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Huntsville’s Freedom Real Estate & Capital offers full service real estate

Huntsville’s Freedom Real Estate & Capital, LLC is a full service real estate company that offers flexible services tailored to the specific needs of each owner, with multiple contracting methods available.

Freedom’s services include brokerage, property management, development, and owner consulting.  By utilizing their extensive construction expertise, the team leads owners from project inception to successful completion.

Founded in 2014 to invest and manage commercial real estate, Freedom is committed to the development of quality space solutions through ethical business dealings and attention to detail while building lasting relationships.

Our key focus was, and is, to own, hold, and manage long term commercial real estate to return a reasonable profit. We concentrated our efforts on renovating and modernizing spaces to attract and retain premium tenants. We also partnered with investors and firms to develop properties and improve our community. We set out to do business in a way to be recognized for our ethics, fair play, and to achieve win-win results for all stakeholders. We have continued on that path. – Freedom 

From inception to completion, Freedom is there every step of the way through each aspect of their clients’ projects, including site selection, pre-development, construction and post-construction.

During site selection, Freedom will aid clients in identifying and evaluating potential sites for development. They will conduct market research to determine the demand for space in the area, as well as negotiate land purchase agreements.

In the pre-development phase, Freedom will assist in the selection of due diligence, design, and construction services. They will also obtain permits and approvals from local governments for clients.

During construction, Freedom will manage the entire process, as well as monitor the budget and stay on top of the schedule. The company will ensure the project is complete on time and within budget. And in post-construction, Freedom will market the project to potential clients, negotiate lease agreements and manage the property.

Whatever needs arise, Freedom will be there from the onset of a project taking shape, straight through to the end, and even after completion.

“What I like most about their team is the responsiveness that they provide to us,” Wayne Craft of Craft Designs said. “We appreciate Freedom’s partnership with us, as well as their commitment to integrity.”

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