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  • New tunnel, premium RV section at Talladega Superspeedway on schedule despite weather


    Construction of a new oversized vehicle tunnel and premium RV infield parking section at Talladega Superspeedway is still on schedule to be completed in time for the April NASCAR race, despite large amounts of rainfall and unusual groundwater conditions underneath the track.

    Track Chairman Grant Lynch, during a news conference Wednesday at the track, said he’s amazed the general contractor, Taylor Corporation of Oxford, has been able to keep the project on schedule.

    “The amount of water they have pumped out of that and the extra engineering they did from the original design, basically to keep that tunnel from floating up out of the earth, was remarkable,” Lynch said.

  • Alabama workers built 1.6M engines in 2018 to add auto horsepower


    Alabama’s auto workers built nearly 1.6 million engines last year, as the state industry continues to carve out a place in global markets with innovative, high-performance parts, systems and finished vehicles.

    Last year also saw major new developments in engine manufacturing among the state’s key players, and more advanced infrastructure is on the way in the coming year.

    Hyundai expects to complete a key addition to its engine operations in Montgomery during the first half of 2019, while Honda continues to reap the benefits of a cutting-edge Alabama engine line installed several years ago.

  • Groundbreaking on Alabama’s newest aerospace plant made possible through key partnerships


    Political and business leaders gathered for a groundbreaking at Alabama’s newest aerospace plant gave credit to the formation of the many key partnerships that made it possible.

    Governor Kay Ivey and several other federal, state and local officials attended the event which celebrated the construction of rocket engine builder Blue Origin’s facility in Huntsville.

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GE Aviation to expand 3-D printing facility in Auburn

(Made in Alabama/Contributed)

Governor Kay Ivey announced Wednesday that GE Aviation has plans to invest $50 million into expanding the additive manufacturing operation at its facility in Auburn, which is the first site to mass produce a jet component using 3-D printing technology for the aerospace industry.

“GE Aviation is at the leading edge of advanced aerospace additive manufacturing, and the company’s expansion plans at the Auburn facility will strengthen its technology leadership position,” Ivey stated, via Made in Alabama. “We look forward to seeing where the great partnership between Alabama and GE Aviation will take us both in an exciting future.”


As a part of the project, GE Aviation will reportedly create 60 jobs and place new additive production machines in Auburn, which will allow the factory to begin greater production of a second engine part by implementing the additive process.

The expansion will allow the Auburn facility to mass produce a 3-D printed bracket for the GEnx-2B engine program.

“We’re very excited for this new investment in our additive manufacturing operation here in Auburn,” said GE Aviation’s Auburn plant leader, Ricardo Acevedo.

He added, “Our success thus far is a testament to all the hard-working folks at this facility who are leading the way in advanced manufacturing. The future here is bright, and we’re glad to have such great support from the Auburn community and the state of Alabama.”

Instead of taking the more traditional route to produce a part, additive manufacturing uses a CAD file to grow parts by using layers of metal powder and an electron beam. It is a much quicker process and allows for more product with less waste.

“Additive manufacturing technologies are revolutionizing how products are being made in many industries, and GE Aviation is helping to drive that revolution in aerospace,” said Alabama Department of Commerce Secretary Greg Canfield.

He added, “We welcome GE’s decision to expand AM activities in Auburn because this will solidify the Alabama facility’s position as a hub for next-generation manufacturing techniques.”

Before today’s expansion announcement, the Auburn facility was set to employ an estimated 300 people in 2019.

“We’re grateful for GE’s continued investment in our community, and we are proud to be the home of GE Aviation’s leading additive manufacturing facility,” said Auburn Mayor Ron Anders. “For years, Auburn has sought after technology-based industries, and this expansion is evidence of the value in that.

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SEC donates $100,000 to Auburn University for tornado relief

(NWS Birmingham/Facebook)

The Southeastern Conference (SEC) is donating $100,000 to Auburn University in order to assist the students, faculty and staff who were impacted by the tornadoes on March 3.

SEC Commissioner Greg Sankey said the conference is a “family” comprised of 14 institutions that come together to assist those impacted by circumstances such as the deadly tornadoes that took 23 lives in Lee County.

“SEC teams often face each other in fierce athletic competition, but it is comprised of 14 institutions who come together as a family during times of need such as this,” said Sankey.  “The Executive Committee of the Southeastern Conference has established parameters for use of an Emergency Relief Fund to assist member institutions in circumstances such as those experienced by members of the Auburn community. We are pleased to be able to assist with efforts to ease the stress for those impacted by this devastating storm.


This is not the first time the SEC has assisted other conference institutions with university communities affected by natural disasters.

Auburn University President Steven Leath offered his appreciation to the SEC for its generous support and noted that the university would work to properly to distribute the funds to the community.

“This is a remarkable donation that speaks to the SEC’s steadfast commitment to its member institutions and surrounding communities,” said Leath. “As we continue to evaluate further ways in which our university can help those affected by the March 3 tornadoes, this funding will be a tremendous boost to our coordinated efforts going forward.”

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Sen. Jim McClendon, Rep. April Weaver recognized by AARP Alabama as ‘Capitol Caregivers’

Alabama State Sen. Jim McClendon (R-Springville) and State Rep. April Weaver (R-Pelham) were both recognized as “Capitol Caregivers” at the Shelby County Chamber 2019 Alabama Legislative Preview Event by AARP Alabama, which serves more than 440,000 Alabamians age 50 and older.

AARP’s 2018 “Capitol Caregivers” is a group of 65 elected bipartisan officials from 24 states. The selected leaders have advanced policies that support family caregivers, who help their parents, spouses and other loved ones around their homes and in the community.

“AARP Alabama thanks Senator McClendon and Representative Weaver for championing the Nurse Signature Act,” said Candi Williams state director of AARP Alabama in a statement. “They provided key leadership to pass this common-sense legislation and to help make family caregivers’ many responsibilities a little bit easier.”


The Nurse Signature Act made a change that will reduce the time spent on complex paperwork and increase efficiency by allowing providers greater opportunities to see and care for their patients.

