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7 Things: Florida Gov. DeSantis fighting vaccine mandate, Alabama’s holiday spending will be huge, Britt slams Biden and more …

7. Bannon has been held in contempt

  • The U.S. House of Representatives has voted to hold Steve Bannon in contempt of Congress as he’s failed to follow his subpoena that was handed down by the committee investigating the U.S. Capitol riot. The final vote was 229-202. The debate included the incredibly reckless U.S. Representative Liz Cheney (R-WY) stating that Bannon knew what was going to happen because he said that “all hell is going to break loose tomorrow,” which is clearly hyperbole.
  • Comments like Cheney’s lead Republicans to be critical of the committee’s investigation due to the nature of their conduct so far, and even U.S. Senator Tommy Tuberville (R-AL) has said he wants House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) questioned on if she was alerted about the potential violence that day since many Republicans are being questioned on the issue.

6. It’s OK, Dr. Jill, we are good with you not visiting

  • While speaking at the Barbara Bush Foundation for Family Literacy’s National Summit for Adult Literacy in Washington, D.C., first lady Jill Biden addressed a question about why she visits Republican states that didn’t vote for President Joe Biden and are not friendly to his administration.
  • Jill Biden simply said that she’s “their First Lady too,” and while visiting states like Alabama and Mississippi, she’s found “common values that unite us are deeper than our division.” She added, “[D]espite our differences, families across the country want the same things: the change to work hard and build a good life for our families.”

5. Employees stage walkout over vaccine mandate

  • General Electric employees have decided to take a stand against the vaccine mandate by staging a walkout at the plant in Greenville, South Carolina. This is yet another example of employees trying to advocate for their right to make their own choices in medical decisions.
  • GE employee Shannon Harrill, who has worked for the company for almost two decades, said, “We worked as an essential employee through the entire COVID pandemic. We were required to be here or lose our job. Now you’re requiring me to take it to stay here.” Unfortunately, this story is becoming more common as vaccine mandate deadlines get closer.

4. Biden could fix supply chain issues if he wanted to

  • State Senator David Sessions (R-Grand Bay) has been personally impacted by the supply chain issues currently facing the country. According to Sessions, President Joe Biden could solve the supply chain issues that are disrupting the economy.
  • Sessions advised that his farm business has seen interruptions in supply. He stated, “If the President wanted to help this situation, he would declare a state of emergency and remove some of these regulations that has all types of businesses at a disadvantage and get things moving again.”

3. Britt thinks Biden has lost it and changed too many positions

  • U.S. Senate candidate Katie Britt criticized President Joe Biden and how the Democratic Party has shifted further to the left on many issues, including now being in favor of using federal dollars to fund abortion.
  • Britt emphasized, “For years, Biden has said he has been on board with making sure that our taxpayer dollars did not go to funding abortion. And now, all of a sudden, like everything else – Biden has lost his mind and his way. Unfortunately, our country is paying the price.”

2. Alabama spending will likely be up this holiday season

  • For the second year, holiday spending will likely be higher than ever before in Alabama, with projections this year reaching almost $15 billion. This would represent a 7% growth compared to last year.
  • Before the holiday spending season had even started, there had already been an increase in taxed sales by 20%. This report comes from the Alabama Retail Association, even as there are product supply issues expected for the holiday season.

1. Get yourself a governor like Ron DeSantis

  • One week from today, the Alabama Legislature will be in the middle of a riveting special session on redistricting. There will be haggling over maps for congressional, Alabama Board of Education, State House, and State Senate seats that have already been drawn and agreed upon. Outside of the elected officials representing those districts, very few people will care, and it appears that Governor Kay Ivey will not allow the legislature to address the lives and careers being destroyed by vaccine mandates in the state at the behest of the business interests and their errand boys. She may still do it, but the silence might be a message.
  • Alabama is not the only state with citizens facing this issue. Texas already addressed vaccine mandates with an executive order, and now Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has called a special session demanding the legislature protect the state’s workers. DeSantis said, “We have an opportunity here to take additional action, and I think we have to do it.” He added, “I think we have got to stand up for people’s jobs and their livelihoods.”