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  • Honoring Korean War Veterans

    From an Alabama Department of Veterans Affairs news release:

    The Alabama Department of Veterans Affairs is seeking Korean
    War veterans for the Korean Ambassador of Peace medal. The Korean government
    would like to show their respect and gratitude for the devotion and sacrifice of the U.S. troops during the Korean War by presenting the medals to veterans.

    Sometimes called “The Forgotten War,” in part because its memory is often
    overshadowed by World War II and the Vietnam War, it began after some 75,000 North Korean soldiers poured into South Korea on June 25, 1950. By the time the war ended in July 1953, an estimated 5 million soldiers and civilians had died, including more than 700 from Alabama.

    South Korea’s government began offering the medals in 1975 to veterans who visited
    the country through its “Revisit Program,” which was meant to show gratitude for the
    vets’ service, as well as see how the country has prospered since the armistice was

    In Alabama, there are 21,991 Korean War veterans, according to the U.S. Department
    of Veterans Affairs. But the state does not have a list of their names and addresses, so
    has to rely on word of mouth and local media to alert veterans to the honor.

    Veterans should call 334-242-5084 to receive an application for the medal. A medal
    presentation ceremony will be held at a later date.

  • AG Steve Marshall, CVS Health Announce Safe Drug Disposal Program in Alabama

    Excerpt from an Alabama Attorney General news release:

    Attorney General Steve Marshall joined with CVS Health Chief Policy and External Affairs Officer Thomas Moriarty, Jefferson County Sheriff Mike Hale, Homewood Mayor Scott McBrayer and Homewood Police Chief Tim Ross today to announce a safe medication disposal program in Alabama.

    CVS Health has provided in-store drug disposal units at five of its stores in Alabama and also has equipped 36 law enforcement agencies with on-site disposal units to provide a regularly available means for people to properly discard unused medications.
    “It is extremely dangerous to keep unused prescription drugs on hand when they are no longer needed,” said Attorney General Marshall. “Many of these are controlled substances, and opioids, in particular, can bring tragic results. We have had tremendous success with Drug Take-Back days in Alabama and these permanent collection sites provided by CVS Health are a valuable asset because now there is a way for people to safely dispose of drugs year-round.”

    Alabama ranks first in the nation for the number of painkiller prescriptions per capita, and Attorney General Marshall has made fighting opioid abuse a cornerstone of his administration. He serves as co-chair of the Alabama Opioid Overdose and Addiction Council which issued a comprehensive action plan last December. In February of this year he filed a lawsuit against Purdue Pharma for the harm caused by its reckless marketing and sales of opioids.

    “CVS Health is dedicated to addressing and preventing opioid abuse in the communities we serve in Alabama and across the country,” said Moriarty. “Expanding our safe medication disposal program to CVS Pharmacy locations in Alabama is one of the many initiatives we support to fulfill that commitment and our purpose of helping people on their path to better health.”

    Homewood Mayor Scott McBrayer said, “I would like to thank CVS Health for choosing Homewood to officially launch their safe drug disposal program in Alabama. Keeping unused prescription drugs off the streets and out of the hands of those who might be harmed by them requires a team effort. Pharmacies, law enforcement and every citizen has a key role to play. I appreciate CVS Health for taking steps to reduce the likelihood of accidental poisoning and drug abuse in our community by making it easy to dispose of unused and expired medicines while shopping at our local CVS Pharmacy.”

  • Rep. Byrne Calls for Rural Hospital Relief

    Excerpt from a Congressman Byrne news release:

    Congressman Bradley Byrne (R-AL) recently partnered with a bipartisan group of Members of Congress in urging Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar to fix the Medicare Area Wage Index, which severely hurts Alabama’s hospitals.

    Alabama has the lowest Medicare reimbursement rate in the country. Based in large part on the Wage Index, seventy-five percent of Alabama’s hospitals are operating at a loss with an average median operating margin of negative 6.5 percent. The problem is worse in rural Alabama, where hospitals have a median operating margin of negative 12.2 percent. Unless changes are made to the Wage Index formula, the problem will continue to get worse and additional Alabama hospital closure is likely.

    Congressman Byrne said: “We are facing a medical crisis in rural America. For too long, the Medicare Area Wage Index has been gamed by hospitals in very affluent parts of the country at the expense of rural America. Congress granted CMS wide authority to administer the Wage Index, and it is time the system be reformed in order to ensure continued access to hospital care for those in rural Alabama and rural areas throughout the United States.”

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University of Alabama System chooses new interim chancellor Finis E. St. John

(Finis E. St. John IV)

The University of Alabama System has chosen an interim chancellor to replace the retiring of current chancellor Jay Hayes at the end of the month.

Finis E. “Fess” St. John, IV, who currently serves on the UA system’s Board of Trustees, will succeed Hayes on August 1.

