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‘Rick & Bubba’ radio’s Burgess warns Kay Ivey ‘is going to be a Roy Moore, part two’ — ‘Walt Maddox is going to walk into Montgomery’ (AUDIO)

Friday on the Birmingham-based “Rick & Bubba” radio show, co-host Rick Burgess sounded off on what the future may hold if current Gov. Kay Ivey wins the Republican gubernatorial nomination next month and is in a head-to-head match-up with potential Democratic Party nominee Tuscaloosa Mayor Walt Maddox.

Burgess, a supporter of Republican gubernatorial hopeful Scott Dawson, was responding to a caller that was seemingly a supporter of Ivey and offered a warning to those willing to support Ivey given any circumstances.

According to Burgess, such blind support sets up a potential repeat of Alabama’s 2017 special election GOP U.S. senatorial nominee Roy Moore’s performance, who lost narrowly to Doug Jones last December.

“That’s the problem with politics now,” Burgess said. “Some of y’all get upset because we think a different candidate should be in and all of that. Look, go vote your conscience and vote what you think is best. I will tell you this – there seems to be some similarity with the Kay Ivey supporters — they have that Roy Moore feel. No matter what this person does, or what they do – we’re going to defend them on every turn and we’re going to push them to the end of that election.”

“My concern for the state of Alabama is if all of you push her through, as some of you want to do no matter what comes up, no matter what is said, no matter what she does – you’re going to get to October and you’re going to run into another formidable Democrat – Walt Maddox out of Tuscaloosa, and Walt Maddox is going to beat her,” he continued. “Because all of this playing nice with her right now – ‘How dare you bring up this ADECA thing! That’s mean!’ It’s the first thing that has ever been brought up of anything negative, even if its true. The Democrats, they can’t wait. I’m telling you, the Paula (sic) Todd thing was them outing themselves a little bit. They’re going to go after all of these things that nobody wants to talk about, OK, because you want to be nice.”

“They’re not going to be nice in October, I promise you,” Burgess added. “And it is going to be a Roy Moore, part two. They’re going to bring up everything they can find and its going to turn off some evangelicals that will say, ‘Maybe I just shouldn’t vote at all,’ kind of like what happened with Roy. And Walt Maddox is going to walk into Montgomery.”

@Jeff_Poor is a graduate of Auburn University and is the editor of Breitbart TV.

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