments regarding Kanye remind us of the Democrat standard: If whoever is speaking doesn’t speak on political issues from a leftist platform, they must not speak about politics at all. Perhaps Maxine Waters should follow her own advice when it comes to discussing politics.

Shutting out opinions will get us nowhere.

Kanye has a large platform. A platform that is influential enough to help other Americans understand why he is in favor of supporting President Trump. In some sense, Kanye has awakened many people who may not have even cared about politics before he started discussing cultural and political issues.

While I appreciate Kanye speaking out in favor of President Trump and for giving Candace Owens much more powerful voice, I don’t seek to worship him. I also do not believe that he is the future leader for conservatives in America. In saying that, I am not here to argue with anyone on this issue. Celebrities speak out often in favor of their political beliefs. Before we rush to commend a celebrity’s efforts to speak out in opposition of a certain group of people in America, we must think. Sometimes it is better to stay silent, rather than divide a mostly unified group. It is not worth it.

As Kanye continues to tweet about cultural issues, many in the conservative movement have taken it upon themselves to tweet about the issue.

On Tuesday, Infowars host Alex Jones sent out a tweet saying that the program was going to feature Kanye West and Candace Owens.

Shapiro quoted the tweet saying, “No, @kanyewest. No. NO.”

Owens was quick to respond to Shapiro saying, “1) I am not on Infowars today. 2) Disrespecting any platform watched by millions is silly. 3) Please stop telling me and/or Kanye “no”, “can’t” or “shouldn’t”. Advice appreciated. Commands shut down.”

Many users took to Twitter to discuss their concern with what was occurring between the Owens and Shapiro exchange.

Tyler Falwell said:

Flat Mars Man said:

On Thursday, Owens sent out a tweet saying, “There is no drama between Ben Shapiro and I. People who know neither of us can stop weighing in on yesterday’s tweets for attention.”

In an Instagram video, well-known conservative commentator Tomi Lahren said, “I have been skeptical of this Kanye thing from the get-go.” Lahren also released a “Final Thoughts” segment on the issue.

On Wednesday, Candace Owens tweeted to her followers that she would call out Lahren, but that she was blocked by her.

Lahren responded saying:

Owens then said:

No other words were shared between the two, yet much is clear. There are conservatives from all backgrounds that are disagreeing with one another. My message to all of them is to let people do what they wish. Kanye is helping expose a lot of left-wing bias. In-fighting is not worth the hassle. There should be no arguing. Kanye is a self-described free thinker. He is not going to say things conservatives agree with 100 percent of the time. That has to be understood.

Kanye, for the most part, is looking to make it clear that anyone, no matter what race you are, can believe in anything that you want to.

However this plays out, the one thing that is certain is that conservatives will always disagree on some issues. This issue is no different; however, we must allow others to think freely. Do not force your ideology on them. That’s what Democrats succeed in doing.

A Reuters poll reveals that black male approval for President Trump doubled in one week.

That’s good news, not only for conservatives, but for America.

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3 months ago

Michelle Wolf’s pathetic performance at White House Correspondents’ Dinner


On Saturday evening, the annual White House Correspondents’ Dinner was held in Washington, D.C.

Things went just as we had imagined them to as the keynote speaker, Michelle Wolf, made a mockery of herself, President Trump, and President Trump’s administration.

For the second year in a row, President Trump skipped the event; however, a few key members of the administration were in attendance. Sitting on stage was White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders and among the audience was Counselor to the President Kellyanne Conway.


I am beginning to understand why President Trump insists on skipping the WHCD each year. It’s nothing but a poorly sketched comedy show for the liberal elites that control the media narrative. In no way was last night’s performance by Michelle Wolf driven by talent or intellect. In fact, it only revealed how the industry of journalism has become crippled since Donald Trump took office.

From morbid jokes about abortion to judging Sarah Sanders’ work performance and looks, Wolf hit every low that was possible.

In targeting Vice President Mike Pence for his anti-abortion stance, Wolf distastefully said, “He thinks abortion is murder which, first of all, don’t knock it ‘til you try it — and when you do try it, really knock it. You know, you’ve got to get that baby out of there. And yeah, sure, you can groan all you want. I know a lot of you are very anti-abortion. You know, unless it’s the one you got for your secret mistress.”

Wolf’s comments on abortion outraged a great many Americans. Some even took to Twitter to express their disdain for Wolf’s poorly sketched and crude performance.

Guy Benson, the political editor at tweeted, “Some good lines. And I’m very willing to laugh at brutal jokes. I did. Some of the personal attacks on Sarah Sanders were unfunny & would never EVER be told about a Democrat in her position. Also, if you’re going to make abortion jokes, make them close to funny,” adding, “gross” with a thumbs-down emoji.