St. John will take an unpaid leave of absence from St. John & St. John law firm in Cullman and will serve as interim chancellor without compensation.


“The fact that Fess St. John is willing to serve as our Interim Chancellor without compensation is a tremendous public service,” Board Trustee Joe Epsy said in a statement.

“We are extremely grateful that he is willing to step in and take on these complex administrative duties at a crucial time for our campuses and the UAB Health System,” Epsy continued, in part.

St. John graduated cum laude from Alabama in 1978, where he was a member of Phi Beta Kappa, Omicron Delta Kappa and Jasons. He went on to receive a law degree from the University of Virginia.

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Kay Ivey hits back at Walt Maddox campaign for ‘limited energy’ comment, says he ‘doesn’t have enough energy’ to take a stand on Kavanaugh

(Maddox/YouTube, Ivey/Flickr)

Last week, Tuscaloosa Mayor Walt Maddox and his campaign for governor took a shot at Governor Kay Ivey’s age, saying the 73-year-old has “limited energy.”

The Ivey campaign responded Monday with a news release blasting Maddox for remaining silent on President Donald Trump’s Brett Kavanaugh nomination to SCOTUS, claiming the Tuscaloosa mayor “doesn’t have enough energy to take a stand” one way or the other on Kavanaugh.

The Ivey news release reads as follows:


Walt Maddox has shown his true liberal colors by refusing to support President Donald Trump’s pick for the Supreme Court. His repeated dodging and silence has shown that he is going to toe the liberals’ pro-choice party line.

Last week, when asked multiple times about President Trump’s nominee to the U.S. Supreme Court, Maddox refused to support Judge Brett Kavanaugh, who will protect life and defend the Second Amendment. Apparently Maddox doesn’t have enough “energy” to take a stand.

The reality is now clear as day — Maddox’s moderate talk doesn’t match his liberal walk. Alabamians won’t be fooled by a smooth talker who won’t stand up to the radical liberals who now run the Democrat party.

Governor Kay Ivey has made it clear: she supports President Trump’s pick, and encourages all United States Senators to vote for his confirmation. Ivey will always fight to protect Alabamians’ Constitutionally-protected rights, and she is the only candidate for Governor who has been endorsed by the NRA, Susan B. Anthony List, and the Alabama Citizens for Life.

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Alabama first responders go through ‘crucial’ active shooter training

Thursday, over 60 officers from Calhoun County Sheriff’s Office, Anniston Police Department and Oxford Police Department endured inter-agency training at the Xtreme Concepts Inc. (XCI) Training Facility in Anniston, AL., to combat an active shooter situation.

Per a news release, the group went through three “challenging” scenarios dealing with an active shooter at XCI’s facility, formerly known as Fort McClellan, to “simulate a diverse field of situations.”

“I wanted to put something in there that they don’t see,” Anniston police Sgt. Donny Smith said, regarding a female shooter in an office romance gone bad scenario. “I want to get inside their heads.”


Experts from the Federal Bureau of Investigation assisted in the Thursday training session designed to improve collaboration between various departments to combat potential active shooter situations.

Xtreme Concepts Inc.
Xtreme Concepts Inc.
Xtreme Concepts Inc.
Xtreme Concepts Inc.

A portion of the news release as follows:

The Xtreme Concepts explosives experts were able to create situations where improvised explosives are placed inside an active shooter situation. These improvised explosive devices have been found at places in out state such as Magnolia Elementary School in Trussville in 2016 or the most recent event at Santa Fe High School in Texas this year where similar explosive incendiary devices were found at the school.

“It is always a pleasure to host these first responders who put their lives on the line for our communities every day. Anything that we can do at our facility to make Alabama a safer place is a priority for us,” Landon Ash, CEO of Xtreme Concepts, said.

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Roy Moore says he was duped by Sacha Baron Cohen, threatens legal action


Former Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore claims he has been duped by comedic actor Sacha Baron Cohen for Cohen’s upcoming Showtime series, “Who Is America?”, and is threatening legal action.

Moore released a statement Thursday detailing his encounter with Cohen, who is best known for his role in “Borat”. Moore blasted the actor, saying he will go to court if Showtime airs a “defamatory attack” on his character.

Statement from Roy Moore as follows:


In February 2018, I was invited to Washington D. C. to receive an award for my strong support of Israel in commemoration of her 70th anniversary as a nation. Because Alabama has always been at the forefront of support of Israel and because I share a strong belief in God as the Creator and Sustainer of all life, as does Israel, I eventually accepted the invitation. Expenses were paid, and I received no private remuneration for my time or participation. I did not know Sacha Cohen or that a Showtime TV series was being planned to embarrass, humiliate, and mock not only Israel, but also religious conservatives such as Sarah Palin, Joe Walsh, and Dick Cheney.

