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Democrat senate candidate’s abortion views are abhorrent to most Alabamans

Photo from DougJonesForSenate.com


Doug Jones, the Democrat nominee to replace Senator Jeff Sessions, appeared on MSNBC recently and was asked whether he’d support banning abortion after 20-weeks, the time at which an unborn child is known to feel the pain of the brutal procedure.

“You wouldn’t be in favor of legislation that said ban abortion after 20 weeks, or something like that?” asked Chuck Todd, the show’s host.

“No, I’m not in favor of anything that is going to infringe on a woman’s right and her freedom to choose,” Jones said. “That’s just the position that I’ve had for many years, it’s the position I continue to have.”

Not … in … favor … of … anything.

Jones then attempted to mask the atrocious opinion by saying that, “once a baby is born, I’m going to be there for that child, that’s where I become a right-to-lifer.”


So we’re to think that in the few months, few weeks, or perhaps even few days or hours before birth, the baby is something else, perhaps the often described “blob of tissue.” But then something magical happens that turns the baby into a person between the moment it’s in the mother’s womb and the moment it’s in the doctor’s hands.

Move over, Fairy Godmother. Your old trick of turning pumpkins into carriages is child’s play compared to this.

And that’s where Doug Jones and his party are on this issue – a land of fiction.

Anyone with eyes to see can tell a 20-week-old unborn baby is a person, and even the hardest of hearts must accept that biological fact as the months proceed.

This is biology, not theology.

Yet it’s the policy of the Democrat Party, and candidates like Jones, that these helpless unborn children cannot, must not, enjoy equal protection under the constitution.

And they think this is the man we should choose to confirm our next slate of U.S. Supreme Court justices?

Whatever concerns one may have about Judge Roy Moore, conservatives in Alabama … and anyone in the state who values life … must vote against Jones and his party’s monstrous pro-abortion policy.

J. Pepper Bryars is the editor of Yellowhammer News and the author of “American Warfighter.” Follow him on Twitter @jpepperbryars.