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7 Things: Biden bumbles while Britt hits a home run; Alabama Legislature can’t get lottery over the line; and more …

7. The fact that President Joe Biden does not hate Jews enough is one of his biggest liabilities among the Democrats anti-Semite caucus, so pro-Hamas protestors tried to block Biden from his State of the Union. Biden’s plan to build a sea port for one of Israel’s enemies with the American military is meant to blunt that criticism but that won’t work unless they help push Israel into the sea.

6. Your prescriptions could cost more if a bill proposed by State Rep. Phillip Rigsby (R-Huntsville) is passed. The bill would add a $10.64 dispensing fee to all prescriptions, that is collected by the state but is “not a tax.” The legislation is designed to help local pharmacies compete with larger chains by charging more for prescriptions everywhere and sending the money to rural pharmacies.

5. The U.S. House has passed the Laken Riley Act, mandating that ICE detain migrants arrested for other crimes, which is not already the law for some reason. Riley was killed by an illegal immigrant who had multiple arrests and releases but the bill named after her had 170 Democrats vote against and the Democrat-led Senate will not pass it.

4. The Alabama State Senate has passed a lottery bill after a contentious debate about where the money would go, ending with a three-way split on education, the general fund, and roads and bridges. The Senate bill will allow a state lottery, a compact with the Poarch Band of Creek Indians, protection of currently operating quasi-legal gambling facilities, and an end to the discussion of casinos and sports betting.

3. U.S. Rep. Dale Strong (R-Monrovia) criticized President Joe Biden for erecting a wall around the Capitol while neglecting to address security concerns at the southern border, but the imagery was to set the tone for Biden’s focus on Jan. 6. This all highlights how little the Biden administration actually cares about immigration policy.

2. President Joe Biden’s State of the Union was a pathetic, angry, shouty, squinty, rambling, mumbling, coughing, ranting, indecent, incoherent, stupid, silly, petty, lie-filled, insulting campaign speech delivered at a breakneck pace by a clearly addled old man who thinks Ukraine, Jan. 6, and “democracy” are the biggest issues facing America. The Democrats and their media are pretending they loved it and thought Biden looked strong, they know that this silly and this looked completely insane but they are giving points for being energetic and grading on a huge curve. 

1. Alabama’s Sen. Katie Britt (R-Montgomery) hit on the issues and delivered a speech that actually tackled America’s problems instead of screaming at the nation. She reminded America that “Right now, our Commander in Chief is not in command.”

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