I do not apologize for my belief in God or the common religious and cultural heritage that Israel shares with America.

As an Alabamian, I believe in truth and honesty, which the shadowy media groups behind this illicit scheme do not. Obviously, people like Cohen who mock not only Israel but those who support Israel and the principles upon which America is based, do not share my beliefs.

I don’t need Sacha Cohen to tell me who America is, but I can tell him that America is a proud Nation which sprang from humble beginnings and a strong belief in God, virtue, and morality.

As an American, I would never hide my identity and deceive others only to mock and ridicule them as this Showtime Series is designed to do. America is not only about being proud but about being brave and standing for what we believe.

I am involved in several court cases presently to defend my honor and character against vicious false political attacks by liberals like Cohen. If Showtime airs a defamatory attack on my character, I may very well be involved in another. As for Mr. Cohen, whose art is trickery, deception, and dishonesty, Alabama does not respect cowards who exhibit such traits! It’s been a long time since I fought for my country in Vietnam. I’m ready to defend her again!”

The “Who Is America” series is set to premiere Sunday, July 15, at 9 p.m. central.

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Alabama ranks 24th among the best states to retire in


A recent study conducted by concluded that the Yellowhammer State is the 24th best state for retirees.

The study looked at categories of cost of living, taxes, healthcare quality, weather, crime, cultural vitality, and well-being, and weighted their value based upon a survey Bankrate conducted last year.

Alabama scored 6th and 7th in the cost of living and weather categories respectively, but ranked 44th, 47th, and 38th in the categories of crime, culture, and well-being.


South Dakota and Utah were ranked the best states to retire in and New Mexico and New York were ranked the worst.

Read more here.


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OUCH: Alabama ranked one of the worst states in the country to start a business


A Wallet Hub study found Alabama to not be a “sweet home” for business startups.

Wallet Hub compared each state’s business environment, access to resources, and business costs to determine the quality of each state’s atmosphere for creating a new business.

The study determined Alabama to be 41st out of the 50 states for business creation.


The business environment aspect looked at data including the average length of work week, startups per capita, and five-year business survival rate. Access to resources included the working-age population, access to financing, and higher education assets, while business costs dove into data for office-space affordability, corporate taxes, and labor costs, and more.

According to Wallet Hub’s study, Alabama was found to be 48th overall in business environment,  41st in access to resources, and 9th in business costs.

Source: WalletHub

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Alabama coal company reopens, names $2.7 million excavator after President Trump for ending ‘war on coal’

An Alabama coal company is crediting President Donald Trump for its reopening after being idle since February 2014.

In a news release, RJR Mining Company, Inc. announced the purchase of a $2.7 million Hitachi 1900 excavator that it named “Trump” in honor of the president’s efforts to end the “war on coal” started by former President Barack Obama

“This will be the largest capital investment we have ever made,” RJR shareholder Randy Johnson said in an attached copy of a letter sent to President Trump. “We will provide more jobs than we ever have. You have restored our confidence, our excitement, and our desire to stay involved.”


The company, based out of Cullman, said it expects to spend around $900,000 a month to operate what it says will be its largest surface mine to date. The new mine will produce both traditional steam coal and met coal, which are used to make steel.

(Alabama Coal Association)

“We are grateful for President Trump strengthening the economy, creating jobs, and encouraging investment in all sectors, including the coal industry,” said Alabama Coal Association president Patrick Cagle. “We also thank the President for ending the war on coal, but there is still work left to do to keep future administrations from targeting our industry with punitive regulations.”

Letter to President Donald Trump as follows:

2 weeks ago

Mobile, Montgomery are among top 50 cities losing most population to migration

(Made in Alabama, Maxwell AFB)

Two of Alabama’s four largest cities are getting smaller, according to a report by the financial news publication 24/7 Wall Street.

The report, which utilized data published by the U.S. Census Bureau’s Population Estimates Program, ranks Mobile and Montgomery 39th and 27th respectively on a list of 50 American cities seeing the largest net depopulation due to migration.

Mobile saw 8,517 of its citizens leave between 2010 and 2017.


The state capital of Montgomery had 10,317 people leave during the same period.

Number 1 on the list is the Chicago metropolitan area, which saw a net decline of 296,320 people between 2010 and 2017.

Read the full report here.

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Dog left in parked car at Trussville Walmart seven hours dies

(Trussville PD/Facebook)

Charges will be filed against the woman they believe left a dog in a parked car for seven hours Wednesday at the Trussville Walmart, ABC 33/40 reports.

Trussville Police Department’s Lt. Phil Dillon told ABC 33/40 an unidentified woman parked in the Walmart parking lot around 4 a.m. Wednesday, leaving the dog in the vehicle with the windows up.

