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Freedom real estate offers ‘Freedom to Succeed’

“With the resources that Freedom provides Invariant in our relationship, Freedom basically gives us the ability to be successful.” David Anderson, Invariant Corp.

Freedom Real Estate was founded in 2014 on the basis of ethical fair play and the desire to provide the best results for our stakeholders. We are local market experts in the business of long-term ownership and management of commercial real estate. We are dedicated to building relationships in the community and with our clients. Freedom Real Estate develops professional environments showcasing and supporting our clients’ businesses.

Invariant Corp.’s David Anderson says the company’s relationship with Freedom Real Estate has given it the ability to succeed.

“Freedom is a great company but more important than that they’re a great neighbor to us. Number one they’re very responsive to our needs, if we have any issues, they address them immediately.”

An engineering, systems integration, and software development company, Invariant was founded in 2001 in Huntsville. Needing room to grow in 2014, Invariant became part of the Freedom Center which features research facilities and a 12,000 square-foot conference space.

“We just didn’t have adequate space where we were and so they came to us they provided their vision of Freedom Center and we were excited to sign up with them and be a part of that,” Anderson said. “They understand the defense contract world.”

Today, Freedom offers a wide range of services, including property brokerage, tenant representation, property management owner consulting and developing projects through its in-house development and construction arm. The team at Freedom Real Estate is highly experienced and uses this expertise to provide valuable advice and consultation to local organizations and businesses throughout the development process.

Freedom is dedicated to building relationships in the community and with our clients.

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