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  • New tunnel, premium RV section at Talladega Superspeedway on schedule despite weather


    Construction of a new oversized vehicle tunnel and premium RV infield parking section at Talladega Superspeedway is still on schedule to be completed in time for the April NASCAR race, despite large amounts of rainfall and unusual groundwater conditions underneath the track.

    Track Chairman Grant Lynch, during a news conference Wednesday at the track, said he’s amazed the general contractor, Taylor Corporation of Oxford, has been able to keep the project on schedule.

    “The amount of water they have pumped out of that and the extra engineering they did from the original design, basically to keep that tunnel from floating up out of the earth, was remarkable,” Lynch said.

  • Alabama workers built 1.6M engines in 2018 to add auto horsepower


    Alabama’s auto workers built nearly 1.6 million engines last year, as the state industry continues to carve out a place in global markets with innovative, high-performance parts, systems and finished vehicles.

    Last year also saw major new developments in engine manufacturing among the state’s key players, and more advanced infrastructure is on the way in the coming year.

    Hyundai expects to complete a key addition to its engine operations in Montgomery during the first half of 2019, while Honda continues to reap the benefits of a cutting-edge Alabama engine line installed several years ago.

  • Groundbreaking on Alabama’s newest aerospace plant made possible through key partnerships


    Political and business leaders gathered for a groundbreaking at Alabama’s newest aerospace plant gave credit to the formation of the many key partnerships that made it possible.

    Governor Kay Ivey and several other federal, state and local officials attended the event which celebrated the construction of rocket engine builder Blue Origin’s facility in Huntsville.

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Auburn veterans association, University of Alabama veterans association unite again to raise awareness for veteran suicide


The University of Alabama and Auburn University veterans associations are once again teaming up to raise awareness for the 22 veterans lost each day to suicide by marching from Tuscaloosa to Auburn, Alabama, for the 2019 Iron Bowl.

The 150-mile “Operation Iron Ruck,” which will begin at Bryant Denny Stadium in Tuscaloosa on November 26 and conclude at Jordan Hare Stadium in Auburn on November 30, will take an estimated 70 hours to complete.

“The Iron Ruck is an opportunity to bring awareness to an unnecessary plague that runs rampant in our veteran community,” said Auburn University Veterans Association President Jonathan Housand. “We hope to show how easy it is to put aside our differences to unite as brothers and sisters for a bigger cause than ourselves.”


“I want to thank the student veterans at the University of Alabama for demonstrating with the student veterans at Auburn University to bring this amazing event to life,” Housand added. “Together we are helping to prove that we are always here for each other and never out of the fight.”

The ruck march participants will carry a 22-pound ruck-sack to coincide with the Mission 22 suicide campaign. The packed ruck will consist of toiletries, undergarments and other items collected by the athletics and Student Veteran’s organizations and will be donated to Mission 22, 3 Hots and a Cot and the Bill Nichols State Veterans Home in Alexander City.

“The purpose of this March is to raise awareness of the tragedy of veteran suicide,” said Slade Salmon, president of the University of Alabama Campus Veterans Association. “We at the CVA extend our sincerest gratitude for the support from our local community around Tuscaloosa, Auburn University, and from the state of Alabama as well.”

Kody Pemberton, a University of Alabama student and member of the Veterans Association, says he is excited to participate once again in the ruck march.

“It’s great to see the new leadership of both organizations step up and spearhead the 2nd annual Ironbowl Ruck march,” Pemberton said. “Last year we had a great turn out and we were able to help many veterans, and I know this year Slade and Jonathan will go above and beyond to ensure we help even more.”

For more information on the march, an email can be sent to or

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ALFA donates truck to Auburn University equestrian team

Donated by the Alabama Farmers Federation and Alfa Companies, the Auburn University equestrian team and equestrian Coach Greg Williams are now the proud owners of a 2019 Duramax Diesel Chevrolet Silverado 2500.

“This truck is an amazing asset for us,” Williams said. “This is going to be a very nice vehicle to use when accepting donated horses or for safely transporting horses to the Auburn University College of Veterinary Medicine. Plus, we can use it to pick up feed and move laundry for the horses from the equipment room to the barn.”

He added, “It looks so nice, as well. It’s like a marketing piece for our sport. I couldn’t be happier.”


The gift to the team celebrates the Tigers’ undefeated season and 2019 national championship win, which marked the first recorded since the sport was accepted by the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) in 1998.

According to the online statement, “The 2018-19 team included 15 seniors who completed their collegiate athletic careers with a 61-10 record, two Southeastern Conference championships, and three national championships in 2019, 2018 and 2016.”

“Under Coach Williams’ leadership, Auburn’s equestrian program truly demonstrates a championship culture, resulting in consistent excellence in competition, the classroom and the community,” said Auburn Director of Athletics Allen Greene. “We deeply appreciate the Alabama Farmers Federation and Alfa for their extraordinary generosity.”

Alabama Farmers Federation and Alfa Insurance President Jimmy Parnell expressed his excitement for the team, calling the team’s efforts “inspiring.”

“It’s inspiring to see how committed these young women are to this sport, and it’s a pleasure to support the team with this truck donation,” said Parnell, who attended Auburn University. “They’ve definitely gotten a lot of people excited, and that’s a good thing for the entire agricultural community in the state.”

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Auburn University research leads to product creation to reduce Southern pine seeding mortality

(AU/Contributed, YHN)

Research from Auburn University has assisted in the development of a new product that will reduce Southern pine seeding mortality for the forest industry, according to an announcement from the university on Thursday.

“This is a major accomplishment that will allow forest tree nurseries to store their seedlings for longer time periods without detrimentally affecting the seedlings’ survival,” said Ryan Nadel, an assistant research professor with Auburn’s School of Forestry and Wildlife Sciences.

According to the statement, the product, which is from ArgoFresh and trademarked as LandSpring, “received EPA approval to include conifer seedlings after three years of testing by the Southern Forest Nursery Management Cooperative at Auburn.”


The statement released by Auburn University notes that the United States produces more than 1.2 billion forest tree seedlings for reforestation annually, with more than one billion produced in the Southeast. Of those 1.2 billion seedlings, the majority are conifers, which are produced as “bareroot seedlings and grown in a similar manner to farming regular agricultural crops.”