Per WBRC, authorities were alerted around 11 a.m. after multiple people noticed there was a dog left in the sweltering heat.


Dillon said Trussville Police Department’s policy is to locate the owner before any action is made. Walmart employees attempted to page the vehicle’s owner, but never heard anything, says the WBRC report.

Police eventually busted out a window in attempt to save the dog, but the news station says the dog died soon after, despite being treated immediately with water.

The woman, reportedly not an employee at Walmart, offered no explanation to police as to why she was inside the store for such a long time, but Dillon told WBRC charges will be filed.

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Alabama’s ‘Highlands’ named one of the ‘30 most influential restaurants of the last 30 years’

(Highlands Bar and Grill/Facebook)

Birmingham’s Highlands Bar and Grill has had an impressive run in 2018.

This year, the restaurant took home the most outstanding restaurant honor at the James Beard Awards, while pastry chef Dolester Miles won the award for the most outstanding pastry chef.

Robb Report named executive chef and owner Frank Stitt’s restaurant Monday one of “The 30 Most Influential Restaurants of the Last 30 Years.”


Star Chef Mike Lata praised Highlands Bar and Grill in Robb Report’s rundown, saying Stitt has “paved the way for new Southern cooking.”

From Lata, via Robb Report:

“Highlands paved the way for new Southern cooking. Frank Stitt had studied in France for a long time and basically brought back all his knowledge and sensibilities and his passion for French food and applied it to Southern cooking. He then created a great experience—both food and service—that hadn’t been achieved of yet in the South. It’s around 35 years old, and it’s still recognized today as being a restaurant that has changed so many people’s outlooks on what was possible with Southern food.”

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Saraland City Schools to have full-time armed school resource officer at each school

(Saraland City Schools/Facebook)

The Saraland City School Board announced Friday their plans to implement full-time armed resource officers at each of its four campuses, says a Fox 10 TV report.

Per Fox 10 TV, the move is in partnership with the Saraland Police Department and will reportedly start in the fall of 2019.


“Saraland currently enjoys an outstanding school system, and it is essential that we do everything possible to provide for the safety of our children,” Saraland Mayor Howard Rubenstein said in a news release, via Fox 10 TV. “The City believes that working with Saraland City Schools to have a police officer assigned to each school is very important to Saraland families, and we look forward to implementing this program.”

2 weeks ago

Alabama AG hopeful Troy King resumes campaign, vows to ‘focus on the issues’

(Troy King for Attorney General/Facebook)

Alabama Attorney General Republican candidate Troy King announced Saturday his campaign is back on.

King paused his campaign after news broke that the wife of his opponent, Steve Marshall, passed away last week.

He said on Facebook his campaign will be a discussion of political records and qualifications, adding his family has been attacked and he does not want that to happen to Marshall in the wake of Bridgette Gentry Marshall’s death.


King’s post as follows:

Paige and I continue to pray for the Marshall and Gentry families. Our hearts go out to them in this unbearable time of tragedy.

After a week of pausing our campaign, we will, today, begin to air advertisements on television and radio. My commercials will, as they always have, focus on the issues and my qualifications to be the Republican nominee for Alabama Attorney General, as compared to the qualifications of my opponent.

I want to be very clear. I will not speak of Mr. Marshall’s family. I believe there is no place in any political campaign for questions of or attacks on anyone’s spouse or children. During my political career, my family has been attacked and I know what a horrible and unfair toll that takes on your family. I would never do that to anyone else.

I commit that I will keep my campaign to a discussion of our political records and our Republican qualifications and allow the voters to decide this race on the merits alone.

2 weeks ago

Sen. Doug Jones: Democrats don’t have to ‘get down in the gutter’ to fight back

(Doug Jones for Senate/Facebook)

Sen. Doug Jones appeared on CNN this week to respond to Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) calling on people to confront members of President Trump’s administration in public.

In the interview, Jones said Democrats should be “focusing on the issues of the day” instead of “name-calling and bullying.”


“I’m not saying don’t fight back,” Jones explained. “You fight back on issues that are important. You don’t have to fight back with name-calling and bullying and trying to yell people down. Fight back on the issues. I still believe that the issues that we have facing this country that Democrats have better solutions — that’s how you fight back. You fight back in the trenches with the issues of the day.”

He continued, saying, “[M]aybe I was raised different than some of these folks, but I just don’t think you have to get down in the gutter and name call and try to bully people.”

Jones faces the decision of voting with the people of Alabama for President Trump’s Supreme Court nominee or voting with the Democrats against the pick.

3 weeks ago

Wow: Montgomery volunteers build a brand new playground in how long??

(Coca-Cola United)

A Montgomery non-profit scored big on June 9 when more than 300 volunteers helped to construct a brand-new playground on its property, and it took less than six hours.