The bill was signed into law by Governor Kay Ivey in March 2018.

An estimated 761,000 Alabamians provide unpaid care for their loved ones, which is valued at $7.7 billion annually in Alabama.

“AARP Alabama will continue to advocate for family caregivers and their loved ones in the upcoming 2019 session,” Williams said. “We are excited to work with Representative Weaver on her pre-filed Nurse Compact bill that will ease red tape and increase access for Alabamians, particularly in rural and underserved areas.”

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Rogers calls out Democrats’ hypocrisy over the border wall — ‘We never argued about whether barriers worked until Donald Trump wanted them’

(Congressman Mike D. Rogers/Facebook)

At a House Homeland Security Committee hearing Wednesday, Congressman Mike Rogers (AL-3) slammed Democrats for their politicized opposition to physical border barriers since 2016 and recent calls to eliminate Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

Rogers began by listing border facts from the fiscal year 2018, which included the total weight in pounds of illegal drugs that were seized by law enforcement.

“In fiscal year 2018, CBP seized 895,000 pounds of drugs at the border. That includes approximately 2,100 pounds of fentanyl. To put that in perspective, just two milligrams of fentanyl are a fatal dose to the person, according to the DEA. 2,135 pounds of fentanyl represents a lethal dose for 484 million people, more than the entire population of our country,” Rogers stated. “If that isn’t an emergency, I don’t know what is.”


He added, “In contrary to what some say, CBP actually seizes more pounds of drugs between ports of entry than at ports of entry. Since FY 2012, CBP has seized more than 11 million pounds of drugs between ports of entry compared to only four million pounds at ports of entry.”

Rogers also outlined how illegal drugs and gangs can have a negative impact on the American people and the success of a few barriers that have been established along the border.

“Mr. Chairman, we have to stop the flow of illegal immigrants and community-destroying drugs across our southwest border. We must put an end to the transnational gangs that profit off these illegal enterprises and bring crime to the American streets. The only way to do that is to secure the border. We need an all of the above approach. Border security that includes manpower, 21st-century technology, and barriers. With this approach, we will deter human trafficking, human smugglers, and others from crossing hundreds of miles of open desert with innocent children and putting those children in grave danger. Fewer drugs will make it into the united states, saving lives and making communities safer.”

“We know an all of the above approach works. In the areas where we have built a wall system, illegal traffic has plummeted. In San Diego, illegal traffic dropped 92 percent after the barrier was erected. In El Paso, illegal traffic dropped 95 percent. And in Tuscon, illegal traffic dropped 90 percent. Let’s build on this success”


Rogers then called out the hypocrisy of the Democrats’ opposition to stronger border security.

“Border security and keeping Americans safe used to be priorities for both our parties,” Rogers said. “I’ve been on this committee since, just like the chairman said, since inception. We never argued about whether barriers worked until Donald Trump wanted them. This is not rocket science.”

In the hearing, Department of Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen also confirmed the situation at the United States – Mexico border “is an emergency.”

“I can no longer assure you of who is coming into this country,” she added. “That is a direct national security threat.”

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UAB Proton Therapy Center set to install 90-ton cancer-fighting cyclotron

(CBS 42/YouTube)

A 90-ton piece of cancer-fighting equipment is set to be installed at the University of Alabama at Birmingham’s Proton Therapy Center on Tuesday, according to a news release.

The cyclotron, named Emma, came with a price tag of $25 million and will use an aimed beam of protons directed at a tumor site to fight cancer.

Per UAB, proton therapy is “used to treat tumors of the brain and central nervous system, spine, head and neck, lung, prostate, liver, and gastrointestinal tract and colon, and some breast tumors.”

With only 29 locations in the United States where this type of treatment is available, UAB will be the first to offer proton therapy in Alabama.


Built in Germany, Emma was offloaded in Brunswick, Georgia, and will be brought to Birmingham by a special truck.

With the tool weighing so much, a specialized crane will be used to place Emma inside of the Proton Therapy Center, which is being constructed at the corner of 20th Street South and 4th Avenue.

Emma was originally set to be installed on Monday, but it was announced that the cyclotron would not arrive until Tuesday due to weather conditions.

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Alabama elementary school raises money for Birmingham Police Sgt. Wytasha Carter’s family

(Blue Lives Matter/Twitter)

An elementary school in Morris held a special event to honor cops and raise money for the family of one of Alabama’s fallen police officers, according to a WBRC report.

Not only did the event gather students and police officers, but it also raised money for Sgt. Wytasha Carter’s family.

Carter, a Birmingham police sergeant, was shot and killed while responding to car burglaries in January.

The Bryan Elementary Parent Teacher Association raised money by selling tickets, t-shirts and food. Morris Youth Association Ballpark agreed to match every dollar raised at the event.


“We just want these kids to realize that officers aren’t just some guys on TV, it’s not some woman arresting on ‘Cops’ show or anything like that,” said Patricia Peebles, Bryan Elementary PTA president, via WBRC. “They’re dads, they’re mothers, they’re aunts or uncles. They’re real people and they can pass away, and we have to take care of their families. But more than anything, appreciate them while they’re here. Let them know that we care about them and we’re always here to take care of them.”

This is not the first event held to raise money for Sgt. Carter’s family. Earlier this month, Birmingham-area Zoës Kitchen locations selected one day to donate 25 percent of all sales to Carter’s family.

Carter was also honored by a 10-year-old Florida boy who ran one mile in honor of the officer’s service and ultimate sacrifice.

Jeremy Owens, 31, was charged with one count of capital murder, one count of murder of a police officer and two counts of attempted murder in the death of Carter.

All proceeds from the Bryan Elementary event held will be donated to Sgt. Carter’s family.

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Birmingham lawmaker aims to make it easier to view police body camera video

(YHN, North Charleston/Flickr)

An Alabama lawmaker from the Birmingham-area is reportedly trying to make it easier to access public records regarding police body cameras.

Rep. Juandalynn Givan (D-Birmingham) and her staff are rewording a bill that first stated access to public recordings should not be accessible.

“Why isn’t that body cam treated like any other public document? Why it is any different from the Freedom of Information Act?” Givan asked, via WBRC.


