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Freedom Real Estate – Brokerage Services

Founded in 2014 to invest and manage commercial real estate, Freedom Real Estate is committed to the development of quality space solutions through ethical business dealings and attention to detail while building lasting relationships. Freedom’s services include brokerage, property management, development, and owner consulting. 

Brenda Conville, the vice president of Real Estate for Freedom Real Estate and Capital, LLC, leads the team in the day-to-day operations of the company, including the brokerage activities as well as overseeing the property management, financial operations, marketing and tenant relations.  

“Right now we are seeing high demand for industrial space,” she said. “Typically, you would think manufacturing but in Huntsville there is a need for high bay, integration, light manufacturing and lab space.” 

Conville said Freedom’s properties are currently 99.9% full.  

“We have two large projects under construction, one at Hays Farm and another at Pulaski Pike, but in the meantime, we are focused on searching and finding what our clients need throughout the North Alabama market.”  

The Freedom brokerage staff has the knowledge and expertise to assist buyers, sellers and tenants with the representation they need to ensure the best possible outcome in purchasing or leasing properties. Freedom Real Estate supports your needs by: 

  • Identifying and evaluating space 
  • Providing demographics and property research 
  • Negotiating the purchase or lease agreement 
  • Project/construction management to ensure a smooth transition for tenants from one location to the next 

Owners and landlords benefit from our team’s experience in conducting extensive comparative research to determine the best market value for their properties, and our ability to target the market accordingly. 

Freedom Real Estate is the creation of Torch Technologies co-founder Bill Roark. Conville says Freedom was founded on service.  

“Bill Roark has a servant’s heart, he has fostered that mentality throughout. It permeates our organization. It’s not just a client and real estate, it’s providing service.”

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