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AG Strange responds to Hubbard camp’s ‘political witch hunt’ allegations

Alabama Attorney General Luther Strange
Alabama Attorney General Luther Strange

During a press conference Tuesday afternoon, Alabama Congressman Mike Rogers (R-AL3) and Mark White, an attorney for House Speaker Mike Hubbard, both accused Attorney General Luther Strange of “Chicago-style gutter politics” with regard to Hubbard’s indictment on 23 felony counts of public corruption.

Rogers accused Strange of attacking Hubbard because he was a potential 2018 gubernatorial rival. White accused the individuals Strange has appointed to lead the investigation and to prosecute the case of leading a “political witch hunt.”

Strange has recused himself from the case.

The attorney general responded to the allegations Tuesday afternoon with a statement released by his office:

I made the decision to recuse myself from the matter involving Speaker Hubbard several months ago. I did so based on the recommendations of our career prosecutors and to completely remove any appearance of politics being involved in the matter.

I appointed respected supernumerary District Attorney Van Davis of St. Clair County to serve as acting attorney general and to handle this case. I have confidence in his ability to handle this matter fairly and completely without regard to politics. No one has questioned Mr. Davis’ qualifications or his integrity.

Mr. Hubbard is entitled to the presumption of innocence and this matter will now be handled, as it should be, in the court system.

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