Givan claims House Bill 36 would give victims, families, their family members, attorneys and the media more access to police body camera footage. Givan’s mission was initiated after the police-involved shooting death of E.J. Bradford at the Galleria Mall in Hoover.

“No one should have to go six months, three months, four months out without being able to see a video or see a recording,” Givan said.

Per WBRC, the Alabama Broadcasters Association is claiming that body camera footage is essential in being transparent and accurate reporting.

“Broadcasters have that responsibility It’s part of their roles as public servants,” Sharon Tinsley, president of the ABA, said. “We’re licensed in the public service and it’s our role to be in that place for the public where they can’t often be.”

While Givan’s plan has been met with positivity surrounding her mission, she has also been met with pushback.

Sgt. Heath Boackle, an executive board member with the Birmingham Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 1, says a rush to release body camera video could potentially jeopardize investigations.

“The concern would be if it comes out and it’s not the totality of the events before the case is even heard in a court of law, it could taint the jury and it also could give issues or concerns to the people that are seeing it without knowing all the facts,” Boackle said.

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Forensic Sciences awarded nearly $400,000 in grants to combat opioid and drug crisis

(AF Medical Service)

Governor Kay Ivey reaffirmed her support for the fight against opioids and other illegal or abused substances by announcing a grant to the Department of Forensic Sciences worth $386,207.

The award, which consists of two grants valued at $260,207 and $126,000, will provide the Department of Forensic Sciences with necessary equipment, including two state-of-the-art substance analyzers which have the capability to rapidly analyze and identify opioids, prescription drugs and other illegal substances.

Both solid and liquid substances can be detected by the analyzers and the presence and type of drug can be found. The screening time for each sample will last approximately two minutes, according to the Forensic Sciences department, which is responsible for the collection and identification of evidence for more than 450 law enforcement agencies in the state of Alabama.


“Evidence provided by the Alabama Department of Forensic Sciences is often the difference between whether a suspect is convicted or set free,” Ivey said in an announcement. “These new tools will greatly enhance the ability of technicians to accurately examine drug evidence and provide that information to law enforcement agencies and prosecutors.”

The grants made available from the U.S. Department of Justice are being administered by the Alabama Department of Economic and Community Affairs (ADECA).

“Gov. Ivey recognizes the tireless work that the Department of Forensic Sciences performs daily to assist our law enforcement agencies and prosecutorial services in doing their jobs effectively and efficiently,” ADECA Director Kenneth Boswell stated. “ADECA is pleased to join Gov. Ivey in this partnership to provide this new equipment.”

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Birmingham seeks to host 2025 World Police and Fire Games

(Alabama News Center)

Birmingham is in the running to host the World Police and Fire Games in 2025, according to a report by the Birmingham Business Journal.

The planned event, which will take place between June 27, 2025 and July 6, 2025, features approximately 10,000 athletic competitors, in addition to event attendees. The competition will also reportedly feature more than 50 sports and is open to active and retired law enforcement and fire service professionals from around the world.

Birmingham’s advantages to hosting the World Games, according to the CEO of the 2021 World Games, are the quality of venues. By the year 2025, Birmingham will feature a new stadium at the BJCC and a newly renovated Legacy Arena.


“I’ve known about the games for a while, so when there was an opportunity to get Birmingham out in the fray, I thought that this was very exciting, certainly [with] what we’ve done with the World Games coming up, the Senior Games, we are kind of versed in that multi-sport world,” David Galbaugh, vice president of sports sales and marketing for the Greater Birmingham Convention and Visitors Bureau, said via Birmingham Business Journal.

Galbaugh said the bid process is ongoing, with several other cities expressing interest.

According to the Birmingham Business Journal, city officials will present a formal bid to host the 2025 edition of the event at the 2020 World Police and Fire Games in the Netherlands.

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Brooks: Climate scientists should admit humanity doesn’t know nearly as much about climate change as it claims

(AL Legislature)

Representative Mo Brooks (AL-05) on Wednesday argued that climate scientists should admit humanity does not know nearly as much about climate change as it claims to know, pointing to sea levels rising at a lower rate now than they have over the past 21,000 years.

During the Science, Space, and Technology Committee hearing on climate change Wednesday, Dr. Robert Kopp, a climate change “expert,” was called on by Democrats as a witness. Throughout the questioning, Dr. Kopp admitted that sea levels are rising at rates less than one-third the average of the past 21,000 years and that human beings did not cause global warming and the rise of sea levels that has taken place since the last glacial maximum.

“The one thing every climate scientist should admit is that humanity does not know nearly as much about climate change as some like to claim they know. The only certainty is that the Earth’s climate is always changing, either cooling or warming. Rarely is the Earth’s climate constant. Earth climate data suggests Earth was once ‘planet snowball,’ where all or almost all of Earth was covered by ice, and, in other periods, has been far warmer than it is today,” Brooks said in a statement.


He added, “Today’s SST Committee hearing on climate change was just the ‘tip of the iceberg.’ The truth is that the Earth’s sea levels have averaged rising two feet per century over the past 21,000 years. That average long-term sea level rise rate is three times greater than the eight-inch sea level rise the Earth has seen over the past 120 years. Not surprisingly, climate change alarmists, aiding and abetted by a partisan media, never share this historical scientific data with the public!”

Brooks also made it clear that he opposes the increase in gasoline costs.

“Most importantly, despite the uncertainty and inadequacy of our climate change knowledge, Socialist Democrats insist on raising gasoline costs to at least $8.70 per gallon,” Brooks said. “Perhaps I am in the minority, but I adamantly oppose raising gasoline prices to an exorbitant $8.70 per gallon that erodes the ability of Americans to pay for their families’ food, clothing, health care, home and education costs.”

Full exchange between Congressman Brooks and Dr. Kopp as follows:

BROOKS: Dr. Kopp, I’m looking at your written testimony as opposed to your oral testimony. On page three, you state, “Climate change is real. It is here now, and humans are responsible for it.” Is that an accurate statement of your quote?

KOPP: Yes, it is.

