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Cavanaugh slams Biden climate edict — ‘He’s clueless’

President Joe Biden on Wednesday announced that he would bypass Congress and take executive action over what he termed “a climate crisis.”

Alabama Public Service Commission President Twinkle Cavanaugh denounced the 79-year-old president’s plan in comments to Yellowhammer News.

“This shows a complete lack of understanding for what matters to American families, right now,” Cavanaugh explained. “The country is suffering under historically high gas prices and inflation. He created these problems, but he only wants to make them worse with more Green New Deal mandates. He’s clueless.”

Cavanaugh noted that Biden has been on track to make energy more expensive from the beginning of his administration, so Biden’s most recent announcement was not a surprise to her.

“Biden has been trying to disrupt our energy economy starting on his first day in office,” she said. “On day one he canceled the Keystone Pipeline. Not only did this kill more than 30,000 jobs but it has made transporting oil and natural gas more expensive.”

Cavanaugh pointed out that the actions of the Biden administration have had a far-reaching impact on consumers.

“His catering to environmental lobbyists and climate socialists has been terrible for Alabama families,” she asserted. “It costs far more to drive to work or cool your house now because of Biden caving to these liberal special interest groups.”

And her office has had to deal with the fallout.

“The Biden economy has made everything more expensive, including the fuel used to produce energy,” explained Cavanaugh. “The cost of natural gas has more than tripled under Joe Biden after being as low as $2.00 per MMbtu under President Trump.”

This has caused the Alabama Public Service Commission to make a recent adjustment to reflect this increase in the cost of fuel to produce electricity.

“Fuel is a pass-through expense which rises and falls according to the market cost,” said Cavanaugh. “Alabama Power is not allowed profit from the cost of fuel, but we had to adjust those costs upward. The reality is that the Biden economy has made the cost of doing business more expensive for virtually every company in the country.”

Under the current trajectory of Biden’s energy economy, there is only one outcome, according to Cavanaugh.

“His energy policy is driving our country off a cliff,” she said. “He must be stopped.”

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