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Birmingham Movement Goes to W.A.R. with Crime in the City

As reported by ABC 33/40 News, a new effort to fight crime is developing in Birmingham. Just one week after a man was shot and killed outside of the Onyx Night Club, a group of activists met to discuss the city’s increasing crime problem.

The group emphasized the importance of communication and getting everyone on the same page when it comes to crime and violence reform. Keith Davis, owner of the Onyx Night Club, acknowledged that “Birmingham right now is in a violent epidemic.” The city is coming off its deadliest year in over a decade in 2016, with not much change seen over the course of this year. “Everybody has to be accountable because it is a city problem,” Davis said.

Eric Wynn is leading the group named W.A.R. (We’re All Related). He lost his brother to gun violence and spent ten years in prison himself. Now, Wynn hopes to do something that other organizations have failed to do in the past: work together. “In order for any type of movement, any type of crime reduction, you’re going to have to get people organized,” said Wynn. “In the same room, in the same building and familiar together.”

The group envisions a campaign that splits members into two groups: motivators and activators. Motivators would encourage people in crime-affected communities, while activators would educate those communities on specific programs and services that can stop those violent trends.

Another meeting will be held November 5.

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