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Speak for the Weak – Birmingham Attorney Announces Run for AG

Photo: Sam McLure for Attorney General (Facebook)

Sam McLure, founder of the Adoption Law Firm in Birmingham, has announced his candidacy for Alabama attorney general. He will run against incumbent Steve Marshall and Alice Martin in the Republican primary.

In a press release posted to Facebook Monday, the foster parent and father of three outlined a platform centered around foster care and criminal justice reform with a campaign slogan of “Speak for the Weak.” McLure has worked in Montgomery to promote pro-life, traditional marriage, and foster care reform bills. As an adoption lawyer and foster parent, McLure hopes to reform the Alabama Department of Human Resources, making sure the program is adequately staffed to support the 4,500 children in foster programs in the state. A strict pro-lifer, McLure has served with ministries such as Personhood Alabama, Proposal 16, and Sav-a-Life, and aims to prosecute abortionists to the fullest extent of the law. Claiming that Alabama “doesn’t give the poor second chances like it does the upper-middle class,” McLure also wants to focus on reforming the state’s criminal justice system, especially when it comes to minorities “getting the short end of the stick.”

McLure’s entrance into the race was partially spurred by Luther Strange’s appointment to the U.S. Senate. As McClure posted on Facebook.

“It’s crystal clear that Luther Strange chose self-promotion over his duty for the people of Alabama… Alabama stands at a crossroads where it will either wash away the filth of corruption, or continue to wallow in the mire.”

As attorney general, McLure says he hopes to hope to rid Montgomery of the corruption that has marked the capitol for so long.

McLure lives in Birmingham with his wife, Mary Beth, and his three children Jacob, Andrew Glen, and Mary Claire. For more information about his campaign, you can visit Sam McLure for Attorney General on Facebook or SamMcLure.com.

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