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See where Alabama ranks among most sinful states (you’ll be surprised)



Forget red states vs. blue states. The real battle is between sin states vs. saint states.

And Alabama’s halo is looking a bit tarnished, at least according to a compilation by the website WalletHub of the most sinful states in the union.

Alabama is … No. 11.

WalletHub compiled its list by collecting and measuring publically available data from 38 different metrics across seven categories: anger and hatred, jealousy, excess and vices, greed, lust, vanity, and laziness.

Our neighbor to the south, Florida, was the biggest sinner topping the list with bad marks for jealousy, vanity, lust, and laziness. Georgia was fifth overall, Tennessee sixth and Mississippi was 16th.

The biggest saint?

No, it wasn’t Utah.

It was Vermont, even though it tops the list as having the worst drug problem (that would explain why they keep electing Bernie Sanders … they’re all high!).

Alabama’s ranking within individual “sin” categories:

Anger and hatred: No. 9 (violent crime statistics, sex offenders, bullying, etc.).

Jealousy: No. 14 (theft and fraud).

Excess and vices: No. 9 (obesity levels, excessive drinking, smoking, drug abuse, etc.).

Greed: No. 33 (charitable donations, casinos per capita, gambling addiction)

Lust: No. 7 (teenage mothers, pornography use).

Vanity: No. 33 (beauty salons per capita, Google searches for plastic surgery, money spent on cosmetics)

Laziness: No. 5 (exercise rate, hours worked, high school graduation rate, etc.)

Time to put that smartphone down, y’all, and get back to work!

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