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Hoover protest leader calls ‘black folk’ who do not agree with him ‘house negros’

The leader of escalating protests in Hoover, Carlos Chaverst, Jr., took to social media to attack black people who disapprove of his actions, which could soon include protesting at Hoover High School.

Chaverst, as a professional activist, has led the charge for protesters in the wake of Emantic “E.J.” Bradford, Jr.’s officer-involved shooting death at the Riverchase Galleria on Thanksgiving night. Chaverst has rallied protesters to not only target the mall, but businesses all around the city, saying the goal was to make the city “broke.”

Just this week, the protests escalated to blocking traffic on I-459 and I-65, and now, Chaverst has declared that protesters will take to Hoover High sometime Thursday.

In response to his actions, he has received pushback from white people (who Chaverst calls “WYPIPO,” which is a phonetic spelling of mispronouncing the two words) and black people alike, who do not want to see citizens, business owners and students who had nothing to do with the tragedy hurt by the protests.

In a Facebook post, Chaverst lashed out at the black people who do not agree with his protest methods.

“When black folk are saying the EXACT same thing these racist WYPIPO are saying I tune it out because there’s no place, in my world, for house negros. That’s what you are. Let me and my folk work in the fields while your scary ass in the house with massa,” Chaverst wrote.

This came after he recently called a black radio host who did not agree with him a “coon.” This thought process by Chaverst seems to be consistent, as he has posted a doctored pictured of Kanye West as a white person, too.

Chaverst also posted on Facebook Thursday that he wants “WYPIPO” in and around Hoover to feel “afraid.” In the same post, he compared the four girls killed at 16th Street Baptist Church in 1963 to the planned Hoover High protest.

The protest leader has threatened to use “ANY MEANS NECESSARY” in his efforts.

Hoover PD has vowed that protests on city schools’ property will not be allowed and that they will also “ensure the free flow of traffic” in the city.

Sean Ross is a staff writer for Yellowhammer News. You can follow him on Twitter @sean_yhn