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Dale Peterson Arrested for Stealing Cashews

Dale Peterson doesn’t give a rip about much, but beer and cashews apparently do make the short list of things that are not only worth giving a rip about — but also going to jail for.

An employee at the Sam’s Club in Hoover confirmed to me this evening that Dale Peterson was arrested in their store today for attempting to steal…CASHEWS?! Yes. Cashews. He was taken to the Hoover City Jail and the Hoover Police later confirmed to me that he was released on bond.

According to Dale Peterson, in October of last year he was wrongly accused of steeling two cases of beer and as a result was arrested by the Hoover Police Department. This makes his second run-in with HPD in the last six months. When pressed to explain the beer incident, Peterson told Matt Murphy, “I had no intention of stealing. The only intention I had when I crossed that line was to go pee.”

Sam’s Club employees declined my request to get into the details of how Cashew-Gate played out in the store, but we have since learned that Peterson grabbed a package of nuts and ate them as he walked around the store, then put them back on the shelf and left without paying. That’s when security detained him until the Hoover Police came and got him.

Attempts to reach Peterson have been unsuccessful to this point, but we’ll keep trying.

[UPDATE: 12:02 a.m.] Dale Peterson has given the Twitterverse his side of the story.


Peterson also took to Twitter tonight to get a few other things off his chest: