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7 Things: Sen. Doug Jones caves on Mike Pompeo, Kanye West jumps on the Trump Train, Alabama Democrat in-fighting gets ugly, and more …

1. Sen. Doug Jones finally comes around and announces he will vote YES on Mike Pompeo after it doesn’t matter

— After days of non-committal answers from Sen. Jones, and nudging from Congressman Mo Brooks, his office finally commits to voting to confirm Mike Pompeo as Secretary of State.

— Jones didn’t commit until the nomination was a lock with Republican Sen. Rand Paul (KY) and Democrats Heidi Heitkamp (ND), Joe Manchin (WV) and Joe Donnelly (IN) already on board.

2. Kanye West jumps on the Trump Train; he then angers many of his supporters

— West had already shown he was leaning towards a more independent way of thinking in the past few days, but yesterday he finally said “The mob can’t make me not love him”.

— His supporters are abandoning him by the millions, he has lost 9 million Twitter followers after Tweeting about how differences of opinions are OK but he gained a fan in President Trump who clearly loves this and tweeted “Thank You Kanye, Very Cool!”

3. Alabama Democrats Walt Maddox and Sue Bell Cobb spar while James Fields tries to play role of 2010 Robert Bentley

— At Monday’s Democrat debate in Birmingham, Cobb and Maddox supporters yelled at the candidates and were generally unruly.

— Attempting to channel Robert Bentley’s non-confrontational role in a contentious 202 GOP primary, State Representative James Fields said, “I admire their tenacity, I admire their strength, but let’s be civil and let’s be fair. Don’t bring in people to heckle somebody. Let’s be fair.”

4. Judges are completely out of control — they are completely setting policy

— Ending President Barack Obama’s DACA, set up by executive order, is unConstitutional now.

— A judge in Wisconsin has ruled that the federal government must continue giving Planned Parenthood money.

5. Alabama media is hell-bent on dragging this Saraland Waffle House story into the mainstream, they can’t

— Attorney’s for the star of the Waffle House arrest video, Chikesia Clemons says she was choked and brutalized amid renewed calls for a Waffle House boycott.

— Saraland Police and Waffle House have already responded and justified the reaction of law enforcement and the staff, Clemons attorney wants Alabama Bureau of Investigation, the Dept. of Justice, and the U.S. Attorney General in Alabama to open investigations.

6. MSNBC’s Joy Reid continues to lie about her anti-gay posts that would get anyone else fired, gets a Nazi’s support

— Months ago the MSNBC host apologized for her old Internet posts and said they do not represent her views. Now a new batch has surfaced from the same defunct blog and she says she was “hacked”.

— As Reid continues to try to lie her way out of this mess, with MSNBC’s support, she has trotted out a IT guy with ties to actual Nazis.

7. Bake the cake for gay people BUT you can refuse to serve Trump supporters

— We all know about the famous cases of bakers and florists who have been targeted legally for not providing services for gay weddings, who have been told they must or they will face the consequences.

— A judge has now found that not everyone has to be served, if you wear a Trump hat to a gay bar and are denied service, it is only a “petty insult”.

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