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Heard in the Hallway: Gov. Kay Ivey’s campaign is sitting on a mountain of cash, waiting to spend until the time is right

(Governor Kay Ivey)


Yellowhammer News just heard in the hallway talk about Governor Kay Ivey’s “burn rate,” which is the amount of cash a campaign is spending versus the amount it’s raising.

Ivey’s burn rate is very low, according to a consultant working with the Ivey camp.

She ended last month with more than $2 million cash-on-hand, which is nearly twice that of her nearest challenger, Huntsville Mayor Tommy Battle, who has almost $1.2 million.

“The other candidates are burning as much money as they’re bringing in,” the consultant said. “The governor’s burn rate is exceptionally positive, which positions her to invest when it comes time.”

Burn rates are important because a candidate can flameout too early if they’re not wise with their investments. Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, an early contender in the last presidential election, didn’t even make it to the first GOP primary because he spent wildly, hiring nearly 100 expensive staffers while other campaigns scaled-up gradually.

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