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Yellowhammer launches new “Warrior Wednesday” podcast

Yellowhammer once again expanded its brand on Wednesday with the launch of its new “Warrior Wednesday” podcast. Sponsored by XTreme Concepts and Kill Cliff, the weekly podcast will feature the stories of American service men and women.

Warrior Wednesday continues Yellowhammer’s tradition of sharing the stories that are not covered by the mainstream media. On its website and radio show, the company has been a pioneer of sharing the stories of everyday Alabamians with its audience. In that vein, Yellowhammer CEO Brian Ellis noted that there are no people more deserving of having their stories told than America’s heroes in uniform.

“The goal of Warrior Wednesday is to honor some of the men and women that have made huge sacrifices for us to have the lives that we have here in the United States,” Ellis said. “These are going to be stories that you can’t get anywhere else.”

The weekly podcast will be hosted by Scott Chambers of Yellowhammer Radio. He said that throughout his career in broadcasting, his favorite people to interview have been members of the U.S. Armed Forces. “I’ve interviewed everyone from heads of state, to local politicians, and in that world they love to brag. Our service members don’t brag. They are appreciative of their time served,” he said. “Warrior Wednesday will make you realize we have great men and women protecting our nation. That makes me feel better when I close my eyes at night.”

You can check out the Warrior Wednesday episodes at the new website linked here.

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