After lifting, the process of removal of seedlings from the soil during harvesting, the seedlings can be planted in recently harvested areas or into fields, which will convert the land back into forests.

According to the released statement, Auburn’s research “has shown the use of LandSpring increased the survival rate by 10 percent, which would potentially yield the growth of an additional 1.2 million pine seedlings after outplanting—the process of lifting, packing, storing and replanting—as compared to non-treated seedlings.”

“Outplanting is stressful for seedlings, and storing forest tree seedlings is a foremost challenge for forest nursery managers due to the short time frame between lifting and planting,” Nadel said.

Between late November and late February, lifting occurs in an attempt to avoid mold and decay of the seedlings once they are replanted. The seedlings are packed in boxes, bags or bundles and are stored in cold storage for a few weeks before being shipped to their planting locations throughout the Southeast.

“Weather conditions are not always optimal for planting the seedlings once harvested from the nursery, requiring seedlings to be stored for longer periods than recommended,” Nadel added.

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Watch: Mo Brooks questions climate change experts on human effects of global warming

(Jeff Poor / Yellowhammer News)

Representative Mo Brooks (R-Huntsville) questioned four members of a bipartisan panel of climate experts Thursday during a House Science, Space, and Technology Committee, which led to all members admitting that humans are not responsible for the Earth’s global warming that has occurred over the past 20,000 years.

A news release from Brooks’ office outlined three facts:

  • Average global temperatures were roughly 11 degrees Fahrenheit COLDER than they are today (per Zurich University of Applied Science). Stated differently, global temperatures have risen, on average, roughly 0.5 degrees Fahrenheit per century over the past 20,000 years.
  • Sea levels were roughly 410 feet LOWER 20,000 years ago than they are today (per the United States Geological Survey). Stated differently, sea levels have risen, on average, roughly two feet per century over the past 20,000 years (roughly double the global warming enthusiasts’ claimed average sea level rise rate of one foot per century since 1993).
  • Almost all of Canada, Northern Europe, and America (north of the Missouri and Ohio Rivers, east to New York City) was under glacial ice and uninhabitable.

According to Brooks’ statement, “The gist of the experts’ opinions is that the earth was too lightly populated by humans to make humanity responsible for the Earth’s global warming that began 20,000 years ago.”

Transcript of Brooks’ questioning of the panel, which included Dr. Robin E. Bell, Dr. Twila A. Moon, Dr. Gabriel J. Wolkon and Dr. W. Tad Pfeffer, as follows:

BROOKS: Thank you Madam Chairman. Is anyone on the panel not familiar with the Earth’s last glacial maximum roughly twenty thousand years ago? Okay everybody is, good. For those in the audience who are not, by way of background, during the last glacial maximum Northern Europe was under ice, roughly 90% of Canada and almost all of the continental United States of America north of the Missouri and Ohio Rivers and east of New York City were under ice. According to the United States Geological Survey, during the last glacial maximum – again 20,000 years ago – sea levels were roughly 410 feet lower than today. Stated differently, for 20,000 years sea levels have risen, on average, two feet per century versus the much less roughly one foot per century rising rate since 1993 that is reflected in Dr. Alley’s written testimony. Finally, per Zurich University of Applied Science, Earth’s average temperature 20,000 years ago was 48 degrees Fahrenheit versus 59 degrees Fahrenheit today. That’s an 11 degree increase in global temperature average over the last 20,000 year period. So, my question to each of you is – and we will start over here with Dr. Pfeffer and move from my right to left – did human beings cause the global warming that started 20,000 years ago and continues through today? Or, if not, what did?

PFEFFER: So, the examples from 20,000 years ago that Mr. Brooks gave us, are excellent examples of the kind of natural variability that the Earth experiences. There is no question that in the past there have been changes in temperature, and sea level rise and weather patterns and climate generally as dramatic or more dramatic than what you may be experiencing in the future and of course they weren’t human caused 20,000 years ago or the last million years. All of these variable events have been occurring throughout the Earth’s modern history.

BROOKS: Well my first question was, in your judgment, did human beings cause the global warming that began 20,000 years ago during the last glacial maximum?

PFEFFER: No. No. Absolutory not. It is an example of spontaneous natural variability— one of the many ways that this whole system was— whether you look at it in terms of sea levels rise, temperature, storms— can be varied.

BROOKS: Are you familiar with the phrase: snowball Earth, or slush ball Earth? Roughly 600 million years ago, when we were almost entirely ice or slush…

PFEFFER: Entirely natural variation.

BROOKS: …versus, the Paleocene and Eocene, thermal maximum of about 55-56 million years ago when the average temperature was roughly 73 degrees Fahrenheit which is 14 degrees warmer than what we are experiencing now? If you don’t mind, Dr. Wolkon lets go to you. Did human beings cause the global warming that began 20,000 years ago?

WOLKON: No, absolutely not. That was a product of natural variability in the climate system. Yeah.

BROOKS: Dr. Moon?

BROOKS: Humans weren’t around in nearly the numbers we are today, so we certainly were not available to be combusting fossil fuels at the rate we are today are putting emissions into the atmosphere. You can consider, we have built America in the last 243 years and we’re changing things at a much more rapid rate.

BROOKS: So, you also agree then that the global warming that has occurred over the last 20,000 years at 11 degree Fahrenheit increase in temperature, was not human caused, at least, when it began 20,000 years ago?

MOON: So, I would agree that when it began 20,000 years ago when we were coming out of the last glacial that was not caused by humans. The warming of the last 100 years, most certainly was.

BROOKS: Out of curiosity, why do you or how do you explain that the sea level rise average of the last 20,000 years has been 2 feet per century, yet we are down to 1 foot per century?

MOON: So, much of our rise in sea levels that you are talking about came earlier in that 20,000 years.

BROOKS: Over six or seven thousand years.

MOON: Over this last 10,000 years, we have been sitting with vary stable sea levels and those stable sea levels have allowed us to develop the coast of the world.

