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7 Things: Doug Jones backtracks after a reasonable statement, ISIS leader is dead and the media can’t handle it, impeachment frenzy is crippling Congress and more …

7. Alabama has been bumped out of the No. 1 spot

  • After LSU beat Auburn 23-20 on Saturday, LSU moved into the top spot on the Associated Press AP Top 25 poll, displacing the University of Alabama.
  • The Associated Press poll was “one of the closest votes ever,” according to the organization, but this will all be resolved on November 9 when LSU travels to Tuscaloosa and plays the Crimson Tide in a game that will air at 2:30 CST on CBS.

6. The swamp boos Trump was at Game 5 of the World Series

  • In line with tradition, President Donald Trump attended Game 5 of the World Series, but he didn’t throw out the first pitch. Instead, Trump arrived after the game already started and left before it ended to make his presence less disruptive.
  • The takeaway moment from his attendance was that the president was booed by the crowd to the delight of the media and their Democrats. Some at the game even yelled “Lock him up!”

5. 2020 Senate race has a clear frontrunner

  • The field for the Republican primary in 2020 may or may not include former Attorney General Jeff Sessions, yet, but according to a poll conducted by Alabama-based Cygnal, Auburn head coach Tommy Tuberville still leads the field.
  • Without taking Sessions into account, Tuberville polled at 32% with Congressman Bradley Byrne (R-Fairhope) polling at 18%, former Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore (10.6%), followed by Secretary of State John Merrill (8.6%), State Rep. Arnold Mooney (2%) and Stanley Adair (1%), while 27.9% of those polled were undecided.

4. Alabama Congressional candidate makes waves by talking about “The Squad” and impeachment 

  • Jessica Taylor is campaigning for the congressional seat in the Second District. She has said that she’s tired of how her generation has been talking about socialists “like that’s an ideology our nation should embrace.” Taylor has received a lot of attention, including a hit on “Fox & Friends.”
  • Taylor also said that she thinks she “can go toe-to-toe with that ‘Squad’ better than any other candidate,” noting that something important to her is that there’s someone in Congress “making sure we back up President Trump as these liberals attempt this coup in the House.”

3. Impeachment is preventing Intel Committee from doing their job

  • U.S. Rep. John Ratcliffe (R-TX) has revealed that the House Intelligence Committee hasn’t been addressing terrorism or ISIS recently due to the impeachment inquiry requiring so much attention.
  • While on Fox News Channel’ “Sunday Morning Futures,” Ratcliffe specified that “[i]t’s been well over a month” since the last time the committee had a terrorism briefing. Later on Sunday, U.S. Rep.Doug Collins (R-GA), ranking Republican on the House Judiciary Committee, echoed Ratcliffe’s claims, voicing his frustration with Democrats prioritizing the impeachment inquiry over other business.

2. ISIS leader is dead — Media hit the hardest 

  • Sunday morning, President Donald Trump confirmed that Islamic State leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi “died like a dog,” specifying that he detonated a suicide vest he was wearing, which also killed three children. Additionally, a spokesman for ISIS was eliminated later that day.
  • The media and their Democrats were not happy with Trump tearing down a rapist terrorist slavemaster. Obituaries played up his religious education, some lied about a photo op, ambassadors complained about Trump’s language and journalists fretted that this would just help ISIS.

1. Doug Jones sent a reasonable tweet, but a Hollywood actor forced him to backtrack 

  • U.S. Senator Doug Jones (D-AL) voiced his support on Twitter of the killing of ISIS’s leader on Sunday, saying, “Last night was a victory for America & the civilized world & a blow to ISIS. Our brave forces who carried out this mission are held in the hearts of a grateful nation. I congratulate President Trump & our military leaders. They deserve great credit & our thanks. They have mine.”
  • However, the tweet triggered responses from Jones’ supporters that’s absolutely absurd, with actor Michaela Watkins replying to Jones, saying, “I congratulate our troops and leaders for the operation. Trump is a traitor. Impeach now.” People made sure to bring up when Trump tweeted in 2012 to “stop congratulating Obama for killing Bin Laden,” and Jones quickly cowered under the pressure and tweeted, “Folks, for everyone who is sending me what Trump tweeted at Obama after Bin Laden’s death please know that I too remember that and did not like it at all.”