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Democrat Congressman tweets cartoon blaming NRA for D.C. shooting

Rep. Steve Cohen, D-TN, wants to make sure you know it’s the NRA’s fault that a lunatic shot and killed a dozen people at the Washington Navy Yard yesterday.

Cohen tweeted a cartoon by Bill Day depicting an NRA-labeled gun as the foundation of the U.S. Capitol featuring a U.S. Navy Symbol.

…And here I was thinking the “GUN FREE ZONE” signs just must not have been big enough.

Judson Phillips of the Washington Times made a little more sense in his column today:

“Like Washington D.C., one of the crime capitols of America, the Washington Navy Yard was a gun free zone. Translation: It was a target rich environment.”

We’re talking about the branch of the military that took out Osama Bin Laden, and we’re going to leave them unprotected on American soil?

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