BROOKS: Okay, thank you Dr. Moon. And I only have about 30 seconds left for Dr. Bell. Dr. Bell, in your judgement, 20,000 years ago when it began was it caused by humans?

BELL: In my judgment, the variation that we were seeing 20,000 years ago was part of the pulse of the planet— it pulses at about 100,000 years, glacial or interglacial. When I started graduate school, we were expecting to go into the next glacial period, except that we as human beings in the last 100 years— and you can see the pick-up since we invented the steam engine— you can see the temperature moving up.

BROOKS: Alright, I’m out of time. Madam Chairman, I appreciate your indulgence. I just wish I had sufficient time to actually get into what the cause of the global warming that began 20,000 years ago was— if not— humans. Thank you.

CHAIRWOMAN EDDIE BERNICE JOHNSON: Excuse me. Go ahead, doctor.

PFEFFER: I just wanted to respond a bit further to your question. The changes in the past, there are two significant differences between those events and the events today. One of them is that they were triggered by natural variations, not by human agency. Let me just give you an analogy of your house: your house might burn down— and it might burn down for entirely natural reasons, it might be struck by lightning— but it could also burn down if you are careless and you drop a cigarette in the crack of the sofa. Both of those are triggers that result in your house burning down. The presence of one of them does not really say much about the other except that they both lead to the same endpoint. The other thing is that while there were these very dramatic temperature changes and sea level rises in the past— which were entirely natural— we weren’t there to deal with them. The problem here is with people. How do we respond to an environmental change? The earth will take care of itself, it doesn’t really care what happens. It is what people do. And if this had happened, you know, a long time ago, when the population of the Earth was a few hundred million, it probably wouldn’t have mattered either because we could have just gotten out of the way. But as it is today— with the number of people that we have and the infrastructure — we are very sensitive to changes of this kind. We do not handle change very well. For example, suppose that the conditions for growing crops that exist today in California, picked up and moved to North Dakota for a couple of hundred years, they are variations like that in the fairly recent geologic past that occurred. How do we deal with them? It is an entirely different world than what we were not here to experience, but we know about 20,000 years ago. We’re much more sensitive. We don’t deal well with change and to deal with it we need to know a lot about it.

BROOKS: Dr. Pfeffer, thank you for that additional insight.

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Study reveals HudsonAlpha generated $2.45B impact on Alabama economy

(Alabama NewsCenter/Contributed)

A new study by the Center for Management & Economic Research at the University of Alabama in Huntsville found the HudsonAlpha Institute for Biotechnology has generated a $2.45B impact on Alabama’s economy.

The study, which was released Monday, measured impacts from employment, revenue and capital expenditures, including construction and equipment purchases. The institute’s largest impact dollar-wise, 71%, was due to its research, testing, and medical labs.


“HudsonAlpha has been instrumental in growing the business of biotech in North Alabama. Just over ten years ago, there were only a few people and companies dedicated to working in biotech, but now HudsonAlpha has a remarkable track record of success and growth,” said Jim Hudson, co-founder of HudsonAlpha. “These numbers show that the model we [Hudson and co-founder Lonnie McMillian] created works and that we’re positioned for the future.”

According to HudsonAlpha, the study evaluated data through 2018 from more than 30 resident associate companies. The company now serves more than 40 resident associate companies.

“This study reflects our ability to train, recruit and retain top biotech talent in Alabama and help strengthen the state’s economy,” Rick Myers, PhD, HudsonAlpha president and science director stated. “It’s important to have our campus contribute economic value and provide higher-wage jobs in Alabama in an industry that is advancing human healthcare and the sustainability of food and energy resources.”

According to the study, “HudsonAlpha has contributed 2,063 direct and multiplier jobs to Alabama with an estimated $863 million in payroll since 2006.”

“HudsonAlpha is a critical component to Alabama being in position to expand our bioscience activity,” Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey stated. “The positive impact of HudsonAlpha and the 40+ biotech companies to Alabama’s economy is remarkable but there is so much more that they do for our state.”

She added, “HudsonAlpha is making breakthroughs on cancer, working with Alabama farmers for better crops, diagnosing rare disease for children and educating students, teachers and the public. I can’t wait to see what’s next for HudsonAlpha.”

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Alabama Farmers Federation names Auburn graduate to lead poultry, pork, dairy divisions

(ALFA/Contributed, Pixabay, YHN)

The Alabama Farmers Federation has named Russell Durrance as the Poultry, Pork, and Dairy divisions director on Tuesday.

Durrance, a 24-year-old native of Newnan, Georgia, will also be responsible for policy related to those areas.

“After working with a poultry integrator for two years, I am excited to help Alabama’s farmers through the Federation,” said Durrance, who graduated from Auburn University with a degree in agricultural business and economics in 2017. “I have always been passionate about where my food comes from, and this opportunity allows me to give back to the farmers who provide us so much.”


Before joining the Alabama Farmers Federation, Durrance worked for Pilgrim’s Pride Live Operations in Chattanooga, where he was a broiler service technician. He also worked as a management trainee with JPB/Pilgrim’s Pride, a leader in the global poultry and prepared foods industry.

The Federation’s Brian Hardin said Durrance’s previous experience working with farmers has prepared him for this new role.

“Russ is enthusiastic about serving, protecting and promoting Alabama farmers,” said Hardin, the Federation’s Governmental and Agricultural Programs Department director. “His skillset complements the rest of our commodity team, and we’re excited to see what he’ll accomplish at the Farmers Federation.”

Durrance, who graduated from Auburn University with a degree in agricultural business and economics in 2017, resides in Montgomery with his wife, Stephanie, who is a teacher.

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Ivey: ‘The 2020 Census will play a major role in shaping our state’s future’

(Governor Kay Ivey/Flickr)

In a statement provided Monday, Governor Kay Ivey gave an update on the preparations taking place to organize the 2020 Census.

According to the update, “the Alabama Department of Economic and Community Affairs (ADECA) is seeking public input for a grant program to assist with local outreach efforts.”

ADECA issued the Request for Information (RFI) related to $1 million in funding allocated to the agency in the 2020 Education Trust Fund Budget for the 2020 Census Grant Program. The RFI is available online and public comments about the program will be accepted in writing until 5:00 p.m. on Friday, July 12, 2019.


