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Jeffrey Earnhardt shares how different Daytona is from any other track

NASCAR Driver Jeffrey Earnhardt called into The Ford Faction to talk about the big race last week in Daytona.  Jeffrey mentioned the differences in the track from other race tracks he’s competed on.  Jeffrey was able to finish in 11th place last week which was a big step for him and his team.

“Just proud of all these guys. Nine Line Foundation, Black Rifle Coffee, Xtreme Concepts – they are the reason I am here with the cause that they are trying to push and its just an honor to get to be a part of it. It’s an incredible company and they support our country, our military and all of our veterans. I am so happy I got them a good run. Everyone kept asking me what it means to come here with the Earnhardt name at Daytona, and it does mean a lot, don’t get me wrong. But to show support to our veterans and be a part of what the foundation is doing…..that meant more to me than anything tonight. Proud of all the guys at Premium in giving me a good car tonight and keeping the car in one piece. Its my best career finish in the Cup series, so hopefully this will lead to some more sponsorship and get me back out here on the track more often”- Jeffrey Earnhardt

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