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“Workforce development is our goal for the state of Alabama”- Antiqua Cleggett, Executive Director of Central Six AlabamaWorks!  

AlabamaWorks! made a visit to The Ford Faction to talk about the Central Six most recent work in the central 6 counties of Alabama.

Antiqua Cleggett explains “the industry as a whole has to work together” and how important it is for business, employers, and parents to be on the same page. Centralsix.org is the website for central Alabama businesses to log onto to find a talented, skilled workforce.

Antiqua goes onto explain, “our goal is twofold, first, to research and respond to the needs of the industry. Second, ”to find those job seekers, skilled talent, and then plug them into the workforce here in Alabama”. One of the biggest things

AlabamaWorks! wants to do is develop a skilled, strong workforce either out of college or high school to be ready for the industry Alabama is about to take on in this great state!

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