“The 2020 Census will play a major role in shaping our state’s future, so it is critical that we do everything we can to educate all of our residents about the importance of participation and motivate them to complete and submit their census forms in March and April 2020,” Governor Ivey stated. “Efforts by local and grassroots organizations will be critical to this goal, and I am pleased that the Legislature allocated funds to assist these efforts. I invite your input as we take the first step toward success of this grant program.”

A portion of the update stated as follows:

Governor Ivey designated ADECA as the lead state agency for 2020 Census outreach in Alabama. For the past several months, ADECA has led the Alabama Counts! 2020 Census Initiative. The one-time grant funding is to be expended by ADECA, in coordination with the State Department of Education, to assist local community outreach efforts designed to encourage Alabama residents to complete the 2020 Census count. All grants will be awarded by December 31 in preparation for the census count in March and April 2020.

After the public comment period, ADECA will work to design the full process and establish deadlines for this grant program which will provide funding assistance to help with local, grassroots outreach efforts, specifically those in hard-to-count areas and groups. The agency will host a grant application workshop once all the procedures are in place and applications are ready to be accepted.

“Local and community leaders are trusted voices that will ultimately lead to a successful 2020 Census for Alabama, and we need to hear your voices as we design this grant program,” said Kenneth Boswell, director of ADECA and chairman of the Alabama Counts 2020 Census Committee. “ADECA and Alabama Counts will work hard to ensure that this funding is put to the best possible use to assist local efforts as they complement our statewide efforts with Alabama Counts.”

More information about Alabama Counts and the 2020 Census is available at

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Study reveals Gadsden to be top small city for pharmacists


A new AdvisorSmith study released Tuesday shows Gadsden, AL, to be the top small city for pharmacists.

Ranked #2 in the overall study of 308 cities, Gadsden beat out fellow Alabama cities including Florence (#7), Dothan (#27), Anniston (#31) and Birmingham (#42).

According to the study, which analyzed cities based upon pharmacist salaries, the cost of living, and the availability of jobs for pharmacists, Gadsden “hosts 24% more jobs for pharmacists on a per-capita basis compared with the U.S. average.”


The report also highlighted the average annual salary for pharmacists in Gadsden, which is $148,970, approximately 20% higher than the national average. The city also has a cost of living of 19% below the average.

Trailing Gadsden in the best small cities for pharmacists are as follows:

    1. Gadsden, AL
    2. Danville, IL
    3. Bloomsburg, PA
    4. Florence, AL
    5. Beckley, WV
    6. Rocky Mount, NC
    7. Hammond, LA
    8. Jonesboro, AR
    9. Hattiesburg, MS
    10. Carbondale, IL

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Alabama listed as one of the top 20 most patriotic states in America


A WalletHub report released Monday revealed Alabama to be on of the top 20 most patriotic states in America.

Ranked 19 overall on the list, with a score of 47.43, Alabama ranked first for the “Civics Education Requirement.”

The report “compared the 50 states across 13 key indicators of patriotism” and “ranges from share of enlisted military population to share of adults who voted in the 2016 presidential election to AmeriCorps volunteers per capita.”


With one as “Most Patriotic” and 25 as “Average,” Alabama received the following rankings:

  • 5th – Average Number of Military Enlistees per 1,000 Civilian Adults
  • 30th – Active-Duty Military Personnel per 100,000 Civilian Adults
  • 17th – Veterans per 1,000 Civilian Adults
  • 1st – Civics Education Requirement
  • 12th – Share of Civilian Adult Population in Military Reserves
  • 10th – Share of Adults Who Voted in 2016 Primary Elections

Alabama also ranked eight overall for ‘Military Engagement.’

The report, which compared red states to blue states in terms of patriotism, found that red states were more patriotic. Red states received an average rank of 23.67, while blue states received an average rank of 28.25.

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Brooks: ‘America must stop being the world’s policeman on every corner of the planet’

(Rep. Brooks/YouTube)

Representative Mo Brooks (R-Huntsville) took to the House Floor Thursday and delivered a speech urging America to avoid taking militant action against Iran after the Persian Gulf tanker attacks.

Instead of American intervention, Brooks suggested that countries with interests in Persian Gulf oil or the attacked tankers should defend Persian Gulf shipping lanes with caution and on their own dime.

“[R]ecent Persian Gulf area tanker attacks do not, I repeat, do not, justify a unilateral American military action against Iran,” Brooks stated as he opened his speech.


“On May 12, 2019, two Saudi Arabian tankers, a United Arab Emirates tanker, and a Norwegian tanker were attacked,” he continued. “According to a Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, and Norway joint report, explosions caused all four vessels to suffer hull breaches.”

Brooks then went on to read from the report.

“The report states, ‘Limpet mines [were] highly likely placed by divers below or at the waterline’ and the ‘placement of the mines [was] consistent with intention to disable the mobility, but not physically destroy, each vessel,’” Brooks said.“The report concludes that, ‘These sophisticated attacks were most likely carried out by a state actor.’ For emphasis, the report does not accuse anyone of conducting the attacks.”

He added, “On June 13, 2019, a Japanese tanker and a Norwegian tanker were attacked with explosive devices that caused considerable fire and hull damage to both tankers.”

Additional comments made by Brooks are as follows:

Who is responsible for these two tanker attacks?

There is international disagreement.

America and the United Kingdom blame Iran.

Iran denies responsibility.

Other nations offer no opinion and caution against a rush to judgment.

Perhaps more evidence will persuade the international community that Iran orchestrated these tanker attacks. Perhaps not.

Regardless of blame, there are other factors to consider.

For example, what is America’s national security interest in these six attacked tankers?

Not a single attacked tanker is owned by Americans. Rather, they were owned by Saudi Arabia, Norway, the United Arab Emirates and Japan.

Not a single attacked tanker involved oil produced in America. Rather, all six tankers were shipping Saudi Arabia or United Arab Emirates oil.

Neither of the two tankers loaded with cargo was bound for the United States.

Hence, the United States has no national security interest in the six attacked tankers sufficient to trigger an American retaliatory military action against Iran.