Common Ground Montgomery’s new toys were made possible by Dr. Pepper Snapple Group’s ‘Let’s Play’ initiative and its non-profit partner KaBOOM, as well as a coalition of laborers from Montgomery Coca-Cola Bottling, Walmart, Maxwell Airforce Base, and the Alabama State University football team.


The leadership at Common Ground stressed the importance of having such a space for their pupils to just be kids.

“Play is important to children’s physical, emotional, social and intellectual development, but research shows kids are becoming more sedentary and not getting the activity they need,” said Kevin King, Associate Director, Common Ground Montgomery.

Only one in four kids in the U.S. are getting the recommended daily amount of physical activity, according to KaBOOM.

The new playground offers children of the community another chance to reverse that trend.

“A playground is something that this community has desperately needed,” said Bryan Kelly, Founder, Common Ground Montgomery. “We are extremely thankful for the support of the over 300 volunteers who worked extremely hard in the hot June sun to make this dream a reality for local children.”

The playground was officially dedicated on June 22.

Watch its construction here.

3 weeks ago

Bill ‘Bubba’ Bussey receives heart stent, shares special moment with Alabama nurse


Bill “Bubba” Bussey, beloved radio co-host of the Birmingham-based and wildly popular “Rick and Bubba Show,” said his Friday morning procedure went well and was all smiles in an Instagram photo he shared after a successful heart stent placement.

“We are out! All good, now just a lot of recover time and being very very still. Your prayers have been heard and felt!!!” he wrote on Instagram.

Bussey, in his early 50s, was on his feet Friday, writing on Instagram that “Bubba seems to be feeling better,” sharing a playful moment with an “unnamed nurse” he helped with her “volley.”


Early this morning, Bussey said in an Instagram post with the St. Vincent’s East location stamp that he shared a special moment with a retiring nurse:

“So many people to thank for the great care I got this weekend… but this lady ‘Miss Sandra’ was retiring after 30 plus years of nursing. I was her last patient, of her last shift!! She checked my pulse on the way out the door! Happy retirement Sandra! Thanks for letting me be a part of this special moment.”

From all of us at Yellowhammer News, get well soon, Bubba!

4 weeks ago

Port of Mobile welcomes home a Harley-Davidson used during World War I

(Alabama State Port Authority)

A true piece of history arrived at the Port of Mobile yesterday.

The 1918 Harley-Davidson Model J motorcycle was brought over from France to drive on American soil for the first time since it was manufactured some 100 years ago.

Its current stage of life began about 10 years ago when a wealthy Frenchman named Christophe de Goulaine, of the notorious Château de Goulaine in Nantes, purchased the Model J and had it refurbished, with the intentions of bringing it home to its land of birth.


Last month, the Harley was put on a ship docked at Port Saint-Nazaire in France and sailed to Alabama’s Port City.

Until Monday, the GulfQuest National Maritime Museum in Mobile will be displaying the Model J for visitors to see though on Saturday morning, those who want to see it will have to visit the Mobile Bay Harley-Davidson.

“We thought it was a rare opportunity for us to showcase a piece of military history that transited seaports 100 years ago, assisted the war effort, and found its way back home through the Port of Mobile,” Brent Beall, Interim Executive Director for the museum, said in a press release.

After that, de Goulaine and the bike’s restorer, Pierre Lauvergeat, will drive it all around the country: first stop, Jacksonville, Florida.

The two also intend to stop in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, at the Harley-Davidson Headquarters.

“In all, we plan to complete 9000 kilometers (5600 miles) on a 1918 motorcycle without any special technical assistance,” de Goulaine said.

1 month ago

Pro-life groups gather to protest planned abortion clinic visible from I-65 in Birmingham

State Rep. Arnold Mooney (R-Birmingham) speaks at a prayer vigil near the site of a Planned Parenthood clinic in Birmingham, June 2018 (Sarah Howell)

Last weekend more than 200 anti-abortion activists gathered for a “We Say No!” prayer vigil on the sidewalk in front of an undeveloped property adjacent to I-65 in downtown Birmingham that was recently purchased by Planned Parenthood Southeast, according to organizers.

The Charismatic Episcopal Church for Life (CEC For Life), along with many other local pro-life groups and leaders, organized the event as a city-wide prayer vigil in response to PPSE announcing plans to build a new abortion clinic for their Birmingham affiliate.

Early plans indicate that the facility will be visible to passing motorists on busy I-65.


Many pastors and community leaders offered public prayers, including State Representative Arnold Mooney, Evangelist Scott Dawson, Bishop Demetrics Roscoe of Living Church Ministries and Natalie Brumfield of Bound4Life.