BROOKS: And, on page five of your written testimony, you state, “Global average sea level has risen by about eight inches since 1900” citing the Climate Science Special Report Earth National Climate Assessment. Is that an accurate reading of that quote?

KOPP: Yes, it is.

BROOKS: Are you familiar with the Earth’s last glacial maximum roughly 21,000 years ago?

KOPP: Yes, I am.

BROOKS: And, is it fair to say that sea levels during the last glacial maximum were roughly 400 feet lower than they are today?

KOPP: Yes, it is.

BROOKS: And, would it also be fair to say then that sea levels over the last 21,000 years— 400 divided by 21,000 or 210 centuries— sea levels have risen on average over that 21,000 year period of time at roughly two feet per century?

KOPP: Well, it was concentrated in the first half of that time, but yes.

BROOKS: From the 21,000 to the 7,000 years ago period is the concentration, then it still increased, sea levels did, but at a much lower rate during the last 7,000 years?

Kopp: When they stopped rising is a scientific uncertainty but certainly by 7,000 years ago the giant ice sheet that was sitting in North America was gone and so the contribution to sea level that came from that ice sheet ended.

BROOKS: So apparently somewhere between 21,000 and 7,000 years ago we had a very significant rise in sea levels much more than the two feet per century average of the overall 21,000 year period. Did humans cause that?

KOPP: No, they did not.

BROOKS: They did not. So there are other causes to sea level rises other than humans, and at least in this instance, over the last 21,000 years, we’re looking at an average sea level rise of two feet per century on average — 210 centuries a little over 400 feet total. What was the cause of that?

KOPP: Well, if you go back 21,000 years ago, my home state was sitting at its northern edges under about a mile of ice, and that ice sheet which we call the Laurentide ice sheet had a whole lot of water locked up in it so as that ice melted sea levels rose. We’re now in a very different world where there’s the ice on the planet is almost exclusively in Antarctica and Greenland and so what we’re concerned about now…

BROOKS: OK, I’m not asking what we’re concerned about now, I’m asking what caused the 400 feet in sea level rise over the last 21,000 years. Would it be fair to say that it was global warming?

KOPP: Yes, it would be.

Brooks: And what is it that caused that global warming that began roughly 18,000 to 21,000 years ago?

KOPP: So, we were in an ice age roughly 18,0000 years ago and the differences between the ice ages and the periods like we’re in now, which are called the interglacials because we’re not in a glacial period, are paced by changes in Earth orbit and amplified by changes in carbon dioxide.

BROOKS: OK, so there have been fluctuations in orbit, perhaps changes in carbon dioxide, and perhaps also some change in the actual tilt?

KOPP: When I talk about changes in orbit on that frequency we’re talking about where Earth is pointing, what we call a precession.

BROOKS: OK, and during the last glacial maximum, is it fair to say that almost all of Canada was uninhabitable along with New England, New York, everything north of the Ohio River was, in effect, uninhabitable?

KOPP: Certainly on the East side of the country, yes.

BROOKS: And would it also be fair to say that, certainly, at least in that instance, global warming was a desirable thing if you’re a Canadian?

KOPP: Well, there weren’t many Canadians, but yes.

BROOKS: Well there weren’t any back then.

KOPP: Over in the West there were, but yea.

BROOKS: Now, let’s talk about the remedy for a second. You may recall that in 2008 Dr. Steven Chu, who later became President Obama’s secretary of energy, stated that to combat climate change, “Somehow we have to figure out how to boost the price of gasoline to the levels in Europe,” which was about $8.70 cents per gallon. Do you agree with Steven Chu that that is a remedy that the United States should implement?

KOPP: Well, there’s lots of policy solutions…

BROOKS: I’m asking about this one. Yes or no?

KOPP: We are dumping CO2 into the atmosphere. One way of dealing with the problem would be to put a price on carbon that reflects the cost of that carbon dioxide is imposing on the world.

BROOKS: Is that a yes or a no?

KOPP: I’m going to give you the scientific answer and say it depends. It is one of the solutions that would work.

BROOKS: Alright, thank you madam chairman. Appreciate the time. 

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1 month ago

Birmingham Bound initiative hopes to bring more business to Alabama


A new initiative called Birmingham Bound is set to revamp and recruit companies of high-growth to produce a satellite office or second headquarters in the Magic City.

With the help of the initiative, entrepreneurs in the city can be assured that jobs are created, which will shift the economic scene for many years. One obstacle to job creation has been getting company executives to visit, which can be cured by Birmingham Bound.

Britney Summerville, who is leading the initiative and serves as director of community engagement at Shipt, has worked with influential executives from Alabama Power, Innovation Depot, TechBirmingham, the city of Birmingham, the Alabama Department of Commerce and others.


According to the Birmingham Business Journal, the idea was formulated after Chris Moody, who attended Auburn University and serves as a partner at the Foundry Group.

Moody walked away with an impressive influence of Birmingham and the affordable opportunities it offers to companies, according to Summerville.

After his time in Birmingham, Moody then traveled back to the city to visit with businesses like Highlands Bar and Grill, Ovenbird and Saw’s. He also met with some of Birmingham’s most eager entrepreneurs.

After Moody’s meetings, three companies reportedly agreed to make a presence in Birmingham. The first to open will be Pantheon, a San Francisco-based digital marketing platform.

Niall Hayes, chief operating officer of Pantheon, visited the city for the October Birmingham Bound and remarked it was a “fantastic experience” in his first visit to Alabama.

“Birmingham Bound was a fantastic experience, full of information about all things Alabama, the people, the landscape, the nearby universities, the local real estate market and the city government and incentives,” Hayes told the Birmingham Business Journal. “It was a great opportunity to mix with portfolio peers, see and hear how Birmingham can help solve mutual problems.”

The initiative will continue the search for more companies to visit by implementing connections with venture capital firms and other outlets.

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2 months ago

UAH scientists find no evidence to back climate change-caused polar vortex theory


Scientists at the University of Alabama in Huntsville (UAH) claim there is “no evidence” to support a direct correlation between climate change and cold temperatures due to last week’s polar vortex.