There are, however, other nations that do have a national security interest in these tanker attacks.

Japan and South Korea import roughly 80% of their oil from the Persian Gulf.

India imports roughly 60% of its oil from the Persian Gulf.

China imports roughly 50% of its oil from the Persian Gulf.

Western Europe imports almost 20% of its oil from the Persian Gulf.

Hence, Japan, South Korea, China, India and Western Europe all have a national security interest in keeping Persian Gulf oil shipping lanes open and are justified in using military force to defend those shipping lanes at their own risk and at their own cost.

Similarly, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, and United Arab Emirates all have a national security interest in keeping Persian Gulf shipping lanes open to transport the oil they produce and sell.

Hence, each of these countries is justified in using military force to defend their shipping lanes at their own risk and at their own cost.

Clearly, then, other nations have a far greater national security interest in Persian Gulf oil and shipping lanes than does the United States. As such, these nations should be primarily responsible for using military force as is necessary to protect their national security interests.

Madam Speaker, America must stop being the world’s policeman on every corner of the planet.

America must stop burning through our treasury and risking our American lives when we have no compelling national security interest in a dispute.

This is particularly true when those nations that do have a national security interest don’t care enough about their own national security interests to protect them.

While America can and should help our allies, it is equally important that America’s allies build up their own defense capabilities, protect their own national security interests, and shoulder their own share of military burdens.

If countries with a national security interest in Persian Gulf shipping lanes act as a unified force to protect them, and if they ask for America’s assistance, America should then, and only then, consider military assistance but, unless that happens, this is not America’s fight.

Of course, should Iran attack Americans or their property, or should Iran attack and kill any of our allies’ citizens, an entirely different set of considerations come into play. And, Iran it will not like America’s response to those kinds of attacks.

Madam Speaker, I yield back.

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1 month ago

Alabama receives Gold Shovel Award for economic development

(Governor's Office/Hal Yeager)

Governor Kay Ivey announced Thursday that Alabama had been selected by Area Development, a national business publication, to receive the Gold Shovel Award.

The award, which recognizes the Yellowhammer State’s economic development success in 2018, follows an impressive year for the state with expansion projects involving $8.7 in new capital investment. Those projects are expected to create an estimated 17,026 jobs across the state.

In addition to receiving the Gold Shovel Award, Alabama was also recognized for its recruitment of the Mazda Toyota Manufacturing U.S.A. auto assembly plant, which Area Development considered to be one of the “Deals of the Year.”


Since 2006, when it first received a Gold Shovel, Alabama has received one of the Gold or Silver Shovel Awards from Area Development each year. In 2012, the state received another Gold Shovel Award and in the other years, Alabama was awarded Silver.

“The primary goal of Alabama’s economic development team is to help spark the creation of jobs and opportunity throughout the state by strategically focusing on high-impact industries with solid growth prospects,” said Greg Canfield, secretary of the Alabama Department of Commerce. “Winning the Gold Shovel Award demonstrates that our team is executing on its plan and delivering results that make a difference for the state.”

Ivey announced, “Since 2012, economic development activity in Alabama has attracted more than $36 billion in investment and more than 120,000 jobs, according to Commerce figures.”

Alabama is one of six states to receive a Gold Shovel Award. Other states include Texas, Georgia, Virginia, Arizona and Mississippi.

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1 month ago

Mo Brooks honored with United States Capitol Police Medal of Merit award

Wednesday, Representative Mo Brooks (AL-05) was awarded the “Medal of Merit” by the United States Capitol Police for his behavior during the baseball field shooting that occurred in 2017.

The award states as follows:

Medal of Merit presented to The Honorable Mo Brooks for your bravery in the face of an active shooter, and for the immediate response in aiding the wounded and injured following the Alexandria Shooting Incident at Eugene Simpson Stadium Park on June 14, 2017.


In a statement, Brooks, who said he was “honored” to receive the award, reflected on what occurred that day.

“I am honored by the U.S. Capitol Police award of their Medal of Merit,” Brooks stated. “Quite frankly, I did little more than anyone else did on the baseball field that fateful day when five innocent people were shot in a hail of gunfire that saw well over 100 bullets fired in roughly seven minutes.”

“When I saw Zack Barth dive into our dugout with a bullet hole in his leg, it seemed only natural to take off my belt for use as a tourniquet,” he continued. “When the ‘shooter down’ cry went out, it seemed only natural to run onto the field to help a colleague and friend, Congressman Steve Scalise, by applying pressure to the bullet hole in his hip to slow down his blood loss. I am confident that, had the situations been reversed, they would have done the same for me.”

Brooks also discussed who he believed to be the “real heroes” on that horrific day, which left Rep. Steve Scalise (R-LA) severely wounded.

“To me, the real heroes of the baseball field assassination attempt are U.S. Capitol Police officers Crystal Griner and David Bailey, both of whom exposed themselves and defended our lives against vastly superior firepower, even after being wounded,” Brooks said. “To me, the real heroes are Alexandria Police Department officers Nicole Battaglia, Alexander Jensen and Kevin Jobe, who did not hesitate to rush into a chaotic scene of rapid-fire gunfire.”

“Each of these officers showed true bravery, helped slow down and kill the assassin as he was working his way into position to shoot into a first base dugout full of Congressmen and staffers, and saved dozens of lives,” Brooks added. “I will never forget all these officers did to prevent a political assassination attempt from being much, much more deadly and worse. I am forever grateful for their courage and bravery.”

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1 month ago

Senate Leadership Fund thanks progressive group for highlighting ‘Doug Jones’ far-left record’

(YHN, Screenshot/YouTube)

Tuesday, Sen. Doug Jones (D-AL) received praise from the far-left, progressive group Democracy for America.

Speaking with the Huffington Post, Democracy for America spokesman Neil Sroka spoke highly of Jones, saying he has “more guts” than some of his other Democratic colleagues.

“On issues from choice to Trump’s racist border wall, he’s had more guts and shown a greater commitment to justice than Joe Manchin,” Sroka stated.


The Senate Leadership Fund issued an immediate response “in total agreement,” which highlighted the irony in Democracy for America’s perception of Jones.

