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Chapman Will Not Seek Elective Office in 2014

Alabama Secretary of State Beth Chapman told Yellowhammer this morning that she will not run for higher office in 2014. Chapman in 2010 received the highest number of votes of any Constitutional Officer in state history, including governor. Insiders have speculated for some time as to what her plans might be when her second term as Secretary of State ends in 2014. The answer came today on the week of her 51st birthday and the anniversary of her husband’s death.

Chapman was elected as State Auditor in 2002 and as Secretary of State in 2006 and 2010.

“Public service is a calling and I have fulfilled that calling at this particular time in my life,” Chapman said. “I am simply taking a break to pursue some entrepreneurial ideas and business opportunities.”

As State Auditor she and her staff achieved 96% perfect audits among state agencies.

As Secretary of State, Chapman has led a national effort to improve military voting, pass Photo Voter I.D. and managed the largest Presidential election in Alabama’s history. She also created online business filings making her office a model for Secretaries of State around the country.

Every office Chapman has ever held has operated with a surplus.

She served as an officer of the prestigious National Association of Secretaries of State for four years including serving as its President from 2011-2012.

She served as Appointments Secretary in the Cabinet of Governor Fob James, becoming the first woman to serve in that post. She later served as Press Secretary for Lieutenant Governor Steve Windom.

Chapman has not released specific details of her future work, but has stated that she is in full support of the reelection of Governor Robert Bentley.