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Power & Influence: Names 6-10

The Yellowhammer Power & Influence 40 is a list of the 40 most powerful and influential players in Alabama politics. For a more in-depth explanation of the list and how it was compiled, click HERE. To see last year’s list click HERE.

Here’s the schedule of when the names will be released:

Monday, Feb. 18: Names 31-40 (View HERE)
Tuesday, Feb. 19: Names 21-30 (View HERE)
Wednesday, Feb. 20: “Who’s Next?” a preview of the next generation of power players. (View HERE)
Thursday, Feb. 21: Names 11-20 (View HERE)
Friday, Feb. 22: Names 6-10
Monday, Feb. 25: Names 1-5

Billy Canary | President & CEO | Business Council of Alabama

The Canary-led Business Council of Alabama was the 2012 Yellowhammer Association of the Year. Their endorsed candidates made a clean sweep in judicial races this past cycle and they will once again be the most active association in legislative races going into 2014. Insiders say the BCA is planning to be even more proactive this cycle in identifying and recruiting pro free market candidates. The BCA’s merger with the Chambers of Commerce has expanded their network and made them by far the loudest voice for business in Alabama politics. No one is closer to Republican legislative leadership than Canary. He is a former elected official and White House veteran who has survived more political battles than any other player in state government — and he has the scars to prove it.

Arthur Orr | General Fund Budget Chairman | Alabama Senate

There is a small group of Senators who set the big picture direction for the Senate Republican Caucus. Orr is one of those Senators. He has one of the toughest jobs in state government crafting the budget for the state’s beleaguered general fund. The electorate wants to see drastic cuts in the size of state government, and much of the responsibility to deliver on that falls on Orr’s shoulders. Orr is the most powerful & influential political player north of Birmingham. He’s chosen his legislative and intra caucus battles wisely. That level of focus and discipline has allowed him to climb the ladder without alienating his colleagues. His calm temperament makes him the eye of the budget storm.

Jay Love | Education Budget Chairman | Alabama House

Love is one of House Speaker Mike Hubbard’s closest friends and allies in the legislature. With the Speaker’s full trust and confidence, he’s free to craft a budget that represents the governing philosophy of the GOP caucus. The education budget is the largest pot of money in state government. It’s also the most controversial as a result of the teachers union’s singular mission to extract more money from state coffers for their members every year. It takes courage to stand up to the union day after day, especially after they grew accustomed to writing the budget themselves for decades. Love has clearly risen to meet the challenge.

Luther Strange | Attorney General

There may not be anyone in Alabama politics with more ambition than Strange. It’s no secret that Attorney General is just the first stop for him on his way up the political ladder. He has close relationships with both U.S. Senators Sessions and Shelby, and will likely follow in one of their footsteps when the time comes. He’s proven himself to be highly competent in several tough battles in the courts, including the BP oil spill case. Last year an insider summed up Strange’s power and influence in two words: “subpoena power.” The last several months have certainly proven that to be the case. He’s garnered support from both the business community and grassroots conservatives, and his fundraising prowess will make him a formidable candidate when he makes his next move.

Joe Fine | Lobbyist | Fine Geddie & Associates

Joe Fine is the bellwether lobbyist. When a tough legislative fight is on the horizon, the whole State House looks to see which direction Fine is pulling to get an idea of what the outcome may be. Fine Geddie clients trust him implicitly and allow him to direct their resources in the most effective manner. Because of that, they are the one lobbying firm that comes to the table with serious money during campaign season. Fine’s longevity is a direct result of his one-of-a-kind combination of experience, knowledge, relationships and financial power. He garners so much respect at the State House that there is a seat in the Senate gallery in which no one else even dreams of sitting. Even though there isn’t a nameplate on the back of the chair, everyone knows it’s the perch where Fine sits atop the lobbying world.