“We are in total agreement with far-left groups like Democracy for America that Doug Jones is a hardcore liberal who supports abortion and opposes President Trump’s border wall,” said Senate Leadership Fund Communications Director Jack Pandol. “We thank our progressive friends on the other side of the aisle for their help, and look forward to working with them to highlight Doug Jones’ far-left record to his constituents in Alabama.”

Democracy for America, which supports the Green New Deal, Medicare for All and impeaching the president of the United States, was founded in 2004 by Howard Dean.

“When [Trump] does things that help Alabama, I’m right there. When he does things that don’t, I’m not there and I will be critical about it, and so I feel really good about where it is and that’s what people want,” Jones said. “I’m not going to have anybody lead me, whether it’s the president or someone from our own party.”

Jones has pledged to be an independent voice for Alabamians, but he has come under fire for falling in line with an increasingly “radical and out-of-touch” Democratic Party.

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1 month ago

Byrne supports investigations into Russian meddling, not presidential campaigns


Representative Bradley Byrne (R-Fairhope) joined Hill.TV on Tuesday where he stated his support for investigations into Russian meddling with United States elections but questioned the investigating of a presidential campaign, which he considers the “next step.”

“If they wanted to open an investigation in the summer of 2016 into what the Russians were doing, I’m glad they did it,” Byrne said on “Rising.” “I hope they’ll do it in the future if they have any indication if they are. I suspect that they will.”

“But it’s another thing to go forward and say we’re going to investigate a presidential campaign,” he continued. “So it’s that next step that I think caused a lot of people to say wait a minute what’s going on here?”



Last week, Byrne introduced the Investigate the Investigators Act, which calls for a probe into who was responsible for kick-starting the investigation into suspected collusion between Russia and the Trump campaign.

“When you see the email exchange between Strzok and Page, you know it was partisan. There’s no question it was partisan,” Byrne concluded Tuesday. “So, unfortunately, we’ve got to make sure we have accountability in that system.”

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2 months ago

Presidential hopeful Kamala Harris slams Alabama abortion ban — These folks ‘couldn’t care less’ after baby is born

(Kamala Harris/Contributed)

Senator Kamala Harris (D-CA), one of many announced running for the Democratic presidential nomination in 2020, told Planned Parenthood supporters at an event last week that the people in Alabama who passed the Human Life Protection Act “couldn’t care less” about the babies they claim to protect.

“In this fight, we know we are on the side of right, ” Harris said, according to

“Those folks down in Alabama who are doing this, these are the same folks who, by the time that baby is born, they couldn’t care less,” she continued, as she addressed a crowd at the California Democrat Convention. “What are they doing to support that mother and what she needs in terms of prenatal help? They’re not doing a thing, but they’re trying to tell women what to do with their bodies. We’re going to tell them a thing or two.”


Despite Harris’ remarks, Alabama set a new record in fiscal year 2018 for the number of children adopted from the state foster care system and into permanent homes.

Announced by Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey, 710 foster children in the state had been adopted during the 2018 fiscal year that ended September 30, an increase from 509 in fiscal year 2017 and 502 in 2016, according to the Alabama Department of Human Resources (DHR).

Rep. Bradley Byrne (R-Fairhope) reacted to Harris’ remarks, saying she should focus on problems within her own state.

“I’m sick of out-of-state liberal elitists trying to lecture us here in Alabama. I’m proud our state is leading the fight to protect the unborn, and we don’t need liberal politicians like Senator Harris telling us how to run our state or what to believe,” Byrne told Yellowhammer News. “Instead of launching attacks on our state, these liberal elites should take care of the very serious issues in their own backyards and leave Alabama alone.”

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2 months ago

Group praises legislature for proposed state constitutional amendment restricting voting to U.S. citizens

Alabama Senate Pro Tem Del Marsh (R-Anniston), House Speaker Mac McCutcheon (R-Monrovia), State Rep. Chris Pringle (R-Mobile) and State Rep. Arnold Mooney (R-Indian Springs) are receiving praise after the passage of a constitutional amendment that would clarify that only United States citizens have the right to vote in Alabama elections.

As reported by Yellowhammer News, “SB 313 was unanimously passed by the Senate previously and will now appear on Alabama’s March 2020 primary ballot.”

Excerpt as follows:


No articles of the U.S. Constitution limit voting rights to citizens. Multiple amendments spell out the voting rights of U.S. citizens, but none of them explicitly exclude non-citizens, as explained here. Courts, however, have long held voting to be a “privilege” of citizenship.

Citizen Voters, an organization which pushes for similar amendments in states around the country, applauded the Alabama legislature for passing the constitutional amendment that would clarify that only United States citizens have the right to vote in Alabama elections.

“Most people don’t realize cities around the country are already opening municipal elections to non-citizen voters. This constitutional amendment will ensure that trend never comes to Alabama,” said Joshua W. Jones, a grassroots leader of Citizen Voters.

“Hats off to Del Marsh, Chris Pringle, Arnold Mooney, and particularly to Speaker Mac McCutcheon. These guys are warriors for ballot security, the rule of law, and ensuring voting remains a sacred and solemn duty of citizens only,” Jones continued. “This proposed amendment got caught up in some procedural mechanisms in the last week of the legislative session, and it looked like it might fall through the cracks. But Speaker McCutcheon instantly recognized the importance of keeping non-citizens out of Alabama voting booths, and he assured this proposed amendment was going to get a full vote on the House floor. And it passed without any dissent.”

Jones added, “Our goal is to ensure every election in the United States is limited only to citizens of the United States.”

Last November, North Dakota passed a similar two-word amendment with 67% of the vote.

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2 months ago

Report: Byrne believes Roy Moore will enter Senate race in June

(Rep. Bradley Byrne/Facebook, R. Moore/YouTube)

While former Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore has not made an official decision to jump into the 2020 U.S. Senate race in Alabama, Rep. Bradley Byrne (R-Fairhope) believes the failed 2017 GOP nominee could announce his candidacy within the coming days.

“People who I believe know what they’re talking about say that Judge Moore intends to announce his candidacy for the Senate in June. I welcome him to the race,” Byrne said in an interview with The Hill.

