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7 Things: Tariff deal reached with Mexico, poll on Alabama’s abortion views, Hugh Culverhouse, Jr. is a liar and more …

7. Biden is slipping in Iowa 

  • Former Vice President Joe Biden’s 2020 presidential campaign is definitely going better than his other campaigns for the office. He is in double digits and leading, but he continues to be dogged by his phoniness, which is hurting his poll numbers.
  • With the damage from his abortion waffling still taking its toll, the Des Moines Register and CNN poll finds Biden leading the field but with only 24%, the race for second is tightening up with Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) at 16%, Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) at 15% and South Bend, Indiana Mayor Pete Buttigieg at 14%.

6. Clinton knows all about obstruction

  • Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton spoke at Wellesley College and shared that she believes if you read the entire Mueller report, you can’t come to any conclusion other than obstruction of justice occurred and that Russia conducted a large attempt to interfere in the 2016 presidential election.
  • Clinton, an expert on obstruction who deleted emails and smashed cell phones, has consistently claimed that Russian interference was the cause of her 2016 loss, so it’s no surprise that she stands with many of her fellow Democrats claiming that there was obstruction, despite the fact that FBI special counsel Robert Mueller declined to prosecute anyone for obstructing with President Donald Trump.

5. Kamala Harris loves talking about abortion

  • U.S. Senator Kamala Harris (D-CA) made her trip to Alabama about abortion “rights,” referencing those “rights” many times. She said that “going to go back to a situation where women may die –and that’s not an extreme point – where women may die because they don’t have access to the choices that they deserve to be able to make for themselves.”
  • Harris made also said under her administration she would have the Department of Justice review any state that passes a law that would limit reproductive healthcare access (abortion) “if it’s coming from a state that has a history of limiting those rights,” adding she would also require that the laws pass DOJ review before going into effect. This would require a pretty significant change in the country’s law, which seems unlikely.

4. Tuberville is going hard on immigration

  • In an address to the Tennessee Valley Republican Club, U.S. Senate candidate Tommy Tuberville took a strong stance against illegal immigration, saying, “We are losing the battle daily. We’re just steadily getting chipped away, and we got to stop it. If we don’t, we’re losing.”
  • Tuberville went on to explain how he thinks the border issue could lead to the end of the country and he believes that there are more Middle Easterners coming across the border than Mexicans to take over. The former Auburn football coach hopes that we “wake up” before something happens.

3. Hugh Culverhouse, Jr. lied as the media aided and abetted him

  • After the University of Alabama returned the donations made by Hugh Culverhouse, Jr., there was immediate speculation that it was due to the issue of abortion and supporting the ban in Alabama. Culverhouse, the Washington Post and the national media fanned those flames.
  • However, Culverhouse was, and still is, lying. The University of Alabama System came out and said, “Our decision was never about the issue of abortion. It was always about ending the continued outside interference by the donor in the operations of The University of Alabama School of Law.”

2. New poll oddly indicates Alabama may not be that passionate on abortion

  • After the Alabama legislature passed the Human Life Protection Act, the mainstream media took it upon themselves to “expose” Alabama as a radical pro-life state that didn’t represent their pro-choice voters.
  • A new survey was conducted by JMC Analytics and Polling that showed Alabama doesn’t exactly hold abortion as a hot-button issue, with 48% of participants saying they were undecided, 14% holding a completely pro-life position and 10% saying they were completely pro-choice. But in 2018, an amendment declaring Alabama as a pro-life state passed with a 59-41 margin.

1. Trump makes deal with Mexico and the media and their Democrats can’t handle it

  • Days before a 5% tariff was to be imposed on Mexico, the two nations agreed to a deal that will allow Mexico to send 6,000 Mexican National Guard soldiers to their southern border and have Mexico keep/return asylum seekers in Mexico until their claims are adjudicated.
  • Somehow, the prevailing media narrative has become that this deal was already agreed to and all of this was unnecessary. This comes from the same people that insisted none of these issues would ever be agreed to at all.

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