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7 Things: IVF immunity, school choice pass; Britt, Biden prepare to discuss the state of the union; and more …

7. Big business’ push against labor unions intensifies as the Associated Builders and Contractors of Alabama have voiced their support for Gov. Kay Ivey’s targeted opposition to the United Auto Workers union’s efforts to unionize the Mercedes-Benz plant in Vance, Ala. ABC argues that importance of maintaining a business-friendly environment in the state is of the utmost importance and that unionization could harm Alabama’s economy.

6. The Alabama State Senate clearly just wanted to give Birmingham-Southern College a loan and, when State Treasurer Young Boozer wouldn’t play along, they just decided to change the person who approves the loan. State Sen. Arthur Orr (R-Decatur) accurately says that he can’t support the bill because someone else will come up and ask for money next time and, to that end, Senate Minority Leader Bobby Singleton (D-Greensboro)  wants money for Stillman College. If this passes, he has a point.

5. A government shutdown could be averted after the the U.S. House of Representatives approved a “minibus” spending package of $450 billion to fund 6 government agencies. U.S. Reps. Gary Palmer (R-Hoover) and Barry Moore (R-Enterprise) voted against the government spending package, the other five Alabama representatives went along with it, with Palmer citing the border and Moore citing the deficit as their objections.

4. Former President Donald Trump is already expressing his eagerness for debates with President Joe Biden, declaring he is ready, “anytime, anywhere, and anyplace.” This is the rematch no one wants but everyone voted for, and Trump says he will warm up by play-by-play of Biden’s State of the Union live on Truth Social, which you will see when people post it on X (Twitter).

3. President Joe Biden’s State of the Union is sure to wow anchors who will express how strong and sharp he is by giving a speech like a big boy about shrinkflation, airline tickets, and a message that the government can solve all of your problems while he actually makes things worse. Alabama U.S. Sen. Katie Britt (R-Montgomery) counters by offering a vision of an America without open borders, a mess of foreign entanglements, and non-stop strife, in what could be an audition for the vice presidency.

2. A school choice bill has passed in the Alabama State Senate, final passage in the push for educational alternatives in Alabama, a state with historically terrible school systems that drag its reputation down. The legislation seeks to expand options for families by allowing them to use public funds for private education or homeschooling. This move underscores ongoing efforts to provide greater flexibility and opportunities in education within the state but State Sen. Kirk Hatcher (D-Montgomery) says this decapitates public schools which are currently spending roughly $12,000 a student and Sen. Bobby Singleton (D-Montgomery) is calling it “segregation,” which is a loser argument made by losers.

1. The state has now finally passed legislation providing limited immunity to in-vitro fertilization clinics in the state. But there’s still no word on if/when the clinics that will reopen after needlessly closing in spite of assurances from Gov. Kay Ivey and Attorney General Steve Marshall that they were fine.

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