While he has not spoken directly with Moore, Byrne said those conversations occurred within the last week, according to his sources close to Moore.


“I think people are very concerned that we Republicans lost a U.S. Senate seat because he was our nominee in 2017 and we don’t need to do that again,” Byrne said in the interview.

Byrne also said Moore’s baggage “hasn’t gone away.”

He added, “There are some serious pieces of litigation that have come out of all that. I personally don’t want to talk about any of that; I want to talk about how we’re going to beat Doug Jones. But I think it’s inevitable it’s going to come up in the primary campaign, and if he was the nominee, it certainly would come up in the general election.”

Moore responded to Byrne through Twitter on Tuesday, questioning why Byrne is “so worried.”

“What is Bradley so worried about,” Moore asked in a tweet, which linked to Byrne’s interview with The Hill.

Moore, who lost to Sen. Doug Jones (D-AL) in Alabama’s 2017 United States Senate special election, also joked and said of Byrne, “He knows that if I run I will beat Doug Jones.”

If he does officially enter the race, Moore would join Byrne, former Auburn head football coach Tommy Tuberville and State Rep. Arnold Mooney (R-Indian Springs) in challenging for Jones’ seat.

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2 months ago

Byrne introduces ‘Investigate the Investigators’ bill to discover origins of the Russia investigation

(Rep. Byrne's office)

Representative Bradley Byrne (R-Fairhope) said Tuesday he will introduce a bill called the “Investigate the Investigators” Act and stated America got “a big, fat goose egg” out of the Mueller probe.

“I’m introducing a bill that will codify the investigation of the investigators that Attorney General Barr is presently undertaking and will require such an investigation in the future,” Byrne told “Fox and Friends.”

“We spent over two years, $35 million on lawyers, investigators, paralegals, and for what? We got a big, fat goose egg here,” Byrne said. “Mr. Mueller himself determined that there was no collusion, no conspiracy. The attorney general concluded there’s no obstruction.”


Byrne reaffirmed his belief that the individuals behind the investigation must be unmasked.

“It was a partisan witch hunt from the beginning and we need to get to the bottom of who was behind this and how far up the chain does it go,” he added. “What did President Obama know and when did he know it? Let’s have a full investigation of that and let’s make sure it doesn’t happen in the future.”

After reading the Mueller report “cover to cover,” Byrne said there is “no case” for the impeachment of President Trump.

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2 months ago

Mountain Brook High School band members prepare to perform on the beaches of Normandy

(CBS 42/YouTube)

Mountain Brook High School’s marching band is gearing up to participate in the D-Day 75 Normandy Parade, which will commemorate the 75th anniversary of D-Day on June 6, 2019, according to a CBS 42 report.

Expected to leave June 4 and return June 11, the 24 students from Mountain Brook High School taking part in the event will reportedly march on the beaches of Normandy as they are looked upon by cheering crowds.

Band director Jason Smith shared his excitement of the opportunity and said he was “proud” of the kids.


“I’m so proud, these kids are the hardest working kids at Mountain Brook High School,” Smith said via CBS 42. “The parents have stepped up to support there travels, and their ability to do something like this is unspeakable.”

D-Day occurred on June 6, 1944, and 160,000 forces, including 70,000 Americans landed on 50 miles of Normandy coast. More than 2,000 Americans lost their lives when they stormed the beach to reach high ground. Over 8,000 others also lost their lives in the days after.

Donations can be made to support the Mountain High School Band by calling 205-414-3810 to speak with Jason Smith or by emailing

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2 months ago

Rogers: ‘Democrats can’t let go of their Russian hoax conspiracy theory’

(Mike Rogers Campaign/Twitter)

Congressman Mike Rogers (R-Saks) released a video message Wednesday, stating he stands alongside President Trump in holding the Deep State accountable in their plot to tarnish the Trump presidency.

“Trump derangement syndrome is at epidemic proportions in the Democrat Party,” Rogers said in the video shared to his campaign’s Twitter account. “Despite the fact that special counsel Robert Mueller, and his team of partisan prosecutors, found no collusion, no obstruction, Democrats can’t let go of their Russian hoax conspiracy theory.”

He added, “I say to Democrats like Nancy Pelosi, Jerry Nadler, and Adam Schiff, ‘Get over it, case closed.’”



Rogers also commented on the Democrats’ relentless and “unhinged” animosity towards United States Attorney General Bill Barr as he investigates the origins leading to the Russia investigation.

“[Democrats are] coming unhinged over the prospect that Attorney General Barr is actively investigating the origins of this deep state attempt to frame President Trump,” Rogers said.

Rogers concluded the video by reaffirming his belief that those behind the plot to sabotage President Trump must be held accountable.

“Will you stand with me and President Trump to demand justice?” Rogers asked viewers. “We must hold those behind this Deep State plot accountable.”

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2 months ago

Hyundai donates $250,000 to Montgomery Public Schools for STEM education


Hyundai Motor America made a $250,000 donation Tuesday to Montgomery Public Schools for its science, technology, engineering and math programs.

The donation stems from Hyundai’s ST Math Initiative, which was developed by the Mind Research Institute.

Montgomery officials say the donation will benefit over 3,000 students from five public elementary schools in the MPS system including Catoma, T.S. Morris, Morningview, Seth Johnson and Brewbaker Elementary.


A check was presented Tuesday afternoon in the Catoma Elementary School Library where Montgomery Mayor Todd Strange, Montgomery Commission Chairman Elton Dean, MPS Superintendent Dr. Ann Roy Moore, Montgomery School Board President Clare Weil, Zafar Brooks of Hyundai, Jim Sidick of the Mind Research Institute and other Hyundai executives were in attendance.

“Our goal here is to be a trusted partner in this community and other communities around the nation,” said Zafar Brooks, Hyundai’s director of corporate social responsibility and diversity and inclusion.

He added, “This nation depends on a skilled labor force, and research shows that when a child has access to STEM education, we will have a stronger student, and it will contribute to a life-long love of learning.”

The visual program is designed to assist the school’s core curriculum.

