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Alabama Power works to keep the electricity running through any storm (AUDIO)

Michael Sznajderman, spokesman for Alabama Power called in today to explain the preparation that goes into hurricane season for Alabama Power.

It is no small ordeal as they were ready to go with sister companies such as Georgia Power and Mississippi Power ready to help out and in turn do the same for them.

He stated that thought it was not a large storm, “48,000 customers across the state were affected” out of the 1.4 million customers they serve in Alabama.

“At the peak of the storm, there were 25,000 without power, however, now that number is down to 7,800 now without power,” said Sznajderman.

Alabama Power has been chipping away at those numbers since first light today and will continue to work.

Host Ford Brown went on to ask when does the company turn their attention away from the hurricanes and onto other potential storms around the state, which Sznajderman replied, “We are always watching out for the state no matter what is going on at our state, but November we switch to tornadoes and snowstorms.”

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