Roy Spencer, a principal research scientist at UAH, shared a graph he and UAH professor of atmospheric science John Christy assembled that showed cold waves in the East and Midwest, which dated back to 1895.

The climate change theory says the dwindling of the Arctic sea ice has caused a negative impact on the polar vortex. Spencer, with the assistance of his colleagues, disputed that claim.


“As can be seen in the plot below, there is no evidence in the data supporting the claim that decreasing Arctic sea ice in recent decades is causing more frequent displacement of cold winter air masses into the eastern U.S., at least through the winter of 2017-18,” Spencer wrote Thursday on his Global Warming blog.

Spencer’s analysis was devoted to the study of cold waves in 27 Midwestern and Eastern states that lasted more than two days and featured temperatures below the fifth percentile of daily January maximums.

“When these cold air outbreaks continued to menace the United States even as global warming has caused global average temperatures to creep upward, an explanation had to be found,” Spencer said in the blog post. “After all, snow was supposed to be a thing of the past now.”

Spencer concluded that a “connection between Eastern U.S. cold waves and Arctic sea ice is speculative, at best. Just like most theories of climate change.”

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2 months ago

Lee Sentell appointed to fifth term as Alabama state tourism director

(Alabama Humanities/YouTube)

Governor Kay Ivey appointed Lee Sentell for a fifth term as Alabama’s state tourism director, making him the longest-serving head of tourism after working under three governors, according to Times Daily.

Sentell, whose tourism career has spanned more than 30 years, previously served as the past-president of the Alabama Mountain Lake Tourist Association. He also worked as city editor of The Decatur Daily, marketing director for the U.S. Space and Rocket Center, and director of the Huntsville/Madison County Convention and Visitors Bureau.

Debbie Wilson, executive director of Muscle Shoals Sound Studio, worked with Sentell for two years as the state’s welcome center administrator. She insisted the governor made the right choice.


“He’s a joy to work with and for,” Wilson told the Times Daily. “He’s had great success with state campaigns like ‘Sweet Home Alabama’ and the ‘U.S. Civil Rights Trail,’ which is very close to his heart. It’s really a thing of beauty to watch how well he can bring people together of all backgrounds.”

Sentell said he “was as surprised as anyone to be a five-term director.”

“I guess it also doesn’t hurt to have a two-time past president of the Alabama Mountain Lakes Tourist Association in this position,” he added.

Sentell is a native of Ashland and graduated from Auburn University.

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2 months ago

Mo Brooks says existing law authorizes border wall construction

(K. Gardner/Facebook, CBP, WH/Flickr)

During a House Armed Services Committee hearing Tuesday, Congressman Mo Brooks (AL-5) questioned Under Secretary of Defense for Policy John Rood concerning the deployment of U.S. military assets to America’s southern border.

Rood confirmed that existing federal law (10 U.S.C. 284) permits President Trump to direct the military to construct a border wall without having to declare a national emergency, that President Trump has not yet directed the military to provide border security and wall construction pursuant to 10 U.S.C. 284, and that the military would abide by presidential order for border security and wall construction, should the order be given.


A portion of Congressman Brooks’ questioning as follows:

BROOKS: I want to direct your attention to 10 United States Code § 284 which authorizes President Trump to deploy the United States military to the southern border to build fences and to do a lot of other things, and for clarity, if you look it up in the dictionary the word fence includes the word barrier and the word barrier includes walls made of a wide variety of different materials. So that having been said, it seems to me that 10 U.S. Code § 284 can be used by the president of the United States to direct the United States military to build a wall. Now as of today, you’ve mentioned military forces along the southern border, have any of them been deployed pursuant to 10 U.S.C. § 284?

ROOD: Congressman, I don’t believe any of our forces have been deployed pursuant to 10 U.S.C. § 284. You are correct, however, that that use of authority would authorize the secretary of defense to erect barriers, roads, fencing, those types of materials to disrupt drug smuggling.

BROOKS: Does 10 U.S.C. § 284 as you understand it, require the declaration of a national emergency before it is implemented?


BROOKS: It does not?


BROOKS: Has President Trump, to your knowledge, ever used 10 U.S.C § 284 to direct the military to build the wall that is necessary for border security?

ROOD: No, not to my knowledge, congressman.

BROOKS: If President Trump were to direct the Pentagon and the United States military pursuant to 10 U.S.C § 284 to build such barriers as are necessary to secure our southern border from drug trafficking and international crime cartels would the United States military obey that order?

ROOD: If we judge it to be a lawful order, yes, sir. And I assume it would be.

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2 months ago

Brooks reappointed to Science, Space, and Technology Committee

(Congressman Mo Brooks/Facebook, YHN)

On Friday, Rep. Mo Brooks (AL-5) announced his reappointment in the 116th Congress to the Science, Space, and Technology Committee, which has jurisdiction over all NASA programs.

“I am pleased to be chosen to continue on the influential Science, Space, and Technology Committee despite cuts to Republican membership because of the move from majority to minority status,” Congressman Brooks said in a statement. “I look forward to working with my fellow committee members to advance America’s preeminence in space and protect and promote the Marshall Space Flight Center’s role in scientific advancements.”

Brooks also praised the “committed” employees that he said “play an essential role in the advancement of space exploration and discovery” at NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center, which is located in Huntsville.


“According to NASA, Marshall Space Flight Center is directly or indirectly responsible for more than 24,500 Tennessee Valley jobs that contribute roughly $82 million in state and local taxes,” he outlined. “Some of the most committed engineers, scientists, and technology professionals in the nation reside in the Tennessee Valley and play an essential role in the advancement of space exploration and discovery. I am proud to again serve on the Science, Space, and Technology Committee where I can support their outstanding work.”

Assignments for the House Science, Space, and Technology Subcommittee will be announced sometime in the coming weeks.

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2 months ago

Brooks reintroduces EL CHAPO Act

Congressman Mo Brooks (CSPAN/YouTube)

Congressman Mo Brooks (AL-05) reintroduced the “Ensuring Lawful Collection of Hidden Assets to Provide Order Act,” more familiarly known as the “EL CHAPO Act,” House companion legislation to Sen. Ted Cruz’s (R-TX) Senate bill by the same name on Wednesday.

