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Study: Alabama is home to America’s ‘best city for conservatives’

Lime plant in Alabaster, Ala. (Photo: Cliff Brane)
Lime plant in Alabaster, Ala. (Photo: Cliff Brane)

A new study claims to have found the most conservative city in the country, and it just so happens to be right here in Alabama.

According to a study from livability.com, Alabaster, AL, topped the list of America’s best cities for conservatives.

The list was determined based on four scores compiled by livability.com: ideology of the representation, political leanings of the residents, voting habits of the residents and shopping habits of the residents. To determine the ideology of the region, Livability partnered with GovTrack, a nonpartisan watchdog group that analyzes members of the House of Representatives on a liberal/conservative spectrum. Self-reported data was used to determine political leanings. They also had a marketing group come up with items that are generally used to by people on one end of the political spectrum.

“Voters in Alabaster, Ala., consistently back conservative candidates,” says livability.com. “The last time a Republican presidential candidate lost the vote in Alabaster was in 1968, when most of Alabama voters backed Governor George Wallace, who ran as a Democrat.”

The website also says that Romney won 77% of Alabaster’s vote in the 2012 election, and that the city council has shown a dedication to being fiscally conservative.

According to the website, residents of Alabaster are also likely to drive Cadillacs, eat Chic-fil-A, shop at Sam’s Club, watch the Bachelorette and read Good Housekeeping. 

That the most conservative city in the country is located in Alabama should come as a surprise to no one. As Yellowhammer News has reported in the past, Auburn’s student body was named the most conservative by The Princeton Review, and last year a Gallup poll showed that Alabama was the most conservative state overall.

(h/t BBJ)