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7 Things: Winter storm damages Statehouse, BHM airport; border chaos accelerates, and more …

7. Republican liar must go, but Democrat liars must be forgiven and promoted

  • A terrible no-good liar was elected to serve a New York congressional district, but since his election, U.S. Rep.-elect George Santos (R-N.Y.) has been outted for fabricating a large part of his resume, religion, and life story. Now everyone is out for blood with Democrats wanting a scalp and Republicans wanting their majority.
  • While much of this outrage is predictable and predicated on “Republicans” won’t remove a liar, but that ignores Joe Biden’s numerous lies, Vice President Kamala Harris’ lies about Kwanzaa, Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas on the border, Bill Clinton on sex, Richard Blumenthal on military service, and Hillary Clinton’s entire life. Republicans lie, too, but let’s calm down.

6. Here is a problem with the labor participation rate

  • The labor participation rate is something that makes the news even as low unemployment is generating positive headlines. Hot Air’s Jazz Shaw argues the reason the rate of Americans in the labor market is so low is that being unemployed actually pays more than working.
  • In 14 dstates, the benefits obtained by not working are worth more than those provided by working a minimum-wage job for 40 hours a week. This is short-sighted, as experience gained and promotions can get workers above that level, but many don’t care. Alabama is NOT one of these states.

5. Travel Hell continues

  • With Southwest Airlines being the main driver of travel woes this week, attention is being given to the $7 billion in federal subsidies provided to the carrier since 2020. 
  • 5,000-plus Southwest flights have been canceled this week and now the U.S. Department of Transportation is declaring it will investigate cancellations and, strangely, the “lack of prompt customer service.”

4. Media freaking out over Greg Abbott forcing them to focus on immigration

  • When Texas Gov. Greg Abbott and other governors started dumping illegal immigrants in liberal cities, Americans cheered. The media sneered and their lapdogs in the conservative media continue to pretend that all Republicans who did not destroy Donald Trump are bad for not destroying Donald Trump, so they must be criticized non-stop.
  • But despite the outrage, or poutrage, from the media and their Democrats, expect the movement of these illegals to continue as it generates two things: positive ratings and attention to the issue of illegal immigration and its impact on cities across the country.

3. Supreme Court keeps Title 42 and tent city springs up on U.S. side of border

  • The U.S. Supreme Court has declared that the Trump-era immigration control rule, Title 42, will stay in place until a legal proceeding can be held. Even with the ruling, that will allow immigration officials to deport illegals to Mexico to await their hearings, the rate of immigration is still far higher than normal and shows no sign of ending anytime soon.
  • As this battle plays out in the media and in courtrooms, cities at the border are becoming “Skid Row”-like hellscapes. The city of El Paso, Texas, has now seen a tent city  constructed outside of the city to deal with the illegal immigrants entering the city by those responsible for the problem – the Biden administration.

2. Weather issues cause abandoned cars, closed roads, and busted pipes

  • Freezing weather and its impact stretched into midday Tuesday with mayors imploring the citizens to get back to their vehicles and get them off the roads so those roads could be reopened. Power companies continue digging out of the hole the weather put them in, as well.
  • In Birmingham, the issues with Southwest Airlines created problems but major issues were averted after frozen pipes exploded causing the Federal Aviation Administration out of Atlanta to commandeer the air space around Birmingham, which has now been returned with zero impact to customers.

1. Statehouse floods; taxpayers may get bill for Stadthagen office reno

  • The Alabama Statehouse experienced water damage as winter weather swept the state causing freezing temperatures and ruptured pipes. A pipe that burst on the second floor caused damage on that floor and the ground floor and basement levels. Fear not, some intrepid legislators will use this as an opportunity to get a new building while citizens will say, “Nah, you guys are good.” Secretary of the Senate Pat Harris makes the argument you will hear a lot, “this is an old building that comes with many problems that old buildings have, one of those problems is old pipes that can freeze in weather like we’ve had, and when they freeze they’ll often bust.”
  • Reports have indicated that the cost to taxpayers over this repair will not be the only repair taxpayers will be on the hook for. New House Majority Leader Scott Stadthagen (R-Hartselle) started a remodel of his new office only days after being elected and without knowing that renovations had to be paid for by taxpayers. It appears the approval process was disregarded and now taxpayers may have to pay to get the office suite repaired.

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