“It is going to support teachers and their understanding and help children learn mathematics in a conceptual way,” said Jim Sidick, Mind Research Institute’s regional vice president of partnerships.

Through the program, teachers will also receive professional feedback to personalize learning for the students.

MPS science specialist Kristy Hatch stated that she hopes to see more schools with access to STEM in the future.

Hatch said the ST Math program “fits wonderfully as a first step to introduce this and establish some relationships.”

“We are honored by Hyundai’s tremendous support and commitment to the students of MPS,” said Superintendent of Montgomery Public Schools Ann Roy Moore in a statement. “This program will aid educators and equip students with advanced technology and resources to develop interest and increase proficiency in STEM subjects.”

“The Montgomery Area Chamber of Commerce commends our industry partners at Hyundai Motor America for this generous gift to the Montgomery Public School system. Partnership means preparing to succeed together, and the ST Math Initiative will provide a tremendous value as Montgomery focuses on preparing a workforce for a higher wage, skilled work environment in a diverse, innovative, tech-driven economy,” said Montgomery Area Chamber of Commerce Chairman Willie Durham.

Hyundai has partnered with the Mind Research Institute since 2011. Together, they have committed nearly $2 million in the implementation of the ST Math program in almost 80 schools.

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2 months ago

Alabama logs record-high jobs in April fourth month in a row

(Pixabay, YHN)

Alabama continues on its path of record high employment and record-high job count, according to the latest report from the Alabama Department of Labor for the month of April.

An estimated 2,139,379 people were working in the Yellowhammer state during the month of April, up 32,335 from the same time a year ago, and up 6,379 since March, marking the fourth month in a row Alabama has had the most people ever working.

The number of estimated jobs in Alabama for the month of April reached 2,075,500, up 35,600 from the same time a year ago, and up 10,800 since March.


“Employment has once again reached record levels,” said Secretary of Labor Fitzgerald Washington. “Our economy is supporting more jobs than ever before and more people are in the labor force than ever before. Those that are entering the labor force are finding work. The jobs are out there, and we’re working harder than even before to make sure that everyone who wants a job, has one.”

Wage and salary employment also increased in April by 10,800.

The Alabama Department of Labor reports: “Monthly gains were seen in the leisure and hospitality sector (+4,300), the construction sector (+2,300), and the professional and business services sector (+1,700), among others.”

Washington added, “Average weekly earnings are also up, both over-the-month and over-the-year. Yearly increases in some of our high-wage industry sectors are showing employment growth, in some cases of more than 10%. This is great news for Alabamians who are looking for high-wage, high-skill jobs.”

According to the report, counties with the lowest unemployment rates are Shelby County at 2.4%, Marshall County at 2.8% and Tuscaloosa, Morgan, Madison, Lee, Elmore and Blount Counties all at 2.9%.

Counties with the highest unemployment rates are Wilcox County at 7.0%, Greene and Lowndes Counties at 6.5% and Clarke County at 6.0%.

Major cities with the lowest unemployment rates are Homewood at 2.2%, Alabaster, Hoover, Northport, and Vestavia Hills at 2.4% and Madison at 2.7%.

Major cities with the highest unemployment rates are Selma at 7.2%, Prichard at 5.8% and Anniston at 5.1%.

Alabama’s unemployment rate is up slightly as the seasonally adjusted jobless rate for April came out at 3.8%, which is one-tenth of a percent higher than March.

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2 months ago

TMC of Huntsville named Boeing’s 2018 Pathfinder Supplier of the Year

Global Supplier Conference and Supplier of the Year Award

Huntsville’s Technical Micronics Control (TMC) was named Boeing Company’s 2018 Pathfinder Supplier of the Year last week in Los Angeles, CA.

One of only 13 companies to receive the honor awarded at Boeing’s Annual Global Supplier Conference, TMC has cleaned tubes for Boeing’s Space Launch System since May 2018. The cleaning process has since expanded to include other Space Launch System related hardware used on ground and in flight.


TMC, which is one of more than 12,000 productive Boeing suppliers around the world, was selected for the award based on quality performance, delivery performance, cost, environmental initiatives, customer service and technical expertise.

“Boeing has been our largest customer over the past year, and we were fortunate that they approached us when they did. We are proud of what we do and the processes that we have helped to create,” said Kevin Heronimus, chairman and CEO of Technical Micronics Control, Inc.

Heronimus added, “To be recognized as one of Boeing’s Suppliers of the Year is a true honor and testament to the hard work our team puts forth. We are thankful to Boeing and its support of our company, and we hope to continue supporting Boeing as best as we can in the future.”

TMC, which was founded in 1965 as one of the first precision chemical cleaning companies in America, was also recognized for its outstanding efforts and improvements throughout the year.

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2 months ago

State Sen. Chris Elliot: The people of Baldwin County are being treated ‘fundamentally differently’ by ALDOT

(Contributed/State Sen. Chris Elliott)

Monday, Republican State Sen. Chris Elliot (R-Fairhope) joined Sean Sullivan of Talk 106.5’s “Midday Mobile” to discuss the proposed I-10 bridge project in Mobile.

Policymakers have suggested tolls as an option, which Yellowhammer News reported Monday, “Dollar figures for the proposed toll that would be levied on those crossing the new Bayway bridge and the existing Wallace Tunnel range from $3-6.”

Elliot pointed out the expense of the project and how little ALDOT is doing to assist with the project.


“The current plan that ALDOT has presented for the capital stack, right, which is the how we make up the funding for this project, has about seven percent of the total project cost coming from the United States Department of Transportation. It is right at about $150 million out of a $2.1 billion project anticipated cost,” he stated.

Elliot went on to say the people of Baldwin County are being treated “fundamentally differently” by ALDOT than other people in the state.

While Elliot said that some sort of toll may be acceptable due to it being “one of the largest” projects contemplated by the state of Alabama, he also pointed out that revenue from the gas tax could be used to offset the high toll cost.

“The current proposed toll rate of $6 for the I-10 Mobile River Bridge for frequent users is a non-starter. ALDOT must increase the public subsidy (down payment) for this project to decrease the toll for local commuters. The new gas tax can absolutely be used to accomplish this.”

Listen to the full interview here.

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