“Planned Parenthood Birmingham holds itself out as a healthcare provider but deceives citizens and state officials, harms women, and kills our children,” said Rev, Terry Gensemer, International Director of CEC For Life, in a statement. “People talk about safe spaces. Planned Parenthood is the last abortion center in the city.  If they closed for good, Birmingham would become one of the largest and safest metropolitan spaces in the country for mothers and children in the womb.  How beautiful would that be?”

“When people drive into our city, they can see Vulcan, Regions Field, Railroad Park – all old and new symbols of our great city,” he said. “Imagine a huge Planned Parenthood sitting front and center to all of that.  Do we want abortion to become the first thing people see about Birmingham? I certainly don’t.”

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1 month ago

What is ‘Fake News’? J. Pepper Bryars to discuss in Huntsville panel Wednesday night


What is fake news and how do you spot it? Yellowhammer News Editor J. Pepper Bryars will join other community leaders in a panel discussion and town hall event Wednesday, June 6, from 6-8 p.m. at the Huntsville Public Library. Join us!

1 month ago

Don’t forget to vote today!


Alabama voters will vote today in the state’s primary elections, which will decide who runs against who in the general elections in November.

Make sure and find your polling place on the Secretary of State’s website and let your voice count.

If you want to look over a sample ballot before you hit the polls, you may find yours here.

1 month ago

Here’s where you can get sample ballots for tomorrow’s elections in Alabama


Don’t know who you’re going to vote for in tomorrow’s primary elections in Alabama?

Don’t know who’s running in those down-ballot races that nobody ever talks about?

Don’t worry! You can download and print a sample ballot right now by following this link.

Now, get out and vote, Alabama!

2 months ago

Alabama Forestry Association releases its slate of endorsements

(Alabama Forestry Association)

The Alabama Forestry Association, whose website states that it represents “every facet of Alabama’s forestry community— from the stump (landowners and logging contractors) to forest product manufacturing facilities,” has released its slate of endorsements for the upcoming primaries.

Here’s the complete list, according to Bill Harris, the organization’s political affairs director:



  • Governor: Kay Ivey* — Republican.
  • Lt. Governor: Will Ainsworth — Republican.
  • Secretary of State: John Merrill* — Republican.
  • State Treasurer: John McMillan — Republican.
  • Commissioner of Agriculture: Rick Pate — Republican


  • Supreme Court Chief Justice: Lyn Stuart* — Republican.
  • Supreme Court Place 1: Brad Mendheim — Republican.
  • Supreme Court Place 3: Will Sellers* — Republican.
  • Supreme Court Place 4: Jay Mitchell — Republican.
  • Supreme Court Place 2: Tommy Bryan*— Republican.


  • Court of Civil Appeals Place 1: Michelle Thomason — Republican.
  • Court of Civil Appeals Place 2: Terri Thomas*— Republican.
  • Court of Civil Appeals Place 3: Terry Moore*-—Republican.


  • Court of Criminal Appeals Place 2: Chris McCool — Republican.
  • Court of Criminal Appeals Place 3: Bill Cole — Republican.
  • Court of Criminal Appeals Place 1: Richard Minor — Republican.


  • Alabama State Senate District 1: Tim Melson* — Republican.
  • Alabama Senate District 3: Arthur Orr* — Republican.
  • Alabama Senate District 4: Paul Bussman* — Republican.
  • Alabama Senate District 5: Greg Reed* — Republican.
  • Alabama Senate District 6: Larry Stutts* — Republican.
  • Alabama Senate District 7: Sam Givhan — Republican.
  • Alabama Senate District 8: Steve Livingston* — Republican.
  • Alabama Senate District 9: Clay Scofield* — Republican.
  • Alabama Senate District 10: Mack Butler — Republican.
  • Alabama Senate District 11: Jim McClendon* — Republican.
  • Alabama Senate District 12: Del Marsh* — Republican.
  • Alabama Senate District 14: Cam Ward* — Republican
  • Alabama Senate District 15: Dan Roberts — Republican.
  • Alabama Senate District 16: Jabo Waggoner* — Republican.
  • Alabama Senate District 17: Shay Shelnutt* — Republican.
  • Alabama Senate District 18: Rodger Smitherman* — Democrat.
  • Alabama Senate District 21: Gerald Allen* — Republican.
  • Alabama Senate District 22: Greg Albritton* — Republican.
  • Alabama Senate District 24: Bobby Singleton* — Democrat.
  • Alabama Senate District 25: Will Barfoot — Republican.
  • Alabama Senate District 27: Tom Whatley* — Republican.
  • Alabama Senate District 28: Billy Beasley* — Democrat.
  • Alabama Senate District 29: Donnie Chesteen — Republican.
  • Alabama Senate District 30: Clyde Chambliss* — Republican.
  • Alabama Senate District 31: Jimmy Holley* — Republican.
  • Alabama Senate District 32: David Northcutt — Republican.
  • Alabama Senate District 34: Jack Williams — Republican.
  • Alabama Senate District 35: David Sessions — Republican.


