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Alabama voters send a message by supporting ‘pro jobs’ candidates

A clear message was delivered by the results of the 2022 primary and runoff elections. Alabama voters want political leaders who support a pro-jobs agenda for the Yellowhammer State.

The Business Council of Alabama (BCA), working through its political affiliate ProgressPAC, endorsed more than 120 candidates leading up to the 2022 primary elections. All three branches of state government were represented in these bipartisan endorsements. The endorsements were based on a candidate’s history of or support for pro-growth, solution-oriented policies that will help grow our economy and move Alabama forward. More than 92% of these BCA-endorsed, pro-jobs candidates won their primary and runoff elections—an overwhelming success rate.

At the start of the 2022 election cycle, Alabama’s business community began working collaboratively to identify and select candidates that recognize the vital role of employers in improving the state’s economy. Those candidates were supported and highlighted by the creation of BCA’s comprehensive Pro-Jobs Candidate Guide and Voter Resource. This guide was then disseminated to BCA’s member companies and made available and promoted to all Alabama voters.

The 2022 primary election cycle saw the majority of voters turn out for candidates who supported Alabama’s employers and the jobs they create and sustain. Voters were drawn to candidates who support existing economic development tools, fair labor laws, policies that encourage innovation and job creation, and who oppose costly regulations and frivolous lawsuits against employers.

BCA and ProgressPAC will continue to support their slate of currently endorsed candidates as those candidates prepare for their general election. BCA is Alabama’s largest and most diverse organization advocating for business and industry in the state. As the voice for Alabama business, we will continue to advocate for an even better business climate and brighter future for Alabama.

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