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Rick Burgess Endorses Will Ainsworth in Alabama Lt. Governor Race

Rick Burgess, popular radio personality and co-host of the “Rick and Bubba Show,” has endorsed Republican candidate Will Ainsworth for Lieutenant Governor. According to a press release from Ainsworth’s campaign, Burgess believes that Ainsworth’s “fresh perspective, deep religious faith, and devotion to moral principles” make him an excellent candidate for the position.

“Will Ainsworth is a self-made man who doesn’t have to run for lieutenant governor, which makes me want to support him even more because he feels called to serve the state,” Burgess said.  “As an Alabamian, I am tired of hearing the same old names all the time…so let’s get some fresh blood and try something different.  We cannot afford to take a step backwards in this lieutenant governor’s race, and while I have no ill will toward anybody else who is running, I know Will Ainsworth and the job he will do for us.”

Burgess said that new blood is what Montgomery needs in order to clean up the corruption that has plagued the capitol city in recent years, referring to politicians in Montgomery as football coaches with a losing record. Burgess said that men and women of integrity, like Ainsworth, will be able to change our state for the better.

“My family and I are supporting Will Ainsworth for lieutenant governor not just because we love Will, but because we love Alabama, and we know it can do better,” Burgess said.  “I hope you’ll prayerfully commit and join us in supporting Will if not for yourself, then for our children and the next generation.”

Burgess gave his endorsement at an Ainsworth campaign event at the Fish Market Restaurant in Hoover. Ainsworth expressed his gratitude for the endorsement, saying, “Rick Burgess is someone I look up to in life because he uses the platform of radio for the kingdom of God. He has influenced more people for the kingdom of God than anyone I know, so I appreciate his support.”

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