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(Video) The must-watch story of an unbreakable Iron Bowl bond

Bleacher Report on Tuesday published the above video detailing the inspiring story of how the Iron Bowl rivalry has brought two women together, and it is a must-see. First and foremost, it captures the resiliency of college-age cancer patients Kayla and Corbyn, who have both pursued college educations while undergoing treatments. Second, this story reminds us that whether we wear orange or crimson, we can all agree that autumnal Saturdays in the state of Alabama are something to be cherished.

Kayla and Corbyn’s bond begins with the fact that each is a vibrant, intelligent young woman pursuing a normal life despite abnormal — even daunting — circumstances.

“Whatever you think is important in life to experience, you need to go ahead and start experiencing those things,” says Kayla, describing her doctor’s latest counsel. Corbyn is in the same place, constantly seeking to check off items on a bucket list.

For both girls, a college experience was at the top of the list. Though each girl had a different university in mind, both the Auburn Tigers and the Alabama Crimson Tide offer something invaluable to Kayla and Corbin—and escape.

Kayla describes Auburn football in saying, “It’s just so fun. There’s nothing better than waking up on Saturday and knowing the only thing I have to do today is cheer for Auburn. It’s a great stress-reliever, honestly. It’s a day where that’s all I have to worry about, and it’s awesome.”

“I love football because it’s an escape,” says Corbyn. “It’s a time when you don’t have to think about anything too serious.”

The video culminates with the two receiving a gift from a special guest. Watching their responses, it’s easy to forget for a moment that they’re anything but average college girls—and that’s just how they want it.

In a rivalry plagued by tree poisonings and crazed Finebaum callers, Kayla and Corbyn illustrate the simple beauty in cheering on a team with our loved ones, and forgetting about the world beyond the end zones for a little while.

Take a second and check out the ways you can join the fight against pediatric cancer:

  1. Support their foundation, Open Hands Overflowing Hearts.
  2. Attend their fundraising event on December 7, Answer to Cancer.
  3. Compete in their campaign challenging the universities of Auburn and Alabama to outdo each other in raising money.