  • Alabama House District 1: Phillip Pettus* — Republican.
  • Alabama House District 2: Lynn Greer* — Republican.
  • Alabama House District 3: Andrew Sorrell — Republican.
  • Alabama House District 4: Tom Fredrick — Republican.
  • Alabama House District 5: Danny Crawford* — Republican.
  • Alabama House District 6: Andy Whitt — Republican.
  • Alabama House District 7: Proncey Robertson — Republican.
  • Alabama House District 8: Terri Collins* — Republican.
  • Alabama House District 10: Mike Ball* — Republican.
  • Alabama House District 12: Corey Harbison* — Republican.
  • Alabama House District 13: Connie Rowe* — Republican.
  • Alabama House District 14: Tim Wadsworth* — Republican.
  • Alabama House District 15: Allen Farley* — Republican.
  • Alabama House District 16: Kyle South* — Republican.
  • Alabama House District 20: Howard Sanderford* — Republican.
  • Alabama House District 21: Rex Reynolds — Republican.
  • Alabama House District 22: Ritchie Whorton* — Republican.
  • Alabama House District 23: Tommy Hanes* — Republican.
  • Alabama House District 24: Nathaniel Ledbetter* — Republican.
  • Alabama House District 25: Mac McCutcheon* — Republican.
  • Alabama House District 26: Kerry Rich* — Republican.
  • Alabama House District 27: Wes Kitchens — Republican.
  • Alabama House District 29: Becky Nordgren* — Republican.
  • Alabama House District 31: Mike Holmes* — Republican.
  • Alabama House District 34: David Standridge* — Republican.
  • Alabama House District 36: Randy Wood* — Republican.
  • Alabama House District 37: Bob Fincher* — Republican.
  • Alabama House District 40: K.L. Brown* — Republican.
  • Alabama House District 41: Corley Ellis* — Republican.
  • Alabama House District 43: Arnold Mooney* — Republican.
  • Alabama House District 44: Danny Garrett* — Republican.
  • Alabama House District 45: Dickie Drake* — Republican.
  • Alabama House District 46: David Faulkner* — Republican.
  • Alabama House District 47: David Wheeler — Republican.
  • Alabama House District 48: Jim Carns* — Republican.
  • Alabama House District 49: April Weaver* — Republican.
  • Alabama House District 50: Jim Hill* — Republican.
  • Alabama House District 51: Allen Treadaway* — Republican.
  • Alabama House District 53: Anthony Daniels* — Democrat.
  • Alabama House District 55: Rod Scott* — Democrat.
  • Alabama House District 61: Rodney Sullivan — Republican.
  • Alabama House District 62: Rich Wingo* — Republican.
  • Alabama House District 63: Bill Poole* — Republican.
  • Alabama House District 65: Elaine Beech* — Democrat.
  • Alabama House District 66: Alan Baker* — Republican.
  • Alabama House District 67: Prince Chesnutt* — Democrat.
  • Alabama House District 68: Thomas Jackson* — Democrat.
  • Alabama House District 70: Chris England* — Democrat.
  • Alabama House District 71: A.J. McCampbell* — Democrat.
  • Alabama House District 73: Matt Fridy* — Republican.
  • Alabama House District 75: Reed Ingram* — Republican.
  • Alabama House District 79: Joe Lovvorn* — Republican.
  • Alabama House District 80: Chris Blackshear* — Republican.
  • Alabama House District 82: Pebblin Warren* — Democrat.
  • Alabama House District 85: Dexter Grimsley* — Democrat.
  • Alabama House District 86: Paul Lee* Republican.
  • Alabama House District 88: Al Booth — Republican.
  • Alabama House District 89: Wes Allen — Republican.
  • Alabama House District 90: Chris Sells* — Republican.
  • Alabama House District 92: Mike Jones* — Republican.
  • Alabama House District 93: Steve Clouse* — Republican.
  • Alabama House District 95: Steve McMillan* — Republican.
  • Alabama House District 96: Matt Simpson — Republican.
  • Alabama House District 100: Victor Gaston* — Republican.
  • Alabama House District 101: Chris Pringle* — Republican.
  • Alabama House District 102: Willie Gray — Republican.
  • Alabama House District 105: Chip Brown — Republican.

* Incumbent

2 months ago

MUST WATCH: This Ronald Reagan-narrated Memorial Day video will give you chills


Someone cut and rearranged excerpts from President Ronald Reagan’s first inaugural address and made a truly moving Memorial Day video.

The original producer is unknown, so, unfortunately, we cannot give him credit, but the result is certainly a credit to his craft.

