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Parents, please teach your kids respect of country, flag and president



As a society, many parents are failing. Not only are they failing themselves, they are also failing their children. This “failing” has a lot to do with the techniques they use in raising and teaching their children.

Children must be taught to love while abiding the law and others. It seems as though more and more parents are unwilling to parent their children properly. Usually, it isn’t that they don’t care, they just aren’t sure what to do. One thing parents must be sure of is that they instill American values in their children. Values to love and protect this land and all that it stands for. What we have seen within the last year from certain organizations like Antifa is a rebellion of children, and sometimes adults, who did not get their way. They are disgruntled because they can not act or do as they please.

What is it that these childish beings seek? A leader? A teacher? A friend?

They search for all of this, when in fact they should be searching for respect and patience. No riot or protest where fighting and destruction is involved will change things for the better in America.

I see young adults in the streets burning America’s flag while saying, “Not my president!” That is heartbreaking. It is hard for me, as someone who loves this country and its many opportunities, to sit back and watch these brats spit on, step on, and burn the American flag. Flag desecration and the destruction of others’ property is beyond disgusting. Millions with that flag sewn into their clothing have died while fighting to provide a better life for all of us here on American soil.

I have news for all of you who parade around each day protesting: It is 2018, and Donald Trump is your president. Along with millions of others, I sat back for 8 years and allowed Obama to run this country the way he saw fit. I see now that the way he saw fit included greatly increasing our debt, sparing the lives of some of our country’s greatest heroes, and creating an uncontrollable race war. I had the decency to stay at home while Obama wasted tax dollars. I didn’t argue with radical leftists. I was raised properly. My parents taught me respect. They taught me how to learn from others and associate with others in a moral manner. For that, I am eternally grateful.

To all parents and caretakers in America: I ask that you sit down with your children and discuss these problems. If you aren’t sure of what guidance to give them so that they can become a more caring and loving person, read articles or books. Show them that they matter while also telling them that others matter. The days of children thinking that the world revolves around them should be no more. At our current state, we have too many other problems to worry about. Show your children the great things America offers and reveal to them the dangers of Venezuela, North Korea and Iran. Show them how great they are being treated in America.

It is time for millennials to change the political realm in America. Be the generation that assisted them in doing so. Millennials must reach across the aisle and work with one another and that all begins with the values that you teach them when they are a child.

Kyle Morris is a senior at the University of Alabama and a Yellowhammer News contributor. He also writes for The Daily Caller.

Follow Kyle on Twitter: @RealKyleMorris