The EL CHAPO Act reserves approximately $14 billion in assets forfeited to the United States Government as a result of the criminal prosecution of El Chapo, the former leader of the Sinaloa drug cartel, as well as other drug lords, for border security funding measures to include construction of the U.S.-Mexico border wall.

Brooks also sponsored the EL CHAPO Act in the 115th Congress.


“Radical Open Borders Democrats would rather shut down the government than provide taxpayer funding for a border wall that helps prevent thousands of American deaths each year. Fortunately, there are other ways to build a border wall, enhance border security, save American lives, and end the government shutdown that is slowly but sure hurting America’s economy and American citizens,” Brooks stated. “Congress should end the shutdown by passing the EL CHAPO Act that, over time, funds border security and a border wall by using billions of dollars in seized drug and blood money profits from drug cartels and drug lords and reapplying those drug forfeiture monies to border security and construction of a border wall. The EL CHAPO Act kills two birds with one stone. On the one hand, it shifts drug and blood money to border security and a border wall, thus helping to save the lives of thousands of Americans who die each year at the hands of illegal aliens or because of America’s porous southern border. As a bonus, the passage of the EL CHAPO Act ends the battle over the government shutdown.”

The congressman also discussed the meaning of walls and outlined how walls have worked for centuries.

“Walls have worked since the dawn of time. Ancient civilizations employed walls to keep their citizens and property safe from harm. Today, physical barriers and fencing surround America’s most secure locations— the White House, Fort Knox, the federal supermax prison in Colorado; all have high physical barriers around them. Why? Because they work,” Brooks said. “It is absurd for anyone to argue border walls are ineffective. Take the example of the Yuma, Arizona sector of the border, where border patrol agents have seen a 96 percent reduction in illegal alien apprehensions since a border wall was constructed in 2006. Along the San Diego sector of the border, before a wall was built, 100,000 illegal aliens were apprehended by border patrol a year. Post wall construction, the number of apprehensions dropped to 5,000 a year— a reduction of 95%. The fact is, border walls work.”

He added, “America desperately needs a border wall. The United States averages a staggering 60,000 illegal border crossings per month. I introduced the EL CHAPO Act in the House to divert approximately $14 billion in funds confiscated by prosecutors from drug lords like El Chapo to building the border wall. Drug lords smuggle deadly drugs across our border that ravage America. Roughly 15,000 Americans die each year from heroin overdoses alone – 90% of all heroin reaches America via our porous southern border (much of it transported by drug cartels and their illegal alien “mules”). We need to be doing everything we can to keep poisonous drugs out of our country and save American lives, and that means building the wall.”

Brooks also outlined the safety concerns that an unsecured southern border pose.

“America’s porous southern border poses a massive safety risk to American citizens. In FY 2017 and FY 2018, ICE officers arrested approximately 235,000 aliens on various criminal charges or convictions within the interior of the United States – including, on average each year, roughly 50,000 for assault, 15,000 for sex crimes, and 2,000 for homicides,” he explained. “In FY 2018, 17,000 adults at the border with existing criminal records were arrested by Customs and Border Protection (CBP) and border agents. If illegal aliens will break our immigration laws, they will break other laws, too.”

Brooks also made it clear that a wall would not fix all of the problems posed by the southern border, but outlined how a physical barrier would help immensely with border security.

“A border wall is a subpart of overall border security. It will not keep out all drugs or every illegal alien, but we owe it to the victims of drug overdoses and illegal alien crime to do absolutely everything in our power to stop illegal aliens and their drugs from coming across our southern border and killing thousands of Americans every year! The EL CHAPO Act funds a large portion of the border wall without using taxpayer dollars and provides an alternative funding mechanism for the border wall. With the EL CHAPO Act we can end the current impasse and resulting government shutdown. Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer should listen to the American people and come to the negotiating table so we can secure our border,” he concluded.

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Florida boy honors fallen Alabama officers in campaign to stop violence against officers

Zechariah, Running for Heroes/Facebook)

A young boy is honoring fallen police officers across America, including two from Alabama, in a unique way as he runs a mile for each one to celebrate their lives and pay his respects.

Zechariah, a 10-year-old from Florida, runs one mile for each officer that has passed away in 2018 and 2019, and on Sunday, he honored the lives of Birmingham Police Sgt. Wytasha Carter and Mobile Police Officer Sean Tuder while holding an American flag with a blue stripe across the front that reads, “Blue Lives Matter.”


Carter lost his life after being shot on January 13 in the 900 block of 5thAvenue North as he was investigating two suspects during an apparent vehicular burglary in progress.

Shortly after he finished his run honoring Carter of Birmingham, Zechariah learned about Tuder’s death. In the dark, Zechariah ran another mile to honor the Mobile Police officer, who was shot and killed while executing a search warrant around 3:00 p.m. on Sunday.

“Our son is an avid runner and is running a mile this year for every fallen officer in both 2018 and 2019” Chad Cartledge, Zechariah’s father told News 5. “Sadly, he has many miles to run but he wanted to do this as his way of paying his respects.”

You can follow Zechariah’s journey as he runs to honor fallen officers on his Facebook page, Running for Heroes, where he shares videos of himself running.

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Alabama breaks two Department of Labor records

(W. Miller/YHN)

Friday, Governor Kay Ivey announced that the state of Alabama had broken two of its Department of Labor records.

According to the Alabama Department of Labor, Alabama had the highest average weekly earnings ever from December 2017 to December 2018. Total private average weekly earnings were $857.77 in December 2018, up $46.41 from December 2017.

Ivey shared her excitement on social media and also announced that Alabama had reached the largest over-the-year percentage growth on record.


“We reached the largest over-the-year percentage growth on record at 2.2%, representing an increase of 44,300 jobs, as well as the highest average weekly earnings ever,” Ivey wrote on Facebook.

Alabama State Senate President Pro Tempore Del Marsh (R-Anniston) also reacted to the news of accelerated Alabama job growth with excitement.

