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Roby spearheads ‘last-ditch effort’ to defund Planned Parenthood


(Video Above: Rep. Martha Roby offers Congress one more opportunity to defund the abortion giant in a last-minute temporary spending bill) 

WASHINGTON — Alabama Congresswoman Martha Roby filed Wednesday a last-ditch effort to defund Planned Parenthood through the appropriations process.

Roby’s legislative maneuver comes after the Senate approved a temporary federal funding bill Wednesday morning which continues to funnel money to the massive non-profit, which receives approximately 40 percent of its funding from the government.

Now, the Senate’s funding bill comes before the House, where Roby seeks to give her peers one more opportunity to staunch the flow of tens of millions of taxpayer dollars to the embattled abortion provider.

“Taxpayer dollars should not flow to the nation’s largest abortion provider, and I’m proud to have fought alongside my fellow pro-life advocates to cut it off,” said Roby in a press release Wednesday afternoon. “I believe we have one more opportunity to take a stand in that fight in this government funding bill.

“I understand that so far we have lacked the votes needed in the Senate to pass ‘defund’ language, but I also strongly believe that we have to fight to the end to try.

“That’s why I am introducing a ‘correction’ bill to re-insert language immediately halting all taxpayer funding from going to Planned Parenthood for the next year as investigations proceed. The language is actually identical to the House-passed ‘defund’ bill sponsored earlier this month by my friend and fellow pro-life advocate Rep. Diane Black (R-TN).”

Roby’s amendment would change the temporary government funding bill to immediately stop all federal funding to Planned Parenthood for the next year until investigations into the organization are seen through. What was once given to Planned Parenthood would instead be appropriated to the more than 13,000 federally-qualified and rural health centers nationwide that provide primary care to low-income and underserved populations but do not perform abortions.

Alabama’s Republican members of Congress have been united in their dedication to defund Planned Parenthood. Earlier Wednesday Alabama Senators Richard Shelby and Jeff Sessions voted against the short-term spending measure because of its funding of Planned Parenthood.

If Rep. Roby’s “Defund Correction” is passed by the House, the Senate would need to take up and approve it in order to attach it to the final Continuing Resolution.

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