“My wife Mercedes Schlapp and I walked out early from the wh correspondents dinner. Enough of elites mocking all of us,” said Matt Schlapp, chairman of the American Conservative Union.

As Sarah Sanders sat feet away from her, Michelle Wolf said, “She burns facts & then she uses that ash to create a perfect smoky eye. ‘Maybe she’s born with it, maybe it’s lies.’ It’s probably lies.”

Wolf continued judging Sanders’ character in saying, “I’m never really sure what to call Sarah Huckabee Sanders, you know?” Wolf went on. “Is it Sarah Sanders? Is it Sarah Huckabee Sander? Is it Cousin Huckabee? Is it Auntie Huckabee Sanders? Like, what is Uncle Tom but for white women who disappoint other white women? I know… Aunt Coulter.”

These “jokes” are not only puerile and vitriolic, but they place a barrier between journalists and the American people. Journalists from several different outlets were filled with dismay as they listened and viewed Wolf’s mean-spirited performance on stage.

I am a firm believer that there are journalists out there that report fairly on President Trump and his administration. When I say that, I am not talking about individuals like Brian Stetler, Joan Walsh, or Joy Reid. I am talking about journalists who know a certain bias when they see it and report on the issue fairly or call out hypocrisy.

After Wolf’s attacks on Sanders, journalists from several media outlets reached out to show how embarrassed they were of Wolf’s unfunny and disgusting jokes directed at Sanders.

Ruth Marcus of Washington Post said:

Maggie Haberman of the New York Times said:

Peter Baker, also of the New York Times, said:

Jeff Zeleny of CNN quoted Baker’s tweet saying:

Kelly O’Donnell of NBC News said:

These journalists are exactly right in calling Michelle Wolf out after her remarks about Sanders.

In times of biased news reporting and judgment of others, it’s pleasant to witness the journalists that usually dis Sanders stand up for her. Sanders is a strong woman and has to put up with a lot of criticism only because she represents Donald Trump when she is behind the briefing podium.

With the media, you never know what you are going to get. It’s a fast-paced environment, but for once, a good many of them got it right.

Until last night, I had no clue who Michelle Wolf was. But now I know. She is a failing comedian who uses personal insults to garner a laughing audience. A talking head who so despises her own well-being that she feels she must pander to the feet of leftist media and politicians. It’s a shame, but I am not surprised. As America evolves, more of the delusional beings that occupy space in this country come forward and are sadly given a platform.

3 months ago

No action taken against professor who celebrated Barbara Bush’s death

(R. Jarrar/Vimeo)

On Tuesday, writer and English professor Randa Jarrar was informed that Fresno State University would take no disciplinary action against her acrimonious statements celebrating the death of former First Lady Barbara Bush or her other controversial statements.

After the passing of Barbara Bush, Jarrar sent out a series of tweets. Perhaps the one that gained the most attention was the one that said, “Barbara Bush was a generous and smart and amazing racist who, along with her husband, raised a war criminal. F*** outta here with your nice words.”


Before the announcement, The Cut published a piece on Jarrar in which she told the Cut that she “absolutely” stands by her comments.

“I felt compelled to speak up because I want people to remember history. I want people to know that our country’s actions don’t just disappear; they have real, negative consequences,” said Jarrar in an email to The Cut. “If we want a better future, we have to confront our past.”

“The Bush family — including Barbara Bush — supported policies that harmed and destroyed the lives of millions,” Jarrar said.

Jarrar was asked if she believes she receives more abuse because of her Egyptian, Greek, and Palestinian heritage. According to her, she does. “I am not the only person who has stated the belief that Barbara Bush was a racist,” Jarrar said. “But women of color routinely have their tone policed, their justified anger painted as hatred, and their criticism of injustice framed as racism toward white people.”

Before finding out the decision of Fresno State University to not take any action against her, Jarrar stated, “Our First Amendment rights must be protected, now, more than ever. The university must remain a space for critical inquiry, even if it challenges what we believe.”

Jarrar publicly stated that she was tenured through Fresno State University. Jarrar says she made the statement because many were saying that she was unfit to teach college students.

“Some may characterize those tweets as gloating,” Jarrar explained. “I would say that when a woman states any facts about her employment, she is usually met with charges of arrogance.”

After seeing how she was covered in the media after her comments, Jarrar said in her statement to The Cut, “Again, because I can be at times overly optimistic or perhaps idealistic, I wish the conversation we were having as a nation today was about how we mourn problematic figures. Instead, it has become a kind of mourning of our rights to free expression.”

Aside from her comments about Barbara Bush, Jarrar also created many vile and racist tweets earlier this year.

One tweet said, “I can’t wait for the old white guard of literary writers and ‘critics’ to die. Their time is f**king up, too.”

