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Palmer: Durham report proves DOJ politicized

U.S. Rep. Gary Palmer (R-Hoover) said the Department of Justice (DOJ) has become too politicized and the proof is in Special Counsel John Durham’s newly released report.

Durham’s 306-page report was released Monday, exposing problems with the DOJ and FBI investigation into allegations of the Trump campaign colluding with Russia.

Wednesday on WVNN’s “The Yaffee Program,” Palmer reacted to the report’s findings.

“It exposed the fact that our Justice Department has been politicized,” Palmer said. “They participated in a fraud. That’s about as plain as I can put it. They knew that the Russia deal was a hoax. They knew it originated with the Clinton campaign, and they ran with it and tried to give legitimacy to it. This was an orchestrated effort to deprive the American public of their vote in certain respects. It was clearly intended to affect the outcome of the election.”

The congressman said the problematic investigation was then used by Democrats in Congress to destroy Trump’s whole presidency.

“The Mueller report, the investigations, the first attempt to impeach the president, it was all built around this,” he said. “And they finally realized it was going nowhere so they then brought up the Ukraine issue, his conversation with President Zelensky to impeach him the first time.”

Palmer said Congress needs to step in and figure out a way to prevent this kind of thing from happening again.

“I’m looking toward (U.S. Rep.) Jim Jordan and the Judiciary Committee for the solution,” he said. “I think you’re going to see action taken through the Judiciary Committee, but I also think you’ll see action taken through the appropriations process.”

Jordan (R-Ohio) has asked Durham to testify in front of the Judiciary Committee.

Palmer blasted the FBI for allowing the investigation to last as long as it did.

“I just hope people haven’t forgotten that [Democrats] were pursuing the Russia hoax as a basis for impeachment,” he said, “and the FBI never stepped in and said ‘wait a minute guys, this is all fake.'”

Yaffee is a contributing writer to Yellowhammer News and hosts “The Yaffee Program” weekdays 9-11 a.m. on WVNN. You can follow him on Twitter @Yaffee

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