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Alabama Democrats need to find a collective backbone and call for Chairwoman Nancy Worley to resign

In 2009, Alabama was a super-majority Democratic state with a Republican governor.

Republicans took over the state legislature and every single statewide office in 2010, and since then, Republicans have seen a series of events that should have ruined the Republican brand and assisted Democrats at making a comeback. The Republican governor, the Republican speaker of the House and Republican chief justice of the Alabama Supreme Court have all been removed from office. Unfortunately for Democrats, and fortunately for Republicans, the Democratic leadership in Alabama is so incompetent that nothing that individual members do seems to matter.

The media has tried their best to dog the Alabama Republican Party every single day, but the AL GOP seems about as strong as they were in 2010.

Doug Jones pushed a slate of candidates to reinvigorate the Democrat brand in Alabama at their latest organizational meeting, but Alabama Democrats chose to stick with the same leadership that has accomplished nothing for the last five years and re-elected Nancy Worley.

After the vote, U.S. Senator Doug Jones, who clearly doesn’t think Worley or the Alabama Democratic Party helped him, cited the general ineffectiveness of the current leadership.

“We need to have a party. We don’t have a party. There is no social media. There’s no outreach. There’s no get out the vote effort. There’s no organization. There’s no field. And the vote today was simply to keep that,” Jones stated.

Worley didn’t think those who opposed her were opposing her because she has been ineffective. Worley decided to take a page from the well-worn Democrat playbook in Alabama, and accused her fellow Democrats of being racist.

“You know, there could be a tiny bit of racism there – but, I think the most important thing is a lot of folks are just jealous of how successful they’ve been,” said Worley.

There comes a point where even the most die-hard supporters have to look at a situation and say, “Wow, this is terrible.” The rank-and-file, elected officials and the media enablers in Alabama politics have to look at the Alabama Democratic Party and demand new leadership. Their failure to do so only helps push the narrative that the party is stuck in the past and has absolutely no future.

@TheDaleJackson is a contributing writer to Yellowhammer News and hosts a conservative talk show  from 7-11 am weekdays on WVNN

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