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7 Things: Israel-Hamas cease fire deal; Alabama leaders hit Biden on Iran and border; and more …

7. There seems to be some suggestion that momentum is with Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis after some high-profile endorsements in Iowa this week (Gov. Kim Reynolds and Iowa evangelical leader Bob Vander Plaats). Trump, who appears to be up big in all Iowa polls, is not taking this too well.

6. Riverfront Rumble co-captain Damieon Pickett, who has been charged with assault after he allegedly attacked Zachary Shipman on that fateful day, has entered a plea of not guilty. Pickett is also a victim in some of the other assaults, but he is accused of attacking Shipman after the fact; Shipman is also accused of fighting earlier.

5. Angry atheists have taken offense to a high school student in Foley trying to create a positive experience in their school with a “prayer wall.” The Freedom from Religion Foundation says the wall is a violation of the “separation of church and state,” a concept they don’t really seem to understand so they decide to try to bully people who have God in their life.

4. The admitted murderer who requested to be killed by nitrogen hypoxia is not happy that he is about to be killed by nitrogen hypoxia, nor are death penalty opponents, so he has now sued to stop his upcoming killing. Even though this is just an abuse of the legal system, he was convicted of participating in a beating death, so that might be an option he would approve of.

3. America’s border issues are obvious for all to see and U.S. Sen. Katie Britt (R-Montgomery) seeks to address part of the child trafficking issues by using effective fingerprinting at the border for minors to end the use of “child recycling” to bring minors and adults with them under the guise of being their parents into the country.

2. U.S. Rep. Barry Moore (R-Enterprise), like most Americans, has had it with President Joe Biden and his weakness on Iran. Moore highlighted the money unfrozen for Iran, including new money after the attack on Israel, saying, “[t]he Biden Administration has fully abandoned President Trump’s maximum pressure policy on Iran in favor of a weak, dangerous strategy that allows Iran to degrade America’s interests.” 

1. Cease fire deal in Israel: 50 hostages (3 Americans) to be released in exchange for 150 Palestinian prisoners, aid being moved into Gaza (including fuel), and a 4-day pause in fighting that could be extended if more hostages are released. The cease fire could be extended with more releases.

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