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Alabama’s ‘Pie Lab’ named one of the nation’s best small-town bakeries

Source-Trip Advisor provided by management - Pie Labs PIES (March 2015)
Source-Trip Advisor provided by management – Pie Labs PIES (March 2015)

GREENSBORO, Ala. — Pie Lab, a west Alabama bakery in Greensboro, recently made Travel + Leisure’s list of 15 Amazing Small Town Bakeries.

Travel + Leisure set out to list unique and delicious bakeries all around the country to show small-towns still have a big taste.

Pie Lab’s mission though is not to be just a pie shop, but a space where a community can come together to enjoy good food and good conversation. The now widely-known bakery opened its doors in 2009 to the Greensboro community and is operated by Chefs Seaborn and Kelley Whatley.

On Facebook, Pie Lab sums up their mission with, “Pie+Conversation = Ideas. Ideas+Design = Positive Change.”

Pie Lab’s story, which is inscribed on the store’s window, says that the small business was originally just an idea sketched on a napkin. The small-town full functioning restaurant desires to be an open and inclusive environment where all voices of the community can be heard.

Despite its name, Pie Lab doesn’t just bake pies, as the menu also includes salads, wraps, homemade pizzas, fried chicken, burgers, BBQ sandwiches and much more.

If you find yourself in the Greensboro area, or just experiencing the craving for mouth watering pies, take a few minutes to pop in and visit this Alabama original pie shop.