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Jefferson County Sheriff Mike Hale lays out his two-part plan to ensure safety in Jefferson County schools (AUDIO)

Jefferson County Sheriff Mike Hale joined Ford in studio Wednesday and laid out his plan to ensure safety in Jefferson County Schools.

Hale said he wants to see the safest county schools in the nation in Alabama.

His plans include placing a School Resource Deputy (SRO) in every Jefferson County school – elementary, middle and high – and forming an assessment team within the School Resource Division to identify students who exhibit specific behavioral patterns that may indicate a need for assistance.

Mike Hale said, “Tactical response in schools is different. You have children, you need the proper ammunition, you have to have the proper tacticle plan and our plan not only put a deputy sheriff in every school but it says we think that important in Jefferson County.”

He added, “The mental health component is a big component of the success.”

Jefferson County Schools will set the precedent for leading the nation in school safety.

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