Another tweet issued by Jarrar said, “Coming up: a bunch of f**king white women.”

An official letter was posted to the Fresno State University Twitter page confirming that no action would, or could be, taken against Jarrar.

@RealKyleMorris is a Yellowhammer News contributor and host of a radio program that airs noon-2 p.m. Saturdays on 101.1 WDYE


3 months ago

What advertisers should learn from the Laura Ingraham boycott results

(MSNBC, Fox News/YouTube)

The boycott targeted at destroying the career of Laura Ingraham that launched on March 29th under the direction of 18-year-old David Hogg has been somewhat of a benefit to the hit Fox News show, ‘The Ingraham Angle.’

The boycott, which was issued after Ingraham’s tweet directed at Hogg, has spiked viewership for the popular show. Since April 9th, Ingraham’s program has averaged 2.7 million viewers. That’s 20 percent higher than the average viewership of her show the week, March 26-29, prior to the boycott. Before the boycott, according to Newsbusters, the show was averaging around 2.23 million viewers.


As of April 13, a total of 27 companies had pulled advertisements from the show. However, Ace Hardware reversed their decision saying, “Advertising on any network or show is in no way an endorsement from Ace of the content contained or spoken within that program. We appreciate the different points of view from our customers, and believe people should be treated with respect and civility.”

On Monday, Ingraham excitedly shared the news with her 2.24 million followers on Twitter.

Even after targeting Laura Ingraham with an orchestrated boycott that failed in reaching its intended purpose (Taking Laura off the air), 18-year-old Hogg remains persistent and hopeful in boycotts.

Hogg issued a tweet on Monday saying, “Going to announce another boycott this week… Stay tuned ” accompanied with a gif of Kermit.

Will David Hogg and other students involved in the Parkland, Florida persist in having those with differing opinions removed from the public eye? Only time will tell.

In my opinion, I find it troubling how certain people insist on using their First Amendment right to limit another individual’s First Amendment right. That isn’t how it works and it certainly won’t be tolerated. An increase of viewership on Laura Ingraham’s show is a prime example of that.

3 months ago

Anthony Scaramucci talks Stormy Daniels, the 2nd Amendment, and President Trump’s leadership


Anthony Scaramucci, former White House communications director under President Trump, joined The Conservative Savage last Saturday to discuss a few recent news events occurring in America.

Scaramucci discussed Stormy Daniels, immigration, the 2nd Amendment, and President Trump’s leadership.

When asked about the Stormy Daniels controversy, Scaramucci described the matter as a “complicated story.”

“I’m friends with the president, so I am going to take him at his word,” Scaramucci continued.


“Her end of the bargain was to lay low. She breached that end of the bargain, so why not return the $130,000.”

In an attempt to reach out to Americans, Scaramuccci said, “I’m hoping that we move past the personal scandals and focus the country on policy because the president has got the right policies. The economy is growing, deregulation has been a focal point for small businesses, and you can see new job activity in small businesses.”

“For the first time in about twelve years, you’re seeing a dramatic increase in wages. Middle and lower-middle-class families are benefitting,” he continued.

Scaramucci was asked his opinion on immigration into America and his thoughts on the citizenship question being placed on the census. He responded, “Let’s face it, we are a nation of immigrants… I am all for naturalized and legal immigration, I think so is the president.”

“If you have a welfare state, you have to have a strong border. Without a strong border and the free market being what it is, people will flood over the border to participate in your welfare state,” Scaramucci stated.

“Regarding the citizenship and the census, it’s political. I think that the Democrats have decided that the people coming into the United States are going to vote their way. This is a way they can blueify these states.”

When asked whether or not he believed the left was out to repeal the 2nd Amendment, Scaramucci responded, “There is absolutely no question that there is a large group on the left that want to repeal the 2nd Amendment, including, apparently, Justice Stevens.”

“We have to figure out a way to keep the guns away from people that are crazy, that want to do real hurt and harm, specifically school children,” he said.

“I am a champion of the 2nd Amendment. I come from a family of hunters… I understand why people want to have their guns. They’re normal. They don’t want to harm others and of course they should have them.”

When asked about whether or not he thought President Trump’s Twitter use hindered or helped Trump’s dealings with China, Scaramucci responded, “I think it helps and it hurts. I think it does both… Theirs is a strategic use of the Twitter account. He did that during the campaign.”

In regards to what he would do if he was currently serving the president, Scaramucci said, “I had a nine-point plan that I was ready to submit that Monday when I got fired. I would take him [President Trump] out of the corner he is painted in and get him out there to other outlets.”

@RealKyleMorris is a Yellowhammer News contributor and host of the Conservative Savage radio program that airs noon-2 p.m. Saturdays on 101.1 WDYE