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7 Things: Biden tries to calm Democrats; Trump’s changes GOP abortion stance; Ainsworth wants ALDOT Director Cooper fired; and more …

7. Walmart, McDonald’s, and other large employers are pioneering efforts to convert workplace skills into college credits with aims to acknowledge on-the-job learning as part of formal education, addressing issues of high college costs and the need for alternative talent recruitment methods. Walmart’s “Walmart Academy” provides training that counts toward degrees, with stated goals of promoting workforce advancement and reducing educational barriers but the real goal is getting motivated people on the payroll, the military does this, too.

6. Alabama U.S. Sen. Katie Britt (R-Montgomery) skillfully defused an encounter with an activist on Capitol Hill, who attempted to trick her into taking a photo and then fired what she thought was a clever question about her being funded by “Big Oil.” When confronted with an accusation of contributing to the climate crisis, Britt confidently advocated for energy independence and dominance, highlighting the superiority of American energy practices as the elevator doors closed.

5. Two Fresh Value grocery stores in Tuscaloosa and Pell City have installed vending machine kiosks selling ammunition, developed by American Rounds, sure to make people happy. These kiosks, designed to cater to hunting communities, feature age verification, and 360-degree facial recognition for legal compliance. The stores claim the initiative aims to reduce theft, a common issue in traditional stores, and provide a convenient option for customers; more locations are planned across Alabama.

4. Those hoping for a landslide for former President Donald Trump and a wipeout for Democrats may want to look to France for a cautionary tail where the Left was able to cling to power despite the thought the Right was taking the government back with promises of free money and benefits. Much like the American Left, France’s liberals promote more immigration, much higher (90%) taxes, lowering the retirement age, and massive state investments in unproven green energy.

3. Lt. Gov. Will Ainsworth criticized Alabama Department of Transportation (ALDOT) Director John Cooper for neglecting the state’s infrastructure needs, particularly in North Alabama and Ainsworth highlighted misaligned priorities, such as spending $1.5 billion on U.S. Highway 43 without federal funding, suggesting this money should be used to widen Interstate 65, leveraging federal matches to maximize funding. Cooper has faced a lot of scrutiny for his off-the-clock behavior involving his neighbor and drew attention to ALDOT’s spending on the Alabama Political Reporter which appeared as a pay-for-play by some observers after they whined Cooper was wronged by media coverage about his arrest.

2. The Republican National Committee has adopted a platform reflecting former President Donald Trump’s position of leaving abortion limits to states, omitting a federal abortion ban for the first time in 40 years. The streamlined 16-page document avoids specific strict abortion language to prevent giving Democrats material for criticism. The platform committee’s meeting precedes the Republican National Convention, where Trump will accept his third presidential nomination and the revised platform maintains that the Constitution’s 14th Amendment guarantees life and liberty but leaves states free to pass protective laws.

1. President Joe Biden, in a letter to congressional Democrats, asserted his commitment to running for reelection despite calls for him to step aside after a poor debate performance.  Biden emphasized party unity to defeat former President Donald Trump and dismissed critics, challenging them to contest him at the convention if they disagreed. The media and Democratic leaders remain divided within their comingled ranks, with some calling for Biden to step down, while others rally behind him, underscoring the urgency to focus on defeating Trump and avoid internal discord.

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