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‘Alabama will need 500,000 highly skilled workers by 2025’ – Tim McCartney, Chairman of the Alabama Workforce Council.

East AlabamaWorks! came to the studio to discuss the connection between the Alabama WorkForce Council and East AlabamaWorks!

Lisa Morales, director of East AlabamaWorks! tells “The Ford Faction” how she has bridged the gap between skilled workers and the industry.

Tim McCartney, Chairman of the Alabama Workforce Council, explained what Gov. Kay Ivey has been doing to get the numbers to the council for the upcoming workers they will need. By 2025, Alabama will need 500,000 highly-skilled workers.

It may be a massive goal, but with the time and effort they are putting into developing a workforce from G.E.D. to college diplomas, it is possible. It begins with educating the students of Alabama as young as 8th grade. Showing these students the different industries and what education it takes to get there is crucial when it comes to getting these young minds on the right track for their future.

East AlabamaWorks! is continuing to be the bridge between industry and workforce and when the industry continues to grow, so will Alabama’s skilled workforce.

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