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7 Things: Alabama and Iowa Caucus will be very cold today; Saban still not saving Alabama Democrats; and more …

7. The Alabama Supreme Court denied convicted murder and soon-to-be nitrogen hypoxia execution guinea pig, Kenneth Eugene Smith’s latest appeal. Smith’s lawyers argued that the murderer going through an execution a second time would constitute cruel and unusual punishment but the AL Supreme Court said, “Nah.”

6. Former President Donald Trump and his MAGA Army on social media have now turned on Trump’s debate stand-in and regular defender Vivek Ramaswamy calling him deceitful, a former Soros fellow, and saying people should vote “wisely.” Why? Because that is how this was always going to happen.

6. Two United States senators think they have an immigration deal, the Speaker of the House Mike Johnson (R-La.) disagrees and he’s not the only one. The deal would increase the number of green cards, give more work permits (including to new illegals when released), more lawyers, and authorize 5,000 illegals a day.

4. It’s going to be cold. Gov. Kay Ivey agrees and ALDOT says not to be dumb.

3. Alabama has a new coach, and it did not take long at all after Nick Saban’s retirement, and he is Kalen DeBoer with great coaching record, a Saban endorsement, and a Saban office at Bryant-Denney. DeBoer comes off 2 years at the University of Washington, a recent loss in the national championship, and a 104–12 career record.

2. U.S. Sen. Joe Manchin (D-W. Va.) tells Alabama Democrats to return to their broken drawing board because former Alabama head football coach Nick Saban will not save them from themselves. Manchin was in New Hampshire flirting with a third-party presidential run and commented that Saban is not running for anything, “He would never run. I’ve known him since he was 4 years old. I’m godparents to his son. We’re very, very close.”

1. The Iowa Caucus is today and signals the official start of the 2024 election cycle, weather could affect turnout. Former President Donald Trump is up big in the last poll of the Iowa part of the cycle and a decisive win here could end the race, as his legal issues ramp up, and the media seeks silly people to say silly things about how much they fear a Trump second term.

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