Watch and share this video on this truly special day.

The full speech and be viewed here or read here, and below you’ll find the edited and rearranged excerpts:


If we look to the answer, as to why for so many years we achieved so much, prospered as no other people on Earth, it was because here in this land we unleashed the energy and individual genius of man to a greater extent to that has ever been done before.

Freedom and the dignity of the individual have been more available and assured here than in any other place on Earth. The price for this freedom at times has been high but we have never been unwilling to pay that price.

Those who say that we’re in a time when there are no heroes — they just don’t know where to look. The sloping hills of Arlington National Cemetery, with it’s row upon row of simple white markers bearing crosses or stars of David, they add up to only a tiny fraction of the price that has been paid for our freedom.

Each one of those markers is a monument to the kind of hero I spoke of earlier.

Their lives ended in a place called Belleau Wood, the Argonne, Omaha Beach, Salerno, and halfway around the world on Guadalcanal, Tarawa, Pork Chop Hill, the Chosin Reservoir, and in a hundred rice patties and jungles of a place called Vietnam.

Under one such marker lies a young man, Martin Treptow who left his job in a small town barber shop in 1917 to go to France with the famed Rainbow Division. There on the Western Front he was killed trying to carry a message between battalions under heavy artillery fire.

We’re told that on his body was found a diary. On the flyleaf under the heading, “My Pledge” he had written these words:

“America must win this war. Therefore I will work, I will save, I will sacrifice, I will endure, I will fight cheerfully, and do my utmost as if the issue of the whole structure depended on me alone.”

We must realize that no arsenal or no weapon in the arsenals of the world is so formidable as the will and moral courage of free men and women. It is a weapon our adversaries in today’s world do not have. It is a weapon that we as Americans do have. Let that be understood by those who practice terrorism and prey upon their neighbors.

As for the enemies of freedom, those who are potential adversaries, they will be reminded that peace is the highest aspiration of the American people. We will negotiate for it, sacrifice for it, we will not surrender for it now or ever.

We are Americans.

We miss you, Mr. President.

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2 months ago

PGA champs Fred Funk, Tim Petrovic hold Alabama Power Junior Clinic today in Birmingham

(Regions Tradition/Facebook)

PGA champions Fred Funk and Tim Petrovic will offer life-long lessons to children this morning in Birmingham, part of Alabama Power’s Junior Clinic in advance of this week’s Regions Tradition.

More than 300 third through fifth graders from local schools will take part in the clinic at Greystone Golf & Country Club, which will focus on teaching students about life lessons that come with the game of golf.


During the clinic, students will learn what it means to be a professional golfer and how the PGA champions worked their way to the top through hard work, focus and determination. Funk and Petrovic will share stories about their careers while incorporating the importance of sportsmanship, honesty and friendship.

The Regions Tradition will take place Wednesday through Sunday. Tickets start at only $20, and children 18 and younger are admitted free with a ticketed adult.

All the stars of the PGA TOUR Champions will compete in this major championship, including John Daly, Vijay Singh, Steve Stricker, Tom Lehman and defending champion Bernhard Langer.

For more information, please visit

2 months ago

Yellowhammer launches new radio show on WYDE 101.1 FM

Yellowhammer Multimedia this week launched a new radio show: “The Wake-Up Call with Baylor and Hannah” that airs weekdays from 5 a.m. to 7 a.m. on WYDE 101.1 FM.

The talk show focuses on politics, faith and culture and features Birmingham-based co-hosts Baylor Cook and former Rick and Bubba intern Hannah Hutson. The duo met at Samford University, where Cook is studying journalism and Hutson is editor-in-chief of the university newspaper.


“I’ve found that it is very rare to find other young women who are vocal on their conservative views,” Hutson said. “My goal is to bring a feminine touch to the show and voice the opinions I know many people have on a college campus but are sometimes hesitant to speak up about.”

Cook also co-hosts Yellowhammer’s radio show “The Weekend Briefing with Kyle Morris,” which airs Saturdays 12 p.m. to 2 p.m. and replays Sundays 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. on WYDE.

“I’m very excited for the opportunity to continue to grow my role with the Yellowhammer family, and to continue to work with the people of the great state of Alabama every day. I look forward to helping listeners across the state start their morning off not only in an informative fashion, but also in a fun way.”

Yellowhammer Multimedia CEO BJ Ellis describes the co-hosts as “deep thinkers with a relatable side.”

“I’m super excited about the new radio show,” Ellis said. “I have ultimate confidence in Baylor and Hannah. It’s nice to see young people thinking at the level they think at and not only that, they have great chemistry and the show will be very entertaining for listeners. This will be a great way to start the day.”

“The Wake-Up Call with Baylor and Hannah” can be heard in Birmingham, Huntsville and Cullman.