“It is great to see that Alabama is outpacing the nation and breaking records for job growth. This has been one of the top priorities of the GOP Legislature over the past several years,” Marsh said in a statement to Yellowhammer News. “From passing the largest tax cut in a decade to enacting responsible balanced budgeting that forced the state to live within its means, Alabama is proof that conservative pro-growth policies work. I look forward to continuing to make Alabama one of the best places in the world to do business.”

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Auburn University’s online programs ranked among the best in the nation

(Auburn University/Facebook)

According to U.S. News & World Report’s 2019 Best Online Program rankings released on Tuesday, Auburn University’s online graduate programs are among the best in the nation.

The university’s online programs that received high marks include the Harbert College of Business’ MBA program at No. 9 and non-MBA, No. 13; Samuel Ginn College of Engineering, No. 12; and College of Education, No. 22

Harbert College was also ranked No. 5 on U.S. News & World Report’s list of Best Online MBA Programs for Veterans and No. 7 among the Best Online Graduate Business Programs for Veterans, while the College of Education ranks No. 6 among Best Online Education Programs for Veterans. The College of Engineering’s computer science and software engineering online program came in at No. 20 among Best Online Graduate Information Technology Programs.


“Online education remains a vital part of our academic mission as we continue to build high-quality, competitive programs that support the changing needs of working professionals and students,” Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs Bill Hardgrave said in a news release. “These rankings recognize our institution’s commitment to expanding educational access while maintaining the academic rigor and integrity of an Auburn degree.”

More than 300 online courses are taught each year by more than 150 Auburn faculty members. The university also offers three online undergraduate completer programs – a bachelor of science in business administration, an RN to BSN, and a bachelor of computer science – for students and professionals who have some college credits and want to complete their degrees with Auburn.

The data found in the U.S. News & World Report’s rankings are based on each program’s reputation, admissions selectivity and faculty credentials, with some consideration of other factors that can improve online learning. The only programs considered for the rankings were those with required coursework that could be completed via distance education.

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Ivey orders flags lowered to half-staff to honor fallen police Sgt. Wytasha Carter

(Blue Lives Matter/Twitter)

Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey has ordered flags to be lowered to half-staff to honor Birmingham Police Sgt. Wytasha Carter, who was killed in the line of duty on Sunday.

“I am directing flags be flown at half-staff as a mark of respect for Birmingham Police Sergeant Wytasha Carter who was killed in the line of duty early Sunday, January 13, 2019,” Ivey said in a statement. “Sergeant Carter laid down his life protecting the people of Birmingham, and the entire state of Alabama mourns this tremendous loss.”


Ivey also noted that the flags should be flown half-staff until sunset on Sunday January 20, 2019.

Sgt. Carter lost his life after being shot at approximately 1:59 a.m. Sunday in the 900 block of 5thAvenue North as he was investigating two suspects during an apparent vehicular burglary in progress.

Carter began his law enforcement career in 2002 as a correctional officer with the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office. He later joined the Leeds Police Department where he served as an officer. In 2007, Sergeant Carter joined the Fairfield Police Department and later transferred to the Birmingham Police Department.

The governor mourned the loss of Carter in a statement released on Sunday.

“On behalf of the entire state of Alabama, I offer my deepest sympathies and prayers as we all mourn the death of Sergeant Carter, which came far too soon,” Ivey shared. “This is a terrible loss for Sergeant Carter’s loved ones, his fellow law enforcement officers and our entire state. Let us keep Sergeant Carter, his wife and children close to our hearts during this difficult time.”

Ivey also made it clear that the accomplishments of Sgt. Carter should never be forgotten.

“We must never forget the tremendous sacrifice that our law enforcement make each and every day. We certainly will always remember Birmingham Police Sergeant Wytasha Carter and his ultimate sacrifice for the people of Birmingham who he served so well,” she outlined.

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Alabama Power and B.A.S.S. announce two scholarship winners

(Brenton Godwin, Grey Terry/Alabama Power, B.A.S.S.)

Alabama Power and B.A.S.S. teamed up to award two Alabama students each a $5,000 scholarship.

“We are proud to partner with Alabama Power to support students who want to further their education in a trade,” said Bruce Akin, B.A.S.S. CEO. “And, we’re even more pleased to provide additional scholarship opportunities for students.”

The two scholarship recipients are Brenton Godwin of Stapleton and Grey Terry of Tuscaloosa.


Godwin, who is currently a senior at Baldwin County High School in Bay Minette, AL., plans to attend Coastal Alabama Community College.

“I plan on starting my college career at Coastal Alabama Community College, then transferring to Auburn University to obtain my Bachelor’s Degree in Poultry Science Production,” Godwin said. “While in college, I aspire to fish at Auburn on the collegiate level.”

Godwin has been an active member in school and community organizations, including the Baldwin County Fishing Team, which he has been a part of for three years. He is a member of the Key Club, French Club, Technology Student Association, Future Farmers of America, National Honor Society and the BCHS varsity baseball team.

Terry, who is currently a senior at Northridge High School, has been a student in the welding program at the Tuscaloosa Career and Technology Academy and also attends Shelton State Community College’s Dual Enrollment Welding class.

“My goal is to complete an Associate’s Degree at Shelton State and pursue a career in welding,” Terry said. “Since I began taking these courses, I have learned so much about the importance of skilled trades.”

“Congratulations to Brenton and Grey for this acknowledgment of their environmental stewardship and hard work in the classroom,” said Zeke Smith, Alabama Power executive vice president of External Affairs. “These scholarships continue to help students develop the high-demand skills needed for a career in the future workforce of Alabama, and we are proud to partner with BASS to make it happen.”

Scholarship winners are allowed to apply the award toward tuition, textbooks or living expenses.

Applications for the 2019-2020 school year will open early this year. For more details, visit

According to the official press release, B.A.S.S. is the worldwide authority on bass fishing and keeper of the culture of the sport, providing cutting edge content on bass fishing whenever, wherever and however bass fishing fans want to use it. Headquartered in Birmingham, the 500,000-member organization’s fully integrated media platforms include the industry’s leading magazines (Bassmaster and B.A.S.S. Times), website (, television show (The Bassmasters on ESPN2 and Pursuit Channel), radio show (Bassmaster Radio), social media programs and events. For 50 years, B.A.S.S. has been dedicated to access, conservation and youth fishing.

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Alabama ranked one of the best states for female entrepreneurs


Alabama has been named to the top ten list of best states for female entrepreneurs, according to a new study from

In ranking each state for its outlook for female entrepreneurs, the study considered several different criteria for each state. Those factors included general business climate/opportunity (25 percent), the number of female-owned businesses (25 percent), economic and financial health (25 percent) and safety and well-being for women (25 percent).

After analyzing the results, the study was able to produce a list of states where women are most likely to succeed in startups and new adventures.

Alabama came in at number five on the list. The study noted the Yellowhammer state’s low cost of living, beautiful beaches, Southern hospitality and hospitable business climate as reasons for being included on the list.


The top 10 list is as follows:

  1. Texas
  2. Ohio
  3. Minnesota
  4. Washington
  5. Alabama
  6. North Carolina
  7. Massachusetts
  8. North Dakota
  9. Wisconsin
  10. Georgia

The study also found Alabama to be evolving into a welcoming place for women looking to start businesses. The state’s low tax burden and below average cost of living makes it affordable for female entrepreneurs to launch a startup.

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2 months ago

Gulf State Park named Alabama’s Attraction of the Year

(Alabama State Parks)

Baldwin County’s Gulf State Park has been named Attraction of the Year by the Alabama Tourism Department in the 2019 Alabama Vacation Guide and Calendar of Events.

The park offers 28 miles of hiking and biking trails, a nature center, programs focused on local wildlife, a saltwater fishing pier and a newly opened interpretive center. It receives more than 600,000 annual visitors, offers an array of recreational experiences and lodging opportunities on its 6,150 acres.

Gary Ellis, director of Community Relations and Administration at Gulf State Park, shared his excitement of the park being named Alabama’s top attraction.


“Being selected by our peers is the highest form of flattery and something our team cherishes. It further reinforces a great sense of pride by all the employees to be in good company with other elite Alabama attractions,” Ellis stated.

Ellis also offered insight into the future of a Learning Campus at Gulf State Park.

“The park’s many different habitats, such as forest, wetlands, dunes, freshwater and saltwater provide a unique opportunity to provide more educational programs,” Ellis said. “The Learning Campus will host camps and retreats, educational conferences and workshops for all types of groups. Longer term, plans are underway to expand trails and group camping sites.”

The Lodge at Gulf State Park, a Hilton Hotel, opened last November. The hotel, which accommodates guests, business meetings and conferences, offers 350 guest rooms and includes two restaurants and a pool. The hotel is now booking through 2024.

The Lodge’s General Manager Bill Bennett insists bookings have been holding strong at the hotel.

“Reservation activity has been quite impressive for the new beachfront facility,” Bennett said. “First and second quarter bookings are coming in at a record pace and should result in strong business levels for the entire park.”

Bennett added, “With a commitment to sustainability and direct access to more than 2 miles of pristine beach, guests are truly impressed with the design and comfort of the facility.”

One of the first events being held at the Hilton’s The Lodge at Gulf State Park is Governor Kay Ivey’s Gulf Coast Inaugural Celebration on January 12 from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. Recording artist Neal McCoy is set to headline the event, which will cost $25 per person.

Tickets for the event can be purchased here, however, attendees may donate four children’s books to donate to the Alabama Literacy Alliance in lieu of a ticket.

Other lodging available at Gulf State Park includes 11 cottages, 20 cabins and 500 campsites.

“One reason the Alabama Tourism Department made this designation is the environmental sustainability the park is embracing,” Conservation Commissioner Chris Blankenship said of Gulf State Park. “Restored sand dunes, a rainwater recycling system and lighting favorable to wildlife are just some of the things that make the park ecofriendly.”

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2 months ago

Brooks introduces ‘No Work Without Pay Act’ amid government shutdown

Congressman Mo Brooks (CSPAN/YouTube)

On Tuesday, Representative Mo Brooks (AL-5) introduced H.R. 271, the No Work Without Pay Act, which requires the federal government to timely pay all employees who work during a government shutdown.

“During a federal government shutdown, federal employees are treated in two different ways. Roughly 380,000 federal workers[1] are ‘furloughed’ (sent home without pay until the shutdown ends). Roughly 420,000 other federal employees (like TSA agents or border patrol agents) are ordered to work without timely pay or even the guarantee of getting paid,” Brooks stated, per a news release. “Ordering a federal employee to work without timely pay is morally wrong and runs counter to every economic principle on which a free enterprise system is based. I have today introduced the No Work Without Pay Act to correct this wrong by requiring that federal employees who are ordered to work are timely paid for their work.”

Brooks then outlined the H.R. 271 bill and explained what it included. He also urged House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to look into the bill.


“H.R. 271 is a straight-forward, one-page bill that is the right thing to do for the roughly 420,000 federal employees at nine federal departments and dozens of independent agencies who are currently working without pay. This Friday, working federal employees will miss their paycheck unless Washington elected officials either pass H.R. 271 (or similar legislation) or the partial shutdown ends. I encourage House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to immediately take up H.R. 271 (or similar legislation) so paychecks will go out Friday to federal employees who worked for them during this partial shutdown,” he outlined.

In concluding his speech, Brooks made the case for the $5 billion border wall request made by President Donald Trump, calling it a “paltry investment.”

“Frankly, Washington should never have put federal employees in this position,” said Brooks. “When you consider that illegal aliens are a net tax loss of $116 billion annually and that each year there are thousands of Americans who are dead at the hands of illegal aliens, $5 billion for a border wall is a paltry investment and a significant compromise down from the $25 billion needed to help secure America’s porous southern border. Unfortunately, too many Washington elected officials have made it clear that their thirst for political power is more important than the lives of American citizens.”

He continued, “In a similar vein, I hope Democrats will rise to the occasion and treat federal workers better than they have treated American victims of illegal alien criminal conduct.”

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