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Birmingham Crisis Center sees uptick in calls following recent celebrity, high profile suicides — WBRC

With the high profile suicides of celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain, fashion designer Kate Spade, and, more locally, Alabama Attorney General Steve Marshall’s wife, Bridgette, dominating recent headlines, WBRC reports the Crisis Center in Birmingham has seen an increase in calls.

Marshall cited mental illness as part of his wife’s struggle, which he said ultimately led to her early death.

While the spike in calls is alarming, the Crisis Center told the station that it is good people are realizing there is a problem and are looking for help.

“We have seen our calls increase, not only because people are struggling, but because they want to help their friends that they think are struggling as well,” Meg McGlamery, Executive Director at the Crisis Center, told WBRC. “And so, the only good news from this is that people realize that they’re not the only ones feeling this way.”

Crisis Center in Birmingham offers mental health assistance and more on their